Ballet Uncovered ~ Balancing Pointe Podcast
Ballet Uncovered ~ Balancing Pointe Podcast
Kimberly Falker/Podcaster
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What an amazing resource! Listened to just one episode and it was just what I needed as a parent to hear. I can't wait to listen to all of the episodes and share with my dancer. Thank you!!
Seth T Lyman
Great for aspiring dancers
My 2 aspiring dancers listen every week on their way to school. They love the advice they receive from professionals, but their favorite part of the podcast is when they hear distinguished dancers get interviewed and they find out they are real people too. Even my ballet boy has learned a thing or two from the q/a series. Our favorite episode of Ask Megan was when she interviewed Tiler Peck. It was exciting to hear how professional dancers interact with each other outside of dance. We hope the show continues for years to come.
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Informative and Entertaining
Kimberly has really put together a very informative podcast that my daughter and I enjoy listening to. The Ask Megan series is fantastic for aspiring NYCB dancers, like my daughter! Kimberly’s guests are interesting and relevant to the ballet world. Thank you for this!
Love these interviews
As the father of an aspiring ballerina, it is great to hear the stories of the pros.
I’ve been listening to these podcasts all day… As a professional ballet dancer myself, it is such a luxury to learn of the unique paths, obstacles, victories and generous advice of successful performing artists. Thank you for these beautiful interviews!
Ballet Uncovered makes you feel like you can make your ballet dreams happen. Thanks for creating such an awesome show, Kimberly, keep it up!
Dan Feld/Prologue Profiles
Kimberly is connecting a community!
Thank you for shedding light in the world of Dance!
For the passionate!
When podcaster Kimberly Falker describes herself as the parent of a passion-driven ballerina and advises us that "crazed is (her) new normal", she is inviting like-minded parents in for the ride! Insightful, informative, and refreshingly honest content. Highly recommended!
My daughter loves this!
My daughter is an aspiring professional dancer but has a long way to go. She loves listening to the stories and advice on how to follow her dream and the struggles that go along with it. As she enters high school this year, she looks forward to taking her talents to another level. This podcast gives the advice and inspiration to keep following her dreams.
Checked it out for my wife, I kept listening
There are so many surprising aspects to this podcast. Even if your not into ballet, there are some amazing and dedicated people that we can all learn from. If you are into Ballet, you will want to click subscribe, and let your friends know about this one.
ADHD reWired
I am captivated by this podcast
I am not a ballet enthusiast, per se. I am not a real dancer (at the bar is about the extent of it, or around the living room with my 3 year old). Who cares? This is fascinating stuff. I love hearing from Kim and her guests about what it takes to succeed in this rarified world of ballet. The themes are consistent with what it takes to succeed in a competitive industry. If you’re in business, this is important. Additionally, its just plain interesting. Thank you Kim! I believe anyone that is really into dancing should follow you obsessively!!!!!!
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Nicole - Smart Planning 101
Ballet Headquarters!
If ballet is your thing, then this is the only show you need. It’ll leave you inspired and ready to create your own story in your art.
Jeremy Montoya
Great podcast
Very good podcast a must listen
Chris Reck
Awesome Podcast!!
I'm glad that I found this podcast. It's great info and the host is really pleasant.
Finally A Podcast For The World of Professional Ballet and Dance!
Personally, I feel the world of professional ballet and dance is now going to be heard! This is THE podcast you need to hear if you care at all about ballet or dance. You have just gained a listener for life. Great Job Kimberly!
Robert Barnard
An intriguing look into the world of ballet!
Honestly, the most I knew about ballet was from watching Black Swan! But Kimberly's podcast really pulls back the curtain on the ballet world by talking to dancers, writers, and lots of other people. Their perspectives really opened my eyes!
Maurice Cherry
Wow, very inspiring show for artists!
Love listening to the journeys and inspiring stories of these ballet dancers. As if you can picture them out there on stage performing. Highly recommended!
Marie @ Today’s Leading Women
Inviting Podcast
Just the right questions are asked to make this a very interesting podcast. Kim does an outstanding job of drawing out her guests .
