Be. Scared
Be. Scared
Every week Be. Busta shares stories that will have you looking over your shoulder while questioning what may actually reside under your bed. You will hear tales of horror from contemporary writers; both emerging and renowned, with the occasional set coming from real life experiences. For advertising opportunities please email We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can at:
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helps me fall asleep.
call me a physcopath, but horror stories just put me at ease and help me fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. not only do i listen to it to fall asleep, but i listen to it on a daily basis, while im drawing, doing homework, and driving to work. its all around an amazing podcast.
Be Busta is absolutely delightful!
Been listening to Busta for almost 3 years now and he never gets old. However, I sent him a scary story in January of 2019 and haven’t yet heard it read. I’ll keep listening and hope to hear it narrated by Be. Well...I’ll see y’all, in the next one.
Zack Easley
I’d you’re into ‘story middles’
Sound, voice acting and production are top notch. I would prefer one or two longer stories to the 8-10 shorter stories per episode. You’re just kind of dropped into a story world, and just when things are ramping up, it’s the inevitable unsatisfying conclusion. It’s rapid fire storytelling, and it’s a shame too with as well produced as the episodes seem to be, that the stores themselves aren’t deeper or more satisfying
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I love the podcast but one of the episodes has a story about some guy was partying and drinking and he says he saw a ufo but like I said he was DRINKING maybe thats why he supposedly saw that or It was fake I’m just tired of herring UFO stories. but some are just weird but love it still
It’s so hard to find spooky podcasts that are worth listening to but this one has become one of my recent favs! I can’t stop binging it. I love the variety of stories and how different they can be every episode. Definitely recommend giving this one a try! 🖤🤍
Long time podcaster
Love the podcast do more multi part stories pls there a lot more engaging - your greatest fan!!!
sebey henry cohen
Ads seem too frequent
The show is great; I always use it to fall asleep to. It has, good sound effects, great narration. However it seems every other 5 minutes there is a loud ad that abruptly jolts you awake. It wouldn’t be an issue if the volume of the ads could be lowered. As is, it goes from: “quiet spooky narration” to “THIS PODCAST BROUGHT TO YOU BY MCDONALDS!!!!!!!!” Eek! Otherwise great stuff !
This man has the voice of an Australian angel. Oh and his stories are awesome as well
Csc dynamite
favorite podcast
i’ve been listening to Be since i was a sophomore in high school. i love hearing the podcast when i’m trying to sleep or on my way to work. thank you for putting these out!
Great stories, great podcast!
I listen to a lot of these types of podcasts and some are hard to get through for various reasons. This podcast has some great stories that haven’t been repeated on other shows and the narrator’s voice is great. Well worth a listen!!
Great podcast
What an awesome voice. I use it to go to sleep. No nightmares yet.
Can’t support a racist
In a now edited YouTube post, the narrator made his feelings clear.
I wanted to like this but I don’t
I don’t know if it’s my imagination but the stories seem super vague. I find myself waiting for the dun-dun-dunnn! moment, maybe it’s the Twilight Zone geek in me. But that moment doesn’t come for me in these stories so I’m completely unsatisfied. I wanted to like this podcast because I love the accent and I know the guy is super popular but it’s gonna be a No for me dawg.
Everything about this podcast is great for decompressing. The narrators voice, quality content, & overall vibes satisfy my horror cravings. 10/10 would listen again.
Favorite podcast
This is honestly my favorite podcast to listen to. Keeps me entertained while I’m driving, cleaning, cooking or about to go to bed. Highly recommend.
Turn down Ads
The ads are the most shocking and frightening part of the podcast. I love everything else about the podcast but the ads make it close to unlistenable. Way too loud!
Bryce Shell
Perfectly spooky
I love this podcast the stories are so awesome!!!!!!
Soothing voice, scary stories - what more can I ask for???
myrna b80
Ads are INSANELY loud
Great podcast but please turn down the volume on the ads. This could be such a great quiet and eerie podcast but every time the ads come on they ruin the mood. Do not listen if you are trying to fall asleep to this!
Bailey Bo Buttons
So boring now... really??? A story about a girl walking her dog and seeing a random person minding his own business and boom she needs 2 years therapy??? Like that’s literally it.. Starting to not to be worth the time to listen if the stories continue to be this short and dry
please never stop this podcast
i fall asleep to these stories every night :) i've been watching his youtube channel for years, too, and he never disappoints
My Favorite!
I’ve been listening to Be Busta on YouTube since 2015 when he first started, but I just recently started listening to this podcast. I’ve always absolutely loved his voice and how he gets straight to the point with his stories rather than sidetracking or talking about his personal life, like many others. Always creepy and entertaining stories, he never disappoints!
Creepy and Fun
I love these stories so far. They are well written and creepy, very creepy. A few have given me goosebumps and that’s the best part. I love creepy stories always have. Keep them coming because I enjoy them.
The Page Master
Don’t need the back music-
Love this ! So real and varied in its content . Never doubt that the stories are true
worst year '20
It’s hard for feelings to come across in this shows current format.
