Beat Check with The Oregonian
Beat Check with The Oregonian
The Oregonian/OregonLive
Reporter Andrew Theen takes you behind the headlines and inside the newsroom of The Oregonian/OregonLive.
Why people of color in Oregon are disproportionately hit by the coronavirus
Reporter Celina Tebor discusses how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting a wide range of communities of color in the state. We talked about her reporting on the community that is perhaps hardest hit, Pacific Islanders, and how health officials and community leaders are racing to try and address the crisis. You can support this podcast and our local journalism with a subscription to OregonLive. Go to Thank you. 
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Jul 22
24 min
Reopening  — and renaming — Portland's schools
Portland Public Schools reporter Eder Campuzano talks about the state’s largest school district’s reopening plan and what it means for everyone involved. Also, why the district is suddenly agreeing to rename Wilson High School, and potentially other public schools, in the wake of national protests surrounding racism in America. You can support this podcast and our local journalism with a subscription to OregonLive. Go to Thank you. 
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Jul 16
29 min
Toro Bravo's demise and Portland's restaurant reckoning
The Oregonian/OregonLive's Michael Russell discusses John Gorham's social media attacks on a trans woman of color and how it led to his abrupt downfall and shuttering of his famed Toro Bravo restaurant and several other businesses. Russell also talked about cultural appropriation in Portland's food scene and the other social media stories currently swirling that include allegations of toxic work cultures at several prominent restaurants citywide. Plus, we discussed how restaurants are adapting in the COVID-19 world. Related reading: - Inside the Facebook outburst that led to John Gorham's ouster 
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Jul 9
30 min
Portland State's police chief on being a Black police officer right now
Willie Halliburton said he considered quitting a 30-year career in law enforcement after watching the video of George Floyd's death while pinned under a Minneapolis police officer's knee. Soon after, he got a phone call. He was being promoted to chief the Portland State University police department. He talked to The Oregonian/OregonLive's Maxine Bernstein about how he believes policing must change. Bernstein interviewed six other Black police officers about how the death of George Floyd has affected their lives, both on and off the job, over the past month and a half. You can support this podcast and local journalism with a subscription to OregonLive. Go to Thank you. 
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Jul 6
20 min
UO’s anticipated new Hayward Field sits empty
In an alternate universe, the University of Oregon and Nike would be celebrating the end of an action-packed week of the track and field Olympic Trials inside the new Hayward Field in Eugene. But we don’t live in that world. The brand-new track and field stadium sits empty. On the latest episode of Beat Check with The Oregonian, veteran sports reporter Ken Goe talks about the lost spring and summer and what might come next. You can support local journalism and this podcast with a subscription to OregonLive. Go to Thank you. 
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Jun 29
33 min
Portland Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty on what's next for police reform
For years, she was part of a chorus of voices outside Portland City Hall, pushing for change, police reform and recognition that people of color in the Rose City are unfairly targeted by law enforcement.   And when the national turmoil and pain swept through the country following George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police, Jo Ann Hardesty was ready. And this time, the former state legislator and community organizer was on the inside. City Hall Reporter Everton Bailey Jr. interviewed Hardesty following a historic week of police reform inside City Hall.   
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Jun 22
31 min
How A Forgotten Timber Tax Cut Cost Oregon Billions
For decades, many Oregonians were told one story about how a small endangered bird -- the northern spotted owl – played an outsized role in undercutting counties that depend on timber revenue to fund schools and other public services. But that wasn’t – and isn’t the whole story. Guests: The Oregonian/OregonLive's Rob Davis, OPB's Tony Schick Read: Rob and Tony's story Respond: Reach out to the reporters 
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Jun 15
30 min
Beyond The Protests
Portland is now in its second week of massive demonstrations and protests – with thousands of people in the street every night demanding racial justice in the name of George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor and so many other Black Americans killed by police. On this episode, you’ll hear from six community leaders -- some who have been active in Portland for decades, and others who are among the newest generation fighting for civil rights. They spoke about how they are doing, what they’re feeling, how racism has affected their lives and whether they have hope that true change is coming. Featuring: Markayla Ballard, 21, from Tualatin; Fahim Acuay, 39, from Portland; Avel Gordly, 73, from Portland; Ernest Warren Jr., 60, from Portland; Laquida Landford, 43, from Portland; Stephen Green, 42, from Portland. 
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Jun 8
36 min
Turmoil at Oregon's Employment Department
Tens of thousands of unemployed Oregonians are spending a lot of time on their phones right now. But this isn’t mindless scrolling. these Oregonians are waiting, and waiting, and waiting -- on hold trying to get through to the state Employment Department. The past few months have been historic in the country, and they are also unprecedented for the state's employment department, which faces a tremendous backlog, massive wait times for callers and an inability to set any timetable to pay money it said it will pay to unemployed workers. Mike Rogoway, The Oregonian/OregonLive's business reporter, chronicled all those woes during the past few months. The crisis has culminated in Kay Erickson, the department's director, resigning under pressure this weekend. Related reading: - Department director resigns under pressure - 200,000 backlog in paid claims - Other states are doing different things to meet the pandemic pressure - Oregon's computer system is a costly failure 
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Jun 1
32 min
The end of death row
Twenty seven men sit in solitary confinement on death row in the Oregon State Penitentiary. This summer those men will be moved – but they‘re not going far. On the latest episode of Beat Check with The Oregonian, investigative reporter Noelle Crombie talks about her most recent stories about those inmates and the long path toward the end of capital punishment in Oregon. On the second half of the show, we talk about COVID-19's effect on the prison system in the state. After this recording, Crombie reported that the state penitentiary is now the state's largest COVID-19 hotspot. Support local journalism and this podcast by subscribing to OregonLive for just $10 a month. Go to Thank you. 
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May 25
24 min
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