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From the Appalachian Trail to the Pacific Crest and everything in between. Backpacker Radio is a show all about the wonderful world that is thru-hiking and long distance backpacking. Co-hosts, Zach "Badger" Davis and Juliana "Chaunce" Chauncey muse on the backpacking life and the latest from the trail every other week. Topics include but are not limited to news, trail culture, interviews, gear, advice, and all you can eat buffets.
#101 | Emily Ford on Thru-Hiking the Ice Age Trail in Winter
Emily Ford recently wrapped a thru-hike of Wisconsin's Ice Age Trail in the dead of winter, becoming the first woman to accomplish the feat. We do a deep dive on Emily's journey, including what gear she used, the weather conditions, how she had to knock on strangers' doors to ask if she could sleep in their yard, and how she managed this trek alongside a husky that did not belong to her. We get a preview of Walking Distance, a Triple Crown of odd firsts, and another edition of backpacking advice of the da
Apr 13
2 hr 10 min
#100 | Jennifer Pharr Davis + The Real Hiking Viking
Today is our centennial show, and oh boy, is it a beast! We're giving away more than a thousand dollars worth of backpacking goodies. We chat with Jennifer Pharr Davis and Brew Davis about their current current COVID Recovery Tour- a family road trip touring the national parks, and a concerted effort to both prioritize their mental health and inspire others to do the same.  And today's segment portion of the show features our bud and resident yeti, Jabba aka The Real Hiking Viking aka Tom.
Apr 1
3 hr 32 min
#99 | Patricia Cameron, Founder of Blackpackers
Patricia Cameron is a journalist, thru-hiker, and the Executive Director at Blackpackers, a non-profit that aims to eliminate economic disparities of POC in outdoor rec. We chat in-depth about Blackpackers & Patricia's Colorado Trail 2020 thru-hike, including how much she enjoyed the hiker camaraderie, some of her favorite stops along the trail, & more. We have a triple crown of animals you don't want to see on trail, we chat about how Altra is sucking, & get a sneak peak of a new podcast from Chaunce.
Mar 25
2 hr 32 min
#98 | Eric Giuliani on Traveling 70,000 Miles Around the World on a Shoestring Budget
Eric Giuliani circumnavigated the globe without taking a single flight. Yes, 70K miles by boat, train, & automobile, and did so relying on his nascent photography skills to barter for lodging. We learn how how he pitched hotels, what it's like to spend several days on cargo ships without any form of entertainment, & more. We wrap the show with a chat about Trail Days 2021, a triple crown of things we'd do with a million bucks, & an absurd story about a bear biting a woman's ass in an outhouse.
Mar 17
2 hr 9 min
#97 | Ben Lawhon of Leave No Trace
Ben Lawhon is the Director of Education and Research at Leave No Trace.  We go deep on the proper way to shit in the backcountry, why tossing an apple core off the trail can have profound wildlife impacts, how social media interplays with LNT, and the best way to educate others who are in violation of LNT. We wrap the show with a triple crown of 90s sitcoms, how we would handle a docile zombie apocalypse of stinky people, and a mailbag featuring the cinnamon connection invading people's dreams.
Mar 9
2 hr 26 min
#96 | Survivorman Les Stroud
Today we are joined by THE Survivorman, Les Stroud. This interview does not disappoint. We talk about Les' entry into the world of reality tv- and why he hates the genre overall, he talks a little bit of shit on Bear Grylls, we chat about some of his most precarious moments in the bush, and Les gives us a very compelling pitch on why Sasquatch is probably real. We wrap the show wondering how we'd run amok if the world was frozen for 24 hours, we learn what Vinegrower's Day is, and Zach hates on lemon j
Mar 1
2 hr 5 min
#95 | Andy Downs of the ATC on the Mountain Valley Pipeline & Postponing Thru-Hikes During a Pandemic
Andy Downs of the ATC details the organization's decision to accept a large gift from the Mountain Valley Pipeline and why they are no longer opposing its construction near the Appalachian Trail. Andy also discusses the ATC's request for people to yet again postpone their thru-hikes on the AT in 2021, how the decision was arrived to, and some key considerations for those who will continue to take on their hikes. Lastly, Zach outlines why The Trek will not be closing the platform to thru-hikers this year.
Feb 24
2 hr 11 min
#94 | Philip Carcia, New Hampshire's Peakbagging Phenom
Have you heard of New Hampshire? Because Philip Carcia has hiked it. All of it. In all different directions. In addition to a handful of thru-hikes, Philip has completed the New Hampshire 48 Single Year Grid, the White Mountain Direttisima (2x), & White Mountain Redline FKT.  If you don't know what any of that means, good, we will learn this together during our conversation. We wrap with some news from the ATC, a new snail themed Reddit Brain Buster, & we get intel on the hot spots along the Ice Age
Feb 8
2 hr 29 min
#93 | The Quirins on Thru-Hiking the AT with a Baby
Today we are joined by Bekah and Derrick Quirin.  In 2017, the Quirins thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail carrying their adorable baby, Ellie.  We learn how in the hell this is possible, including their diaper logistics, gear setup, and nap schedule.  The following year the Quirins cycled the 2,700 mile Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.  We learn the of the unique challenges between thru-hiking and thru-biking, the differences between hiking with a baby and a toddler, and much more.
Jan 26
1 hr 57 min
#92 | Andrew Skurka Returns
Andrew Skurka returns!  We touch on how COVID effected his guiding business, why wildfires have been so bad in the west over the past couple of decades, Andrew’s favorite trail meals, the intricacies of the backcountry bidet, picking the perfect campsite, layering in the winter, and more. We close out the show with a reminder of our impending butt tattoos, a triple crown of the worst chores, an explosive butthole patent-pending, picking death by shark or mountain lion, & some horse facts, crab edition.
Jan 7
2 hr 14 min
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