Beauty Theory
Beauty Theory
meghan buchanan
This podcast is dedicated to beauty professionals and clients alike and will discuss things from both perspectives. We invite you to get comfy and listen to us two outspoken ladies talk about what’s vibing in the beauty industry. We’ll chat about topics like, what we wish we knew when we graduated cosmetology school, how to deal with toxic clients as well as toxic service providers, give advice to new licensee’s and maybe throw a few truth bombs while we’re at it. We may even tell a funny story or two. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on episodes!
Episode 6- The continuous Dumpster Fire that is COVID-19 and Spray Tanning
Ever heard of a pallet cleanser? Emma suggested we talk about something fun and light hearted, and I want to talk about the continual dumpster fire that our beloved beauty industry is going through. So, we'll talk about the mistreatment we beauty professionals are going through, then we'll cleanse our pallet with Spray tan talk! **Meghan and Emma curse during this episode.
Aug 4
1 hr 30 min
Episode 5- DIY Face & Body Products and the Do's & Don'ts
Emma & Meghan talk about which products are good and which products you shouldn't even think about putting on your face, hear Meghan's story about a client telling her moisturizer causes weight gain and Emma's most fave DIY body treatments and of course the regular (funny) side tangents these two usually go on.  *some cussing
Jul 13
1 hr 23 min
Episode 4- MLM's
Meghan & Emma discuss the oh so controversial topic of MLM's (Multi Level Marketing), the pros and cons, why most beauty professionals and non beauty professionals do not like them, and why some do... hear Meghan flip out about R+F more than once and Emma break down certain MLM companies that are worth investing in. **There is some cussing in this episode.
Jun 29
1 hr 17 min
Episode 3- Toxicity & Salon and Spa Etiquette
Ever wonder what makes your favorite Esthetician or Cosmetologist hit the bottle? In this episode, Meghan and Emma talk about  salon/spa etiquette, toxic clients & toxic service providers. TOXICITY! Ain't nobody got time for that!!
Jun 9
1 hr 3 min
Episode 2- What We Wish We Knew When We Graduated Cosmetology School
This episode is chalk full of cautionary tales and sage (lol)  advice for those who are thinking about, are about to, and who have just graduated cosmetology school and has received their license. Meghan and Emma sing their praises to their instructors and talk about the growing pains that most Esthi's and Cosmo's go through when they are first starting out on their journey along with some crazy things they did and have gone through to get where they are today. 
Jun 1
1 hr
Episode 1- Covid-19 Dumpster Fire & the Beauty Industry
Join Meghan and Emma while they navigate their way through their very first podcast episode and talk about Covid-19 and their predictions on how this will effect the beauty industry, new possible guidelines both licensees and clients may or may not have to follow and hear their popular and not so popular opinions on the matter.  This is their very first episode, the first few minutes Meghan & Emma are trying to get their groove, but don't fret! they gain steam and get down to business after a couple if minutes. 
May 25
52 min
Beauty Theory Trailer
Are you ready for a podcast for both licensed beauty professionals and clients? Hit that play button and see what we're all about!
May 25
58 sec