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Beer Sessions Radio (TM)
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Celebrated NYC publican Jimmy Carbone hosts a convivial audio ale salon celebrating the world of craft beer. Through discussions with beer industry insiders and knowledgeable beer fans from across the country, Jimmy and his friends explore every aspect of the brewer's craft from grains to pint glass and tasting to toasting. For 10 years and more than 500 episodes, Beer Sessions Radio has witnessed and recorded the craft beer revolution in real time. With each episode, Jimmy continues to follow emerging trends and exciting collaborations that stretch across New York’s five boroughs and around the world. Our theme song, ""Tonight is the Night"" was written and performed by We're All Just Passing Through whose co-founding member, Travis Johnides, co-hosts the Long Island craft beer podcast The Beer Amigos. Contact Jimmy directly at
København Part 2! A Visit to Friis Holm Chokolade
We’re taking a trip back to Jimmy’s romp through København with our second special ‘on the road’ episode of the year! This week, we’re talking “bean to bar”, as Jimmy visits Friis Holm Chokolade, located on the farm and brewery property of Herslev Bryghus just outside of Copenhagen. There, Jimmy spoke with Mikkel Friis Holm, founder and chocolate maker at Friis Holm, and Nethe Plenge, cookbook author, chocolate lover, and gracious host who introduced Jimmy (chocolate eater!) to many Danish food and drink folks on his recent journey. Learn about Mikkel’s holistic approach to the process of chocolate making, with beans grown in Nicaragua making their way to being roasted and made into chocolate in Copenhagen. Plus, chocolate beer? Tune in to this chocolatey journey now!
Feb 11
49 min
Goats on Goats! Goat Patch Brewing and Billy Goat Hop Farm
In this episode, brewer meets hop farmer to find what they have in common… and it’s a bunch of goats! Jimmy welcomes Averee Dilday and Darren Baze of Goat Patch Brewing Company, along with Audrey Gehlhausen of Billy Goat Hop Farm. Em Hutto has brought along some great new friends from Colorado for Jimmy to session with. Topics of discussion include beer, farming hops, goat yoga, drinking, and more goats! Learn about what it takes to start up a hop farm from scratch and what it’s like for a brewer to work with local hop farmers. You GOAT to be crazy not to tune in to this hoppy episode of BSR!
Feb 7
48 min
København Part 1! Saimon Skurichin and BRØL Brewing
Come along with Jimmy on his trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, as he meets with some interesting folks doing some very Danish things with beer and more! On this stop of the journey, Jimmy sits down with Saimon Skurichin, proprietor of BRØL (Broel) Brewing, where surplus bread from bakeries is converted into amazing craft beers “BRØL” means beer + bread, and since 2007 Saimon and his crew have been merging sustainability and innovation to make quality beverages. Every beer they make incorporates surplus bread, and BRØL is proud to be the world's sole organic circular brewery. Travel abroad with Jimmy on this first episode in a special BSR series live from København!
Jan 26
54 min
Back at the Mothership! 2024 Industry Preview From Roberta’s
Jimmy is kicking off 2024, the 15th year of BSR, from Roberta’s with a heavy hitting crew! In the hot seats tonight are Brandon Hoy, co-founder and owner of Roberta’s; James Tai, principal of Beer Acolyte Consulting and Gun Hill Publick House; Mike Amidei director of operations at Roberta’s; and Jaime Ojeda, Restaurateur and Brew Pub operator from Chile. What’s hot in New York this year? Roberta’s has been a melting pot and genesis point for food and drink culture since the restaurant opened in 2008, and that is still the case in 2024. Get the lowdown on what’s going to be buzzing in your cup or on your plate this year by taking a look at the history and trajectory of this special eatery. Grab a glass of “Temperance” Dark Mild Ale from New York’s own Wild East Brewing Co. and tune into this preview of what’s good in 2024!
Jan 9
1 hr 1 min
Why Craft Malt Is Sexy! Best Beers of 2023
We’ve made it to our last episode of 2023, and what a year it’s been for beer! Jimmy has assembled another crew of experts on the ground who helped bring him the favorite beers of 2023, and helped prove once and for all that craft malt is sexy! Find out why from this esteemed group including Tod Mott of Tributary Brewing Co Kittery, Maine; Joel Alex of Blue Ox Malthouse of Lisbon Falls, Maine; Tyler Fitzpatrick of Lamplighter Brewing Co. in Cambridge, Mass; and Ian Goering, Account Manager at Blue Ox. Listen in to hear about the best beers representing science, agriculture, and the key role of craft malt in brewing!
