Barks from the Bookshelf
Barks from the Bookshelf
Barks from the Bookshelf
Natalie Light & Steve Goodall delve deep into some of the greatest and influential books about Dog Training and Behaviour.
#24 Sassafras Lowrey - Tricks in the City
WE ARE FLOATING LIKE A FINNISH LAPPHUND & TRICKING LIKE A TRANSYLVANIAN HOUND here at Barks HQ this week! Why I hear you woof? It's all to do with the blooming awesome "Tricks in the City" by Sassafras Lowrey. We dive into this amazing book all...
Oct 24
1 hr 52 min
#23 Lili Chin - Doggie Language: A Dog Lover's Guide to Understanding Your Best Friend
WE ARE FEELING LIKE A MISCHIEVOUS TERRIER THIS WEEK BOOKSHELVERS! How about a fun packed episode with the one and only Lili Chin! If you haven't had the pleasure of coming into contact with Lili's work (and you almost certainly have already) Lili is...
Oct 12
2 hr 2 min
#22 Off The Shelf Episode 6. Jordan Shelley
Hark Bookshelvers! It is time to sing like a Samoyed and chuckle like a Chihuahua as it's Off The Shelf time again!Back just in time for a drastic weather change in the UK Corrin, Nat & Steve get to catch up with their old buddy and all round 'top...
Oct 3
1 hr 10 min
#21 Stephanie Rousseau - Office Dogs: The Manual
Slap us with a Spaniel Tail we are back for another review episode Bookshelvers! This week it is the awesome "Office Dogs: The Manual" by Stephanie Rousseau. We caught up with Stephanie for chats and giggles way back in July just before our summer break...
Sep 23
1 hr 50 min
#20 Off The Shelf Episode 5 Danielle Beck
HOT DAWGS BOOKSHELVERS! How the devil are you all? So our Summer hiatus is at an end (woohoo)! And we are back with another banger. We only spoke to the amazing Danielle Beck today so this one is hot off the press. We rushed it out simply because...
Sep 21
1 hr 22 min
#19 Melissa Fallon & Vickie Davenport - Babies, Kids & Dogs
HOWDY HI BOOKSHELVERS! We have some thrilling new for this weeks (and future) episodes. We are now officially sponsored by the AMAZING Dogwise Publishing. If your bookshelf are anything like ours you'll likely have a fair amount of books from this top...
Aug 2
2 hr 10 min
#18 Jessica Pierce - The Last Walk: Reflections on Our Pets at the end of Their Lives & Run,Spot, Run: The Ethics of Keeping Pets
What's going down Bookshelvers? We hope to find you well in this bizarre time we are all stuck in. What can we say about this episode? Firstly Jessica Pierce is such a wonderful person and we loved the time we spent talking to her about her two amazing...
Jul 17
3 hr 4 min
#17 Linda P. Case - Beware The Straw Man & Only Have Eyes For You: Exploring Canine Research With The Science Dog
Holy Hot Topics Batman! Question... Who fancies talking about Canine Nutrition with someone who actually knows what they are talking about? WE DO! Nat & Steve get thier brains well and truly schooled when joined by Linda P Case. What a show!!!! Its...
Jul 4
2 hr
#16 Marc Bekoff - Unleashing Your Dog & Why Dogs Hump & Bees Get Depressed
Well slap us with a turnip and tickle us pink Bookshelvers! This was a real landmark episode as Nat and Steve got to wallow in the presence of the one and only Marc Bekoff. Marc is an absolute legend in the fields of Animal Behaviour, Conservation and...
Jun 27
2 hr 42 min
#15 Off The Shelf Ep 4. Greg Pattison
HEY HEY HEY BOOKSHELVERSit's US we're back with another "Off the Shelf" ramble chat episode!!!This time we are joined by the one and only Greg Pattison or "Big G" as he is affectionately known as round these parts.Greg has been a supporter of our...
Jun 22
1 hr 15 min
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