Before the Grumps
Before the Grumps
Before the Grumps - A Game Grumps Podcast
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Enjoy it
its a game person
When is the next one? Oh whoops listening to this 3 years after
Love it. Love it so much. Amazing.
Funnie men talk about lives
not kyler
I eat crayons yum
ni🅱️🅱️a time
Better than Anal pounding
hairy nutz
It’s pretty neat
H1 th15 sho is preti gud, wotch 1n th3 buckround uff stof, nut becuz yur felling lik th3 usal fanni an interisting 15 min gromp stoof
How is in the grumps
Is the girl from table flip a grump
Where are the other episodes, though?
Missing some episodes
It’s still funny tho so I giv it the big four
Before the Grumps
Ross is my spirit animal. That’s all I have to say.
Inspiring fun stories
Its always great to hear where such talented people came from. Truly inspiring.
Very inspiring
It's very motivating
Really Deep
I love this because it just tells you more about the channel that you love
Amazing never thought I'd find
I love it as much as their YouTube channel!
I've always loved watching the Game Grumps, and now I love listening to them too! The Grumps sharing their past experiences before joining together is phenomenal to hear and I highly recommend it.
Gotta love the Grumps!
A well executed insight into Game Grumps
One Grump interviews another exposing the intriguing lives of each internet star behind the show while providing the delightful experience of listening to close friends having a casual yet controlled conversation. My only hope is that they will expand this to more subjects to allow for more content.
Ozzy Orion
Really good
It's nice to see the history behind the people we love to watch.
Love it
We need more of these
Unexpectedly Inspired
Decided to listen, expecting the usual comedy that comes with the channel, BUT after listening to these (especially Suzy's) I found some sort of hope as I transition into the life of a young adult.
Really Good
I have always wanted a Game Grumps podcast. Now we have it! It is really interesting to hear what it was like before the Game Grumps for everyone. This makes relating to them all even easier. Thank you Vernon for putting this all together! P.S. Would love a pt.2 on Danny and Brian. Also episodes on the backstage Grumps would be interesting too. Thanks guys!
Very Dank
This is very dank
Ender Snail
The best thing ever!!
I love it!! It's entertaining and cool!!
A guy named Phil
Loved it! More please!
I've always wanted the Grumps in podcast form. Very enjoyable, and a much more chill vibe than usual. It felt a little like being at a panel at PAX, but more intimate. I hope they continue to make podcasts!
Great podcast! I love when the Grumps talk about behind the scenes stuff. Very cool to learn how everything formed. Seems like the podcast content could translate well into a documentary if the Grumps went in that direction
Love it
Really nice to be able to relate to the grumps and hear their stories
I r8 8/8 m8
I love you guys, keep it up!
Need more!!!Plz
It would be awesome if they got Jon,Kevin and Vernin to do a interview, Maybe even their intern jack
Nigahiga 12345
Loved it so much. Hope to hear more in the future
Ross's accent
Ross's accent comes out a lot in his interview 10/10 would recommend
Wish I could give it zero
Should be paying for us to listen to it..
I love this
Getting to know the grumps better is always good
Refer to title.
Great podcast!!
I love game grumps and I've heard bits and pieces of what they each did before the show, but it's great to hear in one story. They are all great comedians and great people. Love you guys!
Just What I've Always Wanted
I've been a longtime Game Grumps fan and I love getting insights into their lives. Even though the relationship is one sided I feel like I know each of the Grumps so well. This podcast is so enjoyable to listen to and pulls back the curtain even more on the lives of the people involved. My dream come true would be to be able to visit the grumps, make some fried shrimp and beignets for them, and sit around talking about whatever for as long as they'd let me. This is probably as close as I'll get and listening to their stories and life experiences is a real treat. This has been exceptional so far and I hope they continue to make more episodes. I wish them all the luck in future endeavors.
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The Game Grumps have gotten me through some really hard times and it's refreshing to hear that people you really appreciate have had similar experiences to myself. Love you guys.
This is.....
Awesome I have been watching game grumps for years and meet and loved Arin and Danny but I never really knew the others so this is great I get to meet the whole crew also u guys should make a podcast of u in between episodes Love u game grumps crew
Another great project from the GG
I always loved the backstory that occasionally leaked in from any given episode so for me this is a dream come true!!! P.S. Danny your constant positive attitude has helped me through rough times, from one Jew to another Thank you!! And keep up the hard work. You are appreciated!!
Shimshom 101
A surprisingly fantastic podcast
Now I went into this expecting a fun little couple hours of extra grump. And as a huge fan I went in with high expectations and those expectations were shattered on the first podcast I heard, and its really made me think about my life expectations,goals, my social life, etc. I'd go into more depth but, A. It takes from the expiereance a little and B. I'm lazy and don't normally write reviews(like ever) but, this impressed me so much I had to talk about it. Tl:dr listen to Danny sexbangs gorgeous voice and rethink your life for the better. 10/10
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Dale Watson
I always wanted a gg podcast
Sir Boner
Gg m8s
Burrito llama
Amazing Time Capsule
I love this! I don't ever write reviews for anything but this is such an incredible time capsule of the Grumps
Seth Borgert
Christmas has come early
I've always wanted a Game Grumps podcast and am thoroughly excited, even though we know a lot about them anyway, I just love their personalities so hopefully more will be made.
Adrian Corpus
This was awesome
I had a really good time listening to this, it felt a little more personal.
Would get mad at Sonic and rage quit again/10
AHHHH omg I love the grumps so much, so when I found out this was a thing I'm like YES HELL YES, it's so interesting and cool. Gonna be listening to this whenever I can
Zaftig fix
Love it!
So glad you guys decided to do this. All grumps fans I'm sure are just as thrilled. Thank you for opening up your lives to us. You guys are doing a wonderful job at everything you do. I would love to hear more on the podcast or even see the video recording of it maybe on grump out or a separate channel? Keep up the awesome work guys. ❤️
I Love This!
Being a fan of game grumps since the beginning of sunshine, I have loved watching them and seeing them change as a channel and as people, from adding Kevin, to grumpcade, I've loved them through it all. Watching game grumps this long has made me grow really attached to the grumps. This is one familiar person interviewing another, and I'm learning a lot about them that really interests me, and hearing about them growing up is inspirational for me growing up, and I love listening to this! I recommend it highly for any game grumps fan.
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