Recycled Stories
Good narration, but has no one else noticed that this podcast recycles stories from the Lets Not Meet podcast?!? I hear a story over there, next week it’s here. Not some times... every time. Maybe find some new source material, Be? Either that or try beating Andrew Tate to the punch once in awhile!
Lower the ad volume!
I love the stories and the narrators voice but I wish the ads weren’t so much louder than the stories. I like to use this to fall asleep to and when the ads come on it jolts me awake because it’s so loud
I just wish you had a respirator
Interesting stories, I just can’t take the narration as something pleasant to fall asleep to. Every sthee and thshe and thshee and thsheh.
Give The Goblin Some Gold
Hi busta
Hi I’m a huge fan of your pod and Chanel but I’ve got a question,could you do more episodes like search and rescue I really connected to those story’s and there so interesting.I've been looking thru you comments and reviews and I have seen other people saying the same things about you parted stories but as you’ve seen I enjoy the search and rescue. I think it would be better if instead of the small story’s you did more of the separate part story’s. Sorry if I’m asking to much if you are too busy please keep up the good work and thank u for all the amazing storys😁.again just a suggestion
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good night forever 000
Scary stories do be scary doe
Lil' juice box
Love it
Gets me through work everyday!!
Just too many ads
The ads are unbearable. Stopped listening.
It’s great
I’ve been listening to go to sleep and besides the ads it’s great
Getting worse
The first stories were awesome. The Showers, Search and Rescue, Why we never Returned to the Moon, the one in the library, and the first episode about the Virus, the one about the friend in the alternate reality is awesome as well, stories like that keep me up at night. I am getting SICK of the BORING STORIES about things you would tell kids, like almost being kidnapped or being stalked. I’m not alone in this, people want good, long, stories that are actually scary. I have listened to every episode hoping there would be more full length stories that will actually scare me and I’m disappointed at how many dumb ones there are. Your voice is awesome by the way.
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Too many ads now
There are ads almost after each story, it’s ridiculous, it’s almost as if I am listening to ads that are almost as long as the podcast itself. He’s a good story teller but I feel like it’s changed from what it was before.
Ads very loud
Ads are very loud compared to the narration.
Sound levels!
I really enjoy this podcast, but for the love of Pete, will you PLEASE adjust the volume of the ads so they better match the narrator’s volume. I can’t EVER listen to this pod with earbuds because the ads (which blast out with no warning) are so loud they make my ears literally hurt. It’s a ridiculous situation. I listen to well over 100 podcasts and no others have this problem so I’m pretty sure this can be fixed. Please do so.
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Be Busta is an amazing story teller!
I have followed Be Busta on YouTube and I was very excited to find him on Apple podcast!! If you are looking to get spooked with some real creepy stories, you will enjoy this podcast!!
Great podcast
I’ve always loved his videos and was thrilled to find it on podcast. I listening as I fell asleep, do the ads have to be so loud?? I jolted awake :(
Nightly Listeners
My wife and I love this podcasts. For a long time our nightly ritual has been listening to scary stories on YouTube before going to sleep....Let’s Read, Creepy Pasta, and of course Be Busta. So glad he has moved to this medium. Keep up the good work!!!
Love it
I love listening all the time, I just wish the ads weren’t so loud compared to the podcast. It throws you off when you’re in the mood.
Great show. Fix the volume issues, please
I love the show. The narrators voice is great, and I enjoy the stories, however, the volume is so low for the the show itself and the ads destroy my eardrums when they come on. I don’t even want to give the podcasts advertised a chance because of how traumatized my ears are.
It’s scary and I love it back to the scary part I don’t know if I’m seeing things but my house mite be hunted im saying the mote because nobody else has experienced them
free sa vodca do
What happened???
I fell in love with this podcast at the beginning. At the first episode really. I really enjoyed the stories that were an episode long. But then the stories started going on for too long. Then wayyyy too short, like only a couple minutes per story. It’s really disappointing because the stories in the beginning were so good
Too much of a volume disparity
I have to turn it up very loud to hear the narration, but then get absolutely blasted by how loud the ads are.
Am. Scared
Found this podcast from Chilling Tales. The host has the perfect voice & cadence for scary stories. He could do a live read about hand soap and make it sound creepy. Every story is an intimate experience, even better that some of them are true. Keep it up mate.
Love this scary pod cast! Just wish I had a scary story to share! At times I have used this pod cast to sleep by....haven’t been very scared, but I still love the stories.
Usually I don’t get scared, but this podcast’s the only thing that does. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😱😨😱😨😱😱😨😨😱😨😱😨😱😨😱😨
Demons love me
Apparently making a living is a crime
God forbid someone try to sell something door to door. You have got to be kidding w these stories. Your going to accuse someone of absolutely nothing?!?!? Really thought you had a better selections of REAL scary stories. Not children trying to ruin reputations. Pitiful.
Love it!!
Can’t show this podcast enough love, I listen to it while doing homework to keep me awake and 10/10 would recommend. Always manages to freak me out, especially during the night and I have to double check my locks....
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