Dec 20, 2023
1 hr 2 min
Colorado and New York IPAs: Geoff Wenzel and Dave Thibodeau
It doesn’t get much better than a Colorado-meets-New York show. For this week’s episode, Jimmy is diving into IPAs from two spectacular beer states with a couple special guests. Joining Jimmy are Geoff Wenzel, R&D brewer at Industrial Arts Brewing Co in Beacon, NY, and Dave Thibodeau, president and co-founder of Ska Brewing in Durango, Colorado. Great brewers and great guests, Geoff and Dave have sent Jimmy some awesome beers for a remote, coast-to-coast tasting. Each brewer will introduce their beers, starting with IPAs, and then get down to brass tacks regarding hops, brewing methods, and the stories behind the brews. Sip along with this episode of BSR!
Dec 10, 2023
1 hr 4 min
Vagabond Shoes Longing to Stray: An NYC Beer Bars Episode
Back to Beers! Jimmy has commissioned a convocation of NYC beer bars experts for this very special episode! The point of discussion is Courtney Iseman’s Good Beer Hunting article regarding the scene, and this group of key players from this very special time are here to dive into this retrospective on NYC beer bar history. In the studio tonight are Courtney Iseman, freelance beer writer with Good Beer Hunting; Chris O'leary, editor of Brew York beer blog and newsletter; Jen Maslanka, GM and partner at Spring Lounge in Downtown NYC; and BR Rolya, BSR MVP, beer consultant, formerly of Shelton Brothers Importers, and member of the selection committee for the Good Beer Seal bars. Take a trip down memory lane with the gang and listen in!
Dec 3, 2023
1 hr 2 min
Four Years of Bowl of ‘Zole: A Mezcal Tasting PARTY!
It’s a very special night at the Roberta’s studio! Jimmy is joined by HRN’s The Speakeasy host Greg Benson to co-pilot this ruckus, rockin’ episode! Also joining them are Danny Mena and Arik Torren, co-founders with Jimmy of Bowl of ‘Zole. The group has assembled in honor of October's Bowl of ‘Zole event, along with the recent announcement of HRN’s new executive director, RJ Bee. But that’s not all! It’s truly a party tonight, including Cameron Holck, Arik’s partner at Lot 001 Brands Imports; Courtney Greenleaf Torren, agave spirits and general hospitality lover; Tiffany Collings, one half of Las Chingonas Imports; Julia Cuthbertson, other half of Las Chingonas Imports; and Lou Bank (OH MY GOD!) of S.A.C.R.E.D. Agave. It’s a jam packed episode with tons of tastings and tales. Be sure to listen in, cheers!
Nov 26, 2023
58 min
Good Beers to You! Learn to Homebrew Day 2023
One of Jimmy’s favorite guests, Julia Herz, is back to talk about the recent Learn to Homebrew Day Celebration! Julia Herz is the Executive Director of the American Homebrewers Association, and has been busy since she last spoke with Jimmy. Having started as a hobbyist before her lauded career in beer, she is still homebrewing today. Held on November 4th, Julia has the lowdown on the Learn to Homebrew Day Celebration. The day is all about fostering community and helping curious homebrewers-to-be get their start. From experimenting with different types of yeasts or fermentables to putting a twist on a classic style, the fun and joy of homebrewing truly never ends. Check out today to get involved! Listen in and good beers to you!
Nov 10, 2023
45 min
BEER ON TOUR! Franconia, Czhecia, and Beyond With ICB
Joel Shelton is back to take Jimmy and his merry gang on another ICB Tour! Joining the party this week is BR Rolya, BSR MVP and Joel’s partner in crime on Inner Circle Beer Tours; Bob Weyersberg of Transmitter Brewing and ICB co-conspirator; James Tai, advanced cicerone of Beer Acolyte and Gun Hill Publick House, and aspiring attendee of ICB; Pete Lengyel-Fushimi, brewer at Rockaway Brewing Company and ICB special guest; Robin Fowler of Wild East Brewing, Certified LUKR Tapster, and recent Franconia tour participant; and the tour guide himself, Joel Shelton. Some of Jimmy’s favorite beer experts, personalities, importers, brewers, and pourers are here today to talk about, in no particular order: Traditional beer styles, inspirational and historical locations in beer, motorcycle rendezvous, European shenanigans, and more. Who takes the beer crown? Franconia or Czechia? Hop on Pete’s motorcycle, press play, and find out where the tour will take YOU!
Oct 25, 2023
1 hr 13 min
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