Barstool Breakfast: Second Helping
Barstool Breakfast: Second Helping
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Second Helping brings you the very best of the Barstool Breakfast Radio show every Monday. Including bonus content and commentary from Willie, Large, and Pat. Like, subscribe and comment below!
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Willie and Large are horrible
I’m sure they are SICK seeing Dave (the only reason they are employed) interviewing the president of the United States. I’m sure “Black Brandon” the race baiter, Kmarko, Liz, Kate, and the rest of the Libstool brigade are crying salty tears this morning #deadspin
Willie Colonoscopy
Worst show on barstool
Willie can eat a dick
Mr pre
I hate this show
Hypocrisy at its finest. One of the hosts threatened to assault another host in the Barstool network and nothing happened to him. Worst, he’s seen a few days later yelling “50% off!” on Good Morning America.
Ok wow
Brutal. Willie is incredibly thin skinned and dull
The best
Best show on Sirius
Originally subscribed for Howard but reupped because of these guys...Love the show and can’t get enough! :p
Love ‘em
These guys are hilarious
KJ Pomfret
Fantastic show.
Large is awesome
Would’ve been 5 stars if...
Just give me large and willie. Get Francis tf out of here. I skip every part that has Francis, awful.
Love the recap
Don’t have serious so this is awesome
Que chingows?
This show blinded me with laughter. The bald guy and the bad man are cómo se dise ... ? Hilarious!
queti m. porta
Great crew
Large and Willie have been great additions to barstool and shine on this show. Francis is also an incredible talent. Keep up the good work boys!
Jeff Garlin
Love these guys
Awesome morning show. Great chemistry.
Dicky McCumstain
Best crew!
Best morning radio show giving us another hour via podcast?! Yes please, awesome start!
Best show in the lineup
The three headed monster
ant dollbanger
Everyone is great...
...But the obvious star is Large, amirite? -L