Aviation Week's Check 6 Podcast
Aviation Week's Check 6 Podcast
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Aviation Week & Space Technology editors take a look at some of the bigger-picture issues in the world of aerospace and defense
Sizing Up Russia’s New Light Fighter
Sukhoi rolled out the model of a new fighter aircraft during the MAKS show in Russia targeting the export market. Aviation Week editors discuss the design and its prospects in a crowded market.
Jul 23
18 min
eSTOL Aircraft Break Into AAM Reality Index
In the most recent release of the Advanced Air Mobility Reality Index, Electra and Airflow hit the top 20 list with their eSTOL aircraft. Aviation Week's Graham Warwick and Sergio Cecutta of SMG Consulting discuss the market feasibility of eSTOL and the challenges that lie ahead.
Jul 15
15 min
Winners And Losers In United’s Big Aircraft Order
Listen in as Aviation Week editors delve into the nuances of United Airlines’ decision to buy 200 Boeing 737 MAXs and Airbus A321neos and what it means for the regional jet market.
Jul 8
14 min
What can companies and individuals do to encourage race and gender equity?
Bird Guess, president/CEO of The Racial Equity Group, and Dr. Rebecca Keiser, chief of research security strategy and policy at the National Science Foundation, provide context and concrete actions.
Jun 30
19 min
Interview with ULA’s Tory Bruno
The president and CEO of the United Launch Alliance (ULA) discusses the company’s upcoming first launch of the new Vulcan rocket, the impact of the Space Force and the future of space transportation. Tory Bruno touched on a number of topics in this wide-ranging interview with Aviation Week editors Jen DiMascio and Irene Klotz. Here is a guide to the discussion: 1:05 ULA Vulcan Centaur overview 2:05 Vulcan first launch 2:22 Blue Origin BE-4 engine is the Vulcan’s pacing item 2:52 Astrobotic Peregrine first commercial lunar lander 4:00 Peregrine mission will be delayed to 2022 5:18 BE-4 challenges 6:20 Vulcan tanking test and Pathfinder vehicle 7:24 Sierra Space mission 9:23 Atlas to continue National Security Space Phase 2 missions 12:05 Reaction to Government Accountability Office report 13:03 National Security Space Launch Phase 3 Technologies 17:13 Flying unpredictable orbits 19:28 How the Space Force has changed ULA operations 23:04 Advanced Cryogenic Evolved Stage reusability 25:42 Commercial applications for new upper stage capabilities 28:00 The logistics of getting and sustaining humans on the moon 29:16 How to get 20%-30% more payload to the moon 31:40 Will ULA remain a launch company? 32:36 Corporate responsibility in space 39:06 Launching into congested areas of space 41:58 Integrated air and space traffic management 43:35 Is there a limit to space traffic? 49:04 Where ULA puts its space junk 51:40 What are ULA’s new big problems?
Jun 24
54 min
The Dollars and Sense of 1s and 0s in A&D Manufacturing
It is 2 a.m., do you know where your digital twin is? Once buzzwords, the aerospace and defense industrial base is embracing the digital thread in manufacturing at an increasing pace. Managers see a future where digital twin approaches go from just product design to the whole supply system. Coupled with other technological leaps, such as working from anywhere on any device, digitization promises many benefits but also challenges. Costs, cyber risks and human capital challenges loom. Aviation Week talks with Accenture advisors on the outlook.
Jun 15
23 min
Giddy And Nervous In LA
The 2021 SpeedNews Commercial Aviation Industry Supplier Conference in LA this month provided many executives and advisors the first opportunity to gather again since COVID-19 shut down the sector a year before. Aviation Week Business Editor Michael Bruno talks with Richard Aboulafia of the Teal Group, Ron Epstein of Bank of America and Kevin Michaels of AeroDynamic Advisory about the state of industry, the future, and the past.
Jun 11
15 min
NTSB’s Robert Sumwalt On Next Steps For Safety
Before his retirement on June 30, NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt shares insights into some key things that would make the aviation industry safer—and how to do it.
Jun 9
16 min
Ranking the AAM Leaders – an Inside View
Ranking the leading players in the emerging advanced air mobility (AAM) market is a full-time task as companies almost daily announce product or investment milestones. As Aviation Week launches a new publication dedicated to the AAM ecosystem, technology editor Graham Warwick and senior editor Guy Norris are joined by SMG Consulting’s Sergio Cecutta to discuss the thinking behind the latest update of his AAM Reality Index.
Jun 3
30 min
Will Aircraft Production Come Roaring Back?
Both Airbus and Boeing are looking in big boosts in production of their narrowbody jets. But with some regions of the world still closed to outsiders, the widebody market is a different story. Listen in as Aviation Week editors break down the situation. 
May 27
17 min
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