Bedroom Beethovens
Bedroom Beethovens
Cello Milteer
Bedroom Beethovens is a podcast that breaks down stories with notable music-makers accompanied by songs and melodies, documenting growth through their 10,000 hour journey. Each episode features a musician discussing how they created the music you love, and what they personally sacrificed to make it happen. Hosted and produced by Cello.
096: NOLAN (The Ninja)
With the release of TALK SOON, Detroit artist NOLAN (a/k/a Nolan The Ninja) is finally trusting instincts. At the start of the pandemic while most people were worrying about how to keep their businesses open, NOLAN was starting one. We chat about his journey into owning an LLC, the end of his Mello Music Group tenure and what lies ahead. This interview has been in the works for a long time and as we explore art direction, aspirations and more we highlight how his latest offering is a sonically vivid project that pairs banging minimalist beats with some of his sharpest raps to date. Visit the website: Support the show on Patreon:
Nov 25
40 min
095: Potatohead People
Nick Wisdom and AstroLogical, better known collectively as Potatohead People join me on the show this week to celebrate their latest release Mellow Fantasy. We chat about growing up in Canada, and how having a family in radio and early music theory lessons influenced them to venture into seasoned beatmakers. We talk about influences of yacht rock, Israeli folk, Balkan, Mizrahi, jazz, and rock music and the art of sampling. A jazz-like responsiveness to the input of collaborators is a key component of how the team works. What transpires, is a conversation promoting their most evolved collection of works yet, reaching new musical heights. Enjoy! Visit the website: Support the show on Patreon:
Nov 18
34 min
094: Ohbliv
Off the heels or oral surgery and Bradventure III, Ohbliv swings by the podcast to chat about east coast living, making beats via the pandemic, racism, and the future. An all-encompassing conversation that leaves no stone uncovered as I pry into the mind of the prolific Mutant Academy member. While the rest of Virginia was smirking at the Simpson trial, Ohbliv was busy being a classically trained producer making lo-fi, soul-based, crate diggin’ backpacker music. I also pitch an idea for his next beat tape! Enjoy! Visit the website: Support the show on Patreon:
Nov 11
35 min
093: Eli Escobar
Eli Escobar is the quintessential New York City DJ. Over the past ten years he's built a reputation around his parties, and we revisit the last days of FatBeats, Turntable Lab, and the New York music scene. A life obsessing over disco records, we chat about Madonna, Velvet Rope, the pandemic, and his new EP Night Class. He was prepared to disregard them entirely until one evening he was listening back and ended up grouping five of those tracks together and began to hear them in a new way. It's an all-encompassing talk that runs the gamut similar to how his nostalgic samples brought you back in time to the classic clubs he came up in as a kid. Enjoy! Visit the website: Support the show on Patreon:
Nov 4
39 min
092: Skylar Grey
Triple threat Producer/Singer/songwriter behind some of the most popular songs, had a really amazing idea to release roughly a song a week in the month of October. Skylar Grey swings by the podcast to talk about her journey leading up to the body of work you have been enjoying all month long. Housebound because of the pandemic, she adopted this new way to reach out to every corner of the world and offer her new songs to her fans. We chat about her transformation into Skylar Grey and how she approaches the music industry in todays market. We also talk about what fans can look forward to by years end. Visit the website: Support the show on Patreon:
Oct 28
26 min
091: The Du-Rites (J-Zone + Pablo Martin)
It's 1979, two albums come out - Just a Touch of Love by Slave, and The Specials self titled effort. Two totally different albums. One is a funk classic and the other is a British ska revival classic. 41 years later because of those two records and the impact they had on two musicians, you got a guy who was playing guitar in El Corte, and you had another guy in the states listening to Baritone Tiplove. They come together, join forces, and are now one of the premier funk bands of the last half decade. Their newest album #5 'A Funky Bad Time' drops in November! We chat about Pablo Martin's (guitar, bass, synthesizer) journey through music as well as the gems you know and love from J-Zone (drums, organ, etc) who comes back to the podcast after a year. Enjoy! Visit the website: Support the show on Patreon:
Oct 21
1 hr
090: MeLo-X
MeLo-X is not underrated and he's not just a producer. Don't dare pigeon hole this visual and auditory master, and I explain why, as we navigate through various mediums of remixing, visual arts, directing, singing vocals, creating album art and more. He has collaborated with Beyoncé, Jesse Boykins III and more and this year sees him evolving and levelling up even more as this year Beyonce released a track called “Find Your Way Back”, now remixed by MeLo-X. This comes with the release of the deluxe version of The Lion King: The Gift and Beyoncé’s visual album BLACK IS KING. MeLo-X is always dropping something for the ladies that stays consistent with his affinity for beat chopping and his amazing ear for slow jams. Visit the website: Support the show on Patreon: Start your free 2 week trial with FUNimation:
Oct 14
42 min
089: The Twilite Tone
Stones Throw is proud to announce The Clearing, the debut solo album from Chicago musician and producer The Twilite Tone, aka Anthony Khan, to be released 9 October. Tone first linked up with Common in the ‘80s, as DJ for him and No I.D. and co-produced much of Common’s debut album Can I Borrow A Dollar. Today, he joins me on the podcast to chat a bit about the past, present, and...well no future, because as I learn, the present is the opportune time to evaluate, harvest, and grow. The Clearing is a space and place of being free. We need to clear the debris from the desk and see the mahogany wood, so we can do the work. The album also showcases a sound that Tone describes as “trans-genre” — a mixture of house, electronic funk, and instrumental hip-hop that continues Stones Throw’s beatmaker legacy — informed by the musical history and spirit of his home town.Visit the website: Support the show on Patreon: Start your free 2 week trial with FUNimation:
Oct 7
38 min
088: KAYE
KAYE is the musical moniker of Charlene Kaye, former frontwoman of indie darlings San Fermin. Each release propelled her singular creative vision while magnifying her electric frontwoman energy. We discuss her journey as she navigates growing up in an Asian household with a love of music, to enrolling in University of Michigan and Parsons to further her learning to be the best artist she can be. Her newest single was indeed co-produced by her and we chat about how she created a stop-motion music video for the song which she spent over two weeks to make and consists of 2500 individual still photos taken on a set made in her living room. The music video is a DIY jawdropper and a veritable time capsule of 2020, painting a picture of riot police opening fire at Black Lives Matter protests, a Trump made from an orange spewing out dozens of nails, and KAYE zooming over a death spiral, shredding atop a UFO. During the first month of the pandemic, she said that there was so much death and despair in the news that she felt her inner emotional state was constantly vacillating between laughing and crying. What a fucking time to be alive, indeed. Visit the website: Support the show on Patreon: Start your free 2 week trial with FUNimation:
Sep 30
39 min
087: Mr. Len (Company Flow)
Soundscape extraordinaire, Mr. Len, joins me this week in quarantine to discuss a myriad of topics. First we chat about what keeps him busy nowadays as well as reflecting back on Company Flow and the soul days of Brunswick Records. Although he's been in the game for so long, his music still remains in demand by waxing dystopic with rhyme schemes inspired by EPMD and lyrical content colored with imagery from his favorite sci-fi books and anime films. So, it is definitely an honor to chat about decades of music in the span of an all-killer, no-filler half hour runtime. Strap in. Visit the website: Support the show on Patreon:
Sep 23
32 min
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