A great insight behind the curtain
I love enjoying dance and theater performances. But I always sit in the audience and wonder about their life and their story. This is a great way for me to behind the curtain and learn while being entertained! Thanks Kimberly for a truly unique podcast!
Leslie Hassler, Your Biz Rules
Great for the Niche
Any dancers out there MUST check out this show. Interviews are insightful and easy to listen to. Great show!
Denny Krahe
Very cool
I really love you in depth conversations!
Bryan Knowlton
Great conversations
This podcast is fun and full of stories that inspire and lift. Great show! John Dennis
John Dennis | Smart Time Onlin
Great Show
Great advice and quality show. Look forward to more episodes.
I get the Pointe
I am constantly amazed at how many amazing people there are in this world. Kimberly has found more of these great folks and is bringing them to us through her interviews. Good stuff.
Love it!
Really great stories and interesting interviews. Keep it up.
This Podcast is Right On Pointe!
Great, informative, insightful and motivating interviews for anyone. Thanks!
Such a unique and inspiring podcast
I love the spirit of dance that is embodied in this podcast! Wonderful show Kim!
Steve | FitproInferno
Insightful and informative
Beautifully done interviews with prominent people in an amazingly competitive and complex industry. Incredibly interesting and beautiful.
Mpls Mama
Loved it
What an amazing insight into the world of ballet. I thoroughly enjoyed listening!
Learning a lot!
Not a dancer but got a lot of great knowledge that can be applied to just about anything from this podcast. Already ordered the Jordan Matters book for my girlfriend. Great interviews and great niche.
Quite impressed with these podcasts. Have only listened to two but looking forward to hearing more!
Just what I was looking for!
A fascinating look behind the scenes.
What can be better than real life stories for aspiring dancers! Thank you!
Podcast for Ballet!
What a wonderful resource for those who have been practicing ballet and even those who are new to ballet and craving more! Keep the Pods going! Nice job
Ballet What A BEEE
A journey into professional ballet
A very important podcast for those thinking seriously about a career in dance.
Eileen Falker
Very clean podcast
Fun and informative all wrapped in one. The host and audio production is great!
Dance Enthusiast
This podcast is inspirational to both dancers and non-dancers alike.
Jack Falker
Interesting for all!
I am not in the dance world; however, thoroughly enjoy the insights of determination, inspiration and dedication that are discussed and highlighted in these podcasts. Kimberly is relaxed and engaging… I look forward to more "life-lesson" discussions! And I also look forward to the box of Barre Food Bars that I purchased online after listening to the podcast about that company and the dancers that founded it. Excellent!
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My daughter and I have been listening to this podcast daily on our treks into her ballet school. Truly enjoyed learning more about the professional ballet world and sharing an interest with my daughter.
Fabulous Podcasts!
Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us aspiring ballerinas!
Kimberly- wonderful podcast! And great mission to step behind the curtain to unveil this hidden world. Thank you!
perfect for dancers
love the way the hosts have niched into a specialty area are brought high quality content. also love the mix of both men and women on the show particularly since ballet is so traditionally a woman's pursuit.
JDB from maine
Great Show
Really interesting content and great stories. More please.
Well done!
Excellent information in a very unique niche! A wonderful podcast for the dancing niche!
Jon Schumacher
If you practice ballet, you HAVE to listen to this. But even if you don’t, listen anyway. It’s amazing to hear people who are so passionate about what they do. It translates in to anything you do, dance or otherwise. Great job!
Mark C. Moran
What a great show!
I have to admit that I wasn't very informed about this topic, but I was so intrigued by this podcast and got really sucked into the stories. I will be back for next week's episode!
Smart with wonderful interviews. A pleasure to hear from people and many of the behind the scenes stories.
It's TC, Everybody
This podcast is so instructive and interesting! We need this info! Thanks so much. :)
I'm no dancer...
I'm clueless when it comes to this topic, but I was totally sucked into the discussions on this show. Great job Kimberly, how cool is it that you've uncovered such a gem of a topic?
The Bryan Kelly
I got a lot from this show...
...and I'm not into ballet! Ha ha. I just love the stories and to hear about the struggles along the journey. Inspirational! Pretty cool stuff.
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