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This series is invaluable for todays bartender. Working between a sports bar and a fine dining cocktail bar it has become very apparent that continuing education is critical for success. Eric’s passion for the craft comes through in cases and barrels every week ;) after many months of enjoyment I wanted to say thank you! From a consistently thirsty, forever hungry bartender in Upstate NY!
Erick, I’m really enjoying the podcast. Cheers from the team at Barr Hill in Vermont.
Harrison Kahn
We love Bartender at Large!!!
Especially the rich tambor of Erick’s voice😉
Just discovered this great podcast.
A great, informative and entertaining podcast. One of my new favorites
Amazing podcast
I’m just a home cocktail enthusiast but this podcast has tons and tons of great information especially for those of us that are more adventurous and willing to try some crazy stuff at home. Great ideas and insight into making drinks but also tons of tips about bars to visit and new spirits to try. On top of it all Erick is a genuinely great guy who is willing to share his knowledge to help further the cocktail renaissance and help those of us playing along at home. Check out his blog and Instagram for more great info.
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One of the best Podcast around
I am a new and upcoming bartender, and this podcast has been my life source for education, entertainment, and fuel for the passion that I have for not only bettering myself within the industry I am in, but also just life in general, whether from a hospitality standpoint or just being a good human. Erik Castro and his comrades have created such an amazing community and following with this award winning podcast that I cannot give enough praise to, thank you for listening and thank you to Erik and all for putting in the work for us to reach new heights in our journey, Slaínte.
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Best Cocktail Related Podcast
This is hands down the best cocktail related podcast I’ve come across. Mr. Castro is that rare host that truly enjoys what he’s doing and you can hear it in his interviews. Opening my own bar this podcast was a huge help in avoiding common mistakes and helps get me out of the creative rut you get once you work 110+ hours a week. Keep up the good work!!!
This podcast makes me thirsty
I highly enjoy listening to Bartender at Large. It totally sends me down the rabbit hole of research, history, and everything related to using spirits to craft creative cocktails
This podcast is dope as hell. They have the best format, amazing guests, killer information, and very good jokes. If you’re not listening to this, don’t let me find out cuz I’m not sitting at your bar again until you subscribe. Okay? Okay.
Fantastic podcast
This is one of the most informative and fun podcasts I listen to every week. There’s always some new tidbit of info I leave with after listening. If you’re somewhat interested in knowing more about bartending and distilling this is a must listen to podcast.
Great podcast
I am not in the industry but I find that the best way to learn something is from hearing pros talk shop. Every week this podcast continues to bring interesting and entertaining content. Keep it up!
Amazing Resource for Bartenders Everywhere
This is definitely a must-listen for any bartenders who are serious about their profession. Bartender at Large has interviews with the best of the best in bartending from every corner of the world. I think it's especially a gift to all of us who can't afford to attend Tales of the Cocktail or industry conferences by giving you access to the same people and their thoughts on where the industry is headed. As a bartender and manager I know this podcast has made me better at my job.
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Really enjoyable
Great podcast of people talking about what they love. Sometimes the audio quality isn't ideal.
Its like Sports Center for Bartenders
If you like listening to cocktail experts and renowned mixologists talk about life behind the bar while also sharing secrets to creating spectacular cocktails than this is podcast is right up your alley.
Erick Castro Man of the Year!
Erick is an amazing human being and obviously surrounds himself with great people. This is a great show all about bar tending. I will keep watching, try it out!
Great Podcast for cocktail enthusiasts
Erick Castro's new show, Bartender at Large, is an honest look at the people behind this nation's cocktail renaissance. It's an entertaining show that explores the backgrounds of some of the industries best bartenders around America. It is a very fun and enjoyable conversational podcast that I highly recommend to anyone who appreciates cocktails.
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