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Aubrey Marcus Podcast
Aubrey Marcus
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Great podcast
Great podcast, love the ep on DMT it was awesome
riley bennett
Awesome podcast!
Aubrey, host of the Aubrey Marcus podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Aubrey is the best
Aubrey consistently shows up raw and real. He is such an inspiration and always has such impactful guests on his show.
Rochelle Pfeiffer
I really enjoyed your interview with Charles E! Thank you both so much for being open and public. These conversations are so invigorating! I am impressed with so many things about this episode, from the thinking differently, the choosing to tell a new story and was surprised and comforted by this mix of strong masculinity with emotion and compassion. So much more than I was expecting. My gratitude to both of you ❤️
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Shannon Simone
A true conversationalist
Aubrey has a way of taking any singular idea and turning into a deep, mind-blowing conversation—and makes it all so relatable. Thank you!
Sean McVety
Satsang & Aubrey
Beautiful discussion 🙏
Amazing podcast!!
I’ve gathered so much wisdom from listening to this podcast. So grateful to have this source of inspiration — it’s raising the collective consciousness. :)
I have been an avid listener of the Aubrey Marcus podcast for over year now, but the most recent episode with Charles Eisenstein absolutely blew me away and moved me to tears. Thank you for continuing to find such stellar guests and being an honest and compassionate host.
When feeling Idle
There are many layers to mental health as I’ve learned over years of my own experiences. I find that at times, when struggling it’s definitely good to stop and speak to someone professionally about what’s going on and how to proceed. However sometimes a mountain is a mountain so it’s just enough when an inspiring podcast provokes me to make some adjustments or even just hearing the relative content giving a sense of acceptance to self. AMP always seems to be that one podcast that comes across at the right time. 🤍
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Appreciation of the individual in the oneness
You don’t have to agree with or believe in everything he shares in his podcast. If you live the truth, you can gain so much perspective from his conversations and topics he covers. My life is enriched having subscribed to his podcast. Thank you for being the go giver🙏🏾
Ms. Sahara Blaze
#307 Sacred masculine archetype
Transformative discovery, expanding, & fun! Within the context of community, excavating within, unblocking the power of Love. This group of men all serve as expanders, connecting with this greater collective provides further motivation & connection for my own personal growth journey.
Expanding, thought provoking, inspiring
I love tuning in on long drives across the country. The conversations are enjoyable to listen to, often warm, grounding, and yet still deeply opening to the mind. I come across subjects I don’t often think about and open new rooms of discovery about life and self. Thank you for sharing your magic!
Love is a Force
This podcast has been such a force for good in my life. I began listening 3 years ago after a guilt-ridden break-up. I needed to replace the internal conversation that was not much more than constant negative self-talk. I could never have known the positive impact your podcast would have on my life, mentally, spiritually and physically. Your love for life, learning, introspection, and the curiosity that inspires the pursuit of the highest forms of these within human and spiritual capability has had an impact on me that goes beyond what I could ever honor with a mere podcast review. Thank you, Aubrey.
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AMP 305
Episode 305 with Jamie Wheel is the best episode yet. 4 hours packed full of leveled up info, vital for the ascension of humanity.
Leveled up my life
My only complain about this podcast is that I wish there were more. I have massive respect for Aubrey, and the information he has opened up access to. From right up my alley, to things I never knew I wanted to learn about, I sincerely love this podcast. Thanks Aubrey
Pistol Paige Powers
There is no humane way to kill someone who doesnt want to die.
Humans don't need to eat meat in this day and age, knowing what we know now. Most still do it because we've been conditioned to and because we are addicted to the way it tastes...after it's altered and prepared to our liking. Break the cycle! We can get all the nutrients, tastes, and textures we love from plants. Killing animals for palate pleasure is unnecessary and more detrimental than it is beneficial from a health, environmental, and of course, ethical stand point. "Humane slaughter" is a term used to make consumers feel better and does nothing to help animals. It is an oxymoron no matter which way you try to spin it. In fact, in some ways, it is more perverse to raise animals with love and earn their trust only to stab them in the throat and take their life when their predetermined death day comes. They are not ours to bring into this world and take from at our convenience. Human supremacy is destroying the world for all animals, humans included. There is no humane way to kill someone who doesn't want to die.
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Sustenance for the Soul
Aubrey’s own thoughts and words are enough for a remarkable experience but his guests are all incredible. The questions, conversations and just mutual respect among Aubrey and his guests makes this a favorite podcast in which I can easily recommend
An asleep person. Inserting his opinion and self righteous ideas in between each statement made by a guest.
Love hearing the voice of the divine masculine
Tears come Toy eyes As I listen to today’s podcast on Iyahuasca. Aubrey and Eric really tapped into the fact that especially for men it’s such a profound way of falling back in love with life and our planet and it gives me so much hope for humanity. Thank you Aubry for sharing from your heart and from your vulnerability! keep on sharing! 🙏🙏🙏
Pure joy planet
Adolescent Posing
The gratuitous, unrestrained use of profanity feels like grandiose ego posing. The sacred message is tarnished by the messenger’s unrefined, immature, crude boyishness. An old Navajo Medicine Man told me once, and I only needed to hear it once, “The tongue you cuss with is the tongue you pray with.” It’s time to grow up.
Enlightening + game changing
I have been following Aubrey for over 6 years and his journey has so deeply aligned with mine. His own insights and guest speakers are incredible if you are on a spiritual journey. Relationships, health, wellness, meditation and so much more. Blessed and grateful to have your mentorship.
I *want* to love this podcast but...
... something about it hasn’t sit quite right. However, after listening to your interview with Matthew McConaughey where it seemed that you don’t know who Pedro Almodóvar is, it clicked. You talk confidently about your Burning Man experiences, your silent retreats, & your Ayahuasca journeys, but you don’t seem to be well-versed in aspects of national & international history and culture. Try expanding your breadth of knowledge about your guests (and the world at large) and see how much deeper your work gets!
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Aubrey needs to let his guests speak
It could be a 5 star podcast if Aubrey shut up for a minute and let his guests speak instead of going on and on and on about his own experience. The guests are amazing but they get to speak maybe 30% of the time.
So much appreciation for this podcast
This podcast has undoubtedly helped aid me in my process of growth and healing. I absolutely love Aubrey’s introspection in life and he always has the most interesting guests. I’ve learned and grown so much just by listening to these conversations. Thank you Aubrey for all that you do to provide help raising the frequency in the collective community! You are so loved and so appreciated!!
AMAZING...absolutely amazing.
After binge listening to episode #264 & #270 I can honestly say, my intuition and inner guidance led me straight to both of these episodes right when I needed them. I am going to have to spend time digesting all this vital information but I love how much of it rings true to my soul. Amazing work, truly inspirational. Thank you! I have already and will be sharing with people dear to me🙏🏻 Can’t wait to listen to more and more! THANK YOU!
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Tiff pie
Great podcast
Enjoy. thnx!
conscious thoughts
Shady at best
Aubrey Marcus stepped down as CEO of Onnit just days before then pandemic went public worldwide. His family (oil billionaires) divested of their shares of...everything. Yet no announcement of a pandemic to warn others. Dozens of billionaires did this in late feb / early March. So as this guy claims to want to help people...i seriously deny that claim, as many more people would be alive today if more had sounded the alarm instead sold shares.
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Jake Stern
Thank You Peter Crone
Thank God for Peter Crone talking and explaining so us mere mortals can understand while Aubrey continues to have conversations with ancient philosophers and use language and concepts I’m to plain to understand. I admire Aubrey’s intelligence and ability to memorize and quote important phrases and lyrics but dude come on, I’m trying to learn here and you’re making it hella difficult but like I said, Peter’s aware and did a good job steering you along the course like a racecar (the red neck version of Aubrey talk ;)
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I love this podcast!
I’m so glad I found the Aubrey Marcus Podcast. Aubrey interviews the people that are up to amazing things! They discuss provocative, sometimes mind-bending topics that have me question what I think I actually know. I am inspired continually by these discussions. One of the most articulate podcast hosts I listen to. He’s open, transparent, and brave with his sharing and curiosity. Yay!!!
Joanna O'Neal
Great enlightenment podcast
Aubrey consistently brings knowledge and ways to become more enlightened. The guest he has always leave tons of golden nuggets and when you are open to hearing, you pick them up.
Loving your interview with Dr Joe♥️ty!
Always fascinating and in depth discussions of relevant information.
Thank you for sharing your light!
Absolutely love listening to all of your episodes. Thank you for sharing your curiosity, your wisdom, your strength, your heart, your purpose and your light with us. ✨🌻
Humble pie
Don’t enjoy listening to f word in podcasts ( kids listening)
catherine renee
Great podcast with great guests
I enjoy the conversations and the space Aubrey creates for his guests and the audience.
So enthusiastically powerful. I appreciate you for expressing your vulnerability!
“Sand countries”
Aubrey Marcus in episode 257 refers to Middle East as “sand countries”. #racist or just # ignorant. Either way it’s disappointing 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Ghazan far
New Fan!
Just stumbled on this podcast and loved it already. Listened to Matthew Mcconaughey and Wim Hof episodes. Marcus seems so down to earth and really gets to the juice of the conversations. Not to mention, he’s interviewing some awesome people! Worth listening 🙌🏼
Emily Rath
The episode on breath work. How the body works to heal itself 👏 SO reliving to hear someone who preaches about spirituality actually trusting their own mind and body in 2020. It’s a rare thing. Keep it up! 👌
Mindful, thought provoking content, you can definitely feel the love from not just the host, but also what the entire AMP team brings. Much gratitude and many blessings 🙏
This podcast opens my mind and heart every time I tap in. Aubrey is a great host and knows how to squeeze all of the elixir out of his inspiring guests. One of my favorites.
Inspiring and insightful 💚
I’ve been binging this podcast nonstop since I discovered it. So many interesting ideas and ways to view the world. This podcast has certainly contributed to my spiritual journey. I may not agree with all the opinions but I have learned something from every one of them.
Blue collar RED PILL
I’m a custodian at a middle school and this podcast is a micro dose of that sweet red pill. Thank you for taking us along for the ride my dude! Now-when you gunna have some little Adonis babies and start using that tushy bidet deal to clean them cloth diapers? All I’m saying is that the world could use another few just like you. I love you my brother!
Thoughtful and excellent
itunes likes wiener
The Wim interview was incredible! How he goes into our DNA, and breathing. I was driving and did the breathing twice... WOW
So inspiring
I love Aubrey‘s podcast, they are for everyone to listen, if you’re male or female. I love the different perspectives and all of the guests he brings on! They are so enlightening.
proud of you
i am so humbled & grateful for the recent podcasts you've been doing. eyes wide open, we march forward to the best of truth & freedom. Hokahey, brother!!! 💚💫
see phish
I love you too man
Thanks for making an awesome podcast! Your episode with Dr Xac Bush was 🔥🔥🔥
Bravery and TRUTH
The bravery behind this podcast is amazing.The truth behind our ability to navigate life optimum and the truth behind these ridiculous measures to control/enslave the population........ thank you for standing up Aubrey!
infinite star rating
This is the most important podcast i can imagine exisits, i started listening to pass time at work as folks do with most podcasts, but this podcast touches on without a doubt the most important parts of being part of this planet, hats off the aubry and his guests, spreading nothing but pure love light and knowledge that we can all use thanks so much 🙏🏼
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