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Bonehead masquerade
Cringe o'clock. If you have zero personality then welcome to your new favorite podcast, which exists solely to grift sound cool and profound to people who haven't got their act together. Watch out for the grift.
Great podcast!
Writing this review with graditude and admiration for this podcast. It goes deep in conversations that stimulate your mind and allow you to think about new dimensions in life and wellbeing.
I occasionally listen but then often get turned off by Aubrey’s gargantuan ego. How he managed to make an interview with Aaron Rodgers about Him is remarkable. Just tone it down a little, man.
The F word degrades Aubrey’s words of gentle wisdom
First off I have to say I absolutely love when Aubrey‘s Divine feminine side comes out in addition to his masculine side. By the end of the interview, however, I was feeling constricted waiting for the next F bomb that was intermingled with his beautiful words and wisdom. I feel like it lowers the vibe and takes away from the beauty of the work he’s putting out in the world.
So meh
With so many fabulous podcasts out there, I am repeatedly amazed at how mediocre Aubrey Marcus is. Truly.
One of my go-to podcasts. I work with my hands every day and this is the perfect podcast to keep my mind stimulated. Always look forward to new episodes. And as a sidenote: thanks for discussing Burning Man (I’ve been out there every year for 10 years and still haven’t found consistent BM podcasts I love). So thank you for bringing that playa energy out into the digital world. Once you and Vy dive into parenthood, I'm hoping you’ll create episodes centering fertility, pregnancy, birth, lactation, etc. There is SO MUCH to explore in these realms. So many people deep in this work and have plenty of insight and brilliance to share. I’m an apprentice midwife and have been in the birth world for over a decade and I’m still discovering wild and magical things. The Continuum Concept (book), Birth As We Know It (film), Quantum Midwifery…etc etc etc. I have a library of resources I’d suggest checkin out. With as curious and explorative as you both are, you’ll find a whole new realm of magic in parenthood. So excited to watch it all unfold for you two! Sending big love.
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Insightful and Impactful
I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
Where are the women guests?
It’s a lot of bro energy and I wish there were more female voices here.
Simply JayZ
Wisdom and depth
I resisted listening to this for years, because I thought Aubrey was just a bro. Finally I heard his conversation about monogamy on Mark Groves’ podcast. It’s not true. He’s really wise and deep. Aubrey, I loved what you were saying about power dynamics and spiritual meaning in BDSM. Could you please do an episode about that?
Beautiful Conversations.
I appreciate Aubrey’s heart and mind, as well as his commitment to return to love. The conversations go deep and are always satisfying. Thank you!
Love & Kindness
Paradigm Shift
I’ve been listening to Aubrey for about 5 months, the amount I’ve learned since has been insane. Aubrey is clearly an expert when it comes to spirituality and consciousness and I always enjoy hearing what he has to say. He’s an incredible person and someone I personally look up to. Keep up the great work!
Kino follower
Host doesn’t understand that it’s not all about him
The host keeps going on and on, in a rather pathetic attempt to convince the world that he’s awesome. I was skipping over the parts where the host was speaking (for like 3 minutes at a time!) Won’t be listening again.
Expand with Aubrey
I am learning so much and enjoying the e perish every immensely. Im full of gratitude to Aubrey and his guests/contributors. 💜💜💜
A Gift to This World
In my opinion, Aubrey’s clarity and wide comprension of this life, plus the elocuent yet simple way he has of transmiting each idea, are enlightening and mind-opening. Thus provoking curiosity, and invites you to search beyond. He’s no doubt a rare gift to this world.
aubrey dear aubrey
ask more questions. listen MORE. i mean, by now your audience knows your pov, safe to say. right? monologuing over talking the great kelly brogan is so challenging to listen to.
Thank you, Aubrey!
I was introduced to the podcast about 3 years and I love Aubrey’s perspective, way with words and great lineup of guests. I appreciate his vulnerability in what he shares as well as the variety of topics he covers which are interesting to me! He’s been an inspiration to continue to dig deeper within myself and continue to ask questions and approach life with curiosity.
I love Aubrey’s energy. The way he speaks just rings with peace and love. I can’t stop listening
This podcast has consistently been amazing!
I’ve been listening to this podcast since 2016 and my mind, heart, and soul has loved being mind blown, moved to tears, and entertained by this podcast over the years. This is the ONLY podcast I’m still listening to from the early years of my self development journey. Thanks so much for giving my ears some epic, juicy words to feast on!
DeSantis Really?
As a podcaster that preaches love and kindness gives a shout to Ron DeSantis without disclaimer for his abhorrent views on immigrants and the LGBTQ+ community makes me have to question most of what Aubrey says. I have been pretty open minded when it comes to not always agreeing with a 100% of what you say, but unfortunately this one was a huge disappointment to hear. Sorry brother. I hope you can see the hate, greed, and fear behind DeSantis.
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This podcast makes me feel held
Aubrey has a beautiful way of holding space and breaking down spiritual concepts in very digestible ways. Grateful
Fashion marketing is great
Greatest Podcast of All Time
Aubrey has an incredible blend of wisdom (obtained through doing deep personal work and experiencing so many aspects of the human experience), and intelligence (through years of reading, researching, studying, and talking to the smartest people on the planet). This deep wisdom and intelligence blend with his relatable, down to earth personality, to create the most powerful podcast I’ve found. He’s pushing the boundaries of the human experience and bringing us along for the ride. As someone who’s been deeply committed to my personal journey for over 20 years, continually learning everything I can about myself and the mysteries of the universe, I’m amazed by how much I’ve learned from this podcast. I’m deeply grateful for Aubrey and all the light he’s bringing into the world. His podcast is a must listen for anyone committed to their personal journey.
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This podcast has helped me integrate so many concepts into my self awareness, my relationships and the way I move through the world. Some of the things he describes experiencing make me feel like something deep inside is cracking opening to a remembrance. I am so grateful that I get to listen to so many incredible people talk intelligently about the things that I have been going through on my spiritual journey and it makes me feel like I’m not alone or that I’m not crazy. It can be difficult not having a community or even a friend that you can really open up to, and for the time I’m listening to this podcast I feel like I have a community. Thank you so much 🙏🏻💖
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Claims the middle but obviously takes sides in his podcast
The intro was always sweet and thoughtful when staring a podcast that discussed a hot topic. With lovely language claiming to not take sides and just remain unbiased. But it only took the first quarter of each podcast to see that those intentions were obviously false and sugar coated. I don’t know if one would call it journalism but if they do it’s not good journalism
Antwon CB
Dangerous misinformation
This egotistical psychopath was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Has nothing to offer the world and supports the racist Joe Rogan
Thank you 🙏
This podcast has gotten me through these last couple months, I feel like I have been opened to a new world where the world could possibly be 🧙‍♀️ magical, hopeful , and fun. Without being toxically positive. It dives deep into the pain we face as humans, and what we can learn from by overcoming our darkest hours.
I can honestly say this podcast is in my top 5 favorites…I have felt more connected and inspired by the amount of abundant gratitude and unconditional love shared between Aubrey and all of his guests. I feel like I share the room in spirit. This podcast reaches the depths of every Soul who is searching for peace, and Aubrey has a humble, unique way of bringing Hope out of the darkness, and into the Light. His work is heard, felt, and appreciated. Sending blessings to all who visit this Beautiful Space💟☮️✨☯️🕉
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Tana Denee
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️So moving and educational
Beyond grateful for the latest episode with Dr Zach, thank you for doing what you do! 🙏🏻 incredible ✨
Too much ego
I found this podcast because of Matias de Stefano’s interview. I watched his series on Gaia TV which was spectacular. It was very difficult to hear this interview because the host interrupts constantly as if trying to interject something important. He had nothing interesting to add. I appreciate hearing the guests. I would not listen again.
I really wanted to love this podcast
But… within the first few minutes you were both judging and belittling a formal president that literally caused peace in the middle east and calmed our relationship with North Korea and then attempted to justify Gates murderous behavior. If you’re working toward ‘warrior of love’ status we’re really not off to a good start are we. Sorry from where I sit you still have a way to go before I feel I can learn from either of you. But keep up the good work on your journey. From what I heard you’re both on the right track. Go in love and light. Peace
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Always an insightful podcast and a continuous go-to!
Always interesting
I’m an older female who appreciates the intelligence of the guests on this podcast. Never too old to learn ! I’m often encouraged by the conversations.
I ❤️ you Aubrey
Most of the podcasts you do our epic, really. Like #328 w/ Blu - she is such an amazing soul. And listening to a prayer you spoke was beyond what I can express. I just listened #329 w/ Alan Stern. Make believe can be so fun, listening to others talk about their truth as THE truth is entertaining. Thank you Aubrey for being so powerful that you can lead us into the greatest illusion of our time. I am skeptical these balloons will show us with clarity that we live on a spinning ball, but I remain open. I appreciate you!
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A Must Listen🔥🔥
I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
Powerful conversations!
I’ve listened to this podcast on and off for a few years now. Episode 310 with Charles Eisenstein was probably the most heart opening and powerful conversation I have ever heard. I love how Aubrey balances being so successful in the material plan with addressing all levels of health in mental, physical, and spiritual ways. Thank you Aubrey, keep it up, you’re making the world a better place!!
Don’t enjoy listening to f word in podcasts. Just degrading language
catherine renee
10 min intro commercial
Really, 10 minutes of commercial before starting.
Great podcast
Great podcast, love the ep on DMT it was awesome
riley bennett
Awesome podcast!
Aubrey, host of the Aubrey Marcus podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Aubrey is the best
Aubrey consistently shows up raw and real. He is such an inspiration and always has such impactful guests on his show.
Rochelle Pfeiffