A homage to buns, babes, hunks, and the Hoff. Join us as we review the television show Baywatch.
The Fabulous Buchannon Boys
The Hoff's brother and nephew come to town and teach us all it takes to be a good parent is offering your kid milk instead of soda. 
Dec 2, 2020
53 min
Money Honey
Join the gang as they dive into another episode of Baywatch 
Nov 10, 2020
1 hr 15 min
The One That Got Away
Shauni is tired of being a lifeguard and there is a creepy stalker harassing a woman at the beach!
Oct 29, 2020
1 hr 2 min
Nightmare Bay Part 2
Join the gang as they find out if there really is a toxic  avenger monster thing attacking the the Hoff and his crew. 
Oct 3, 2020
1 hr 4 min
Nightmare Bay Part 1
Join the gang as they get back together and start discussing season 2 of Baywatch.  Shauni saves kids from joining gangs, Hobie had plastic surgery, and there is a monster in the ocean. 
Sep 25, 2020
1 hr 4 min
The End?
A massive earthquake strikes Southern California causing extensive  damage to headquarters. Mitch and Garner look for Craig and Cort who are  trapped inside of an underwater cave where poisonous gas is emitting  deadly fumes. Eddie is stuck inside of a lifeguard tower with a woman  who is about to give birth.
Jun 24, 2020
1 hr
Dinner Together: 2-X 2-Box
Join the gang as they discuss the new video game consoles and because Dave exists WaterWorld...
Jun 18, 2020
22 min
Old Friends
Craig, Mitch and Garner go for a weekend hang-gliding trip, but Mitch  has an accident when he gets stuck in a tree and eventually falls. With  Mitch unconscious, Craig and Garner have to wait for a rescue helicopter  to come, which is delayed. Meanwhile, Cort reacquaints himself with a  woman whose husband had drowned a year ago, but learns that the husband  actually faked his death to collect an insurance. Now, Cort must decide  whether or not to turn them both in.
Jun 13, 2020
52 min
Dinner Together: Propane and Propane Accessories
Join the gang as they take a break from Baywatch to discuss what is going on in their life.  They get their King of the Hill on as they discuss propane.  Yes I am serious they pretty much just talk about propane.
Jun 4, 2020
21 min
The Big Race
Cort promises to come up with a load of cash for a nursing home, but he  needs Mitch and Craig's help to compete with each other in a water  skiing race with a big cash prize. Meanwhile, Shauni is still  grief-stricken and afraid to go back in the water in the wake of Jill's  death.
May 18, 2020
1 hr 17 min
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