AV Shop Talk
AV Shop Talk
Nathan Schneider
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Good content, too long winded
Overall, the actual content in the show is good. However, I feel the host spends too much time talking at the beginning. It isn't until 5 - 7 minutes into the podcast where actual AV related content starts. The host should spend less time with introductions and summaries, and instead should jump right into content. The AV content of the podcast is good. Topics are informative and entertaining.
Just what the AV in me needed!!!
I discovered This awesome podcast earlier this month when I was searching for more information on CTS-D and came across Episode 23. After listening to that one show, I found myself downloading all the episodes. This has been very informative for me in my many travels to my customer locations. What a better way to keep up in our vastly changing world of AV. Thanks guys for all this hard work you are doing for us. If you haven't subscribed yet, do it! You won't regret it.
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Great show!!
I've been in the AV integration field since 2006 and I'm still learning about the ever evolving world of technology. Nate and Jason put on a great Podcast and provide a great service to the AV industry. THANKS GUYS!! Good work!
Finger genius!
Nate is Great
I love this show.
Nathan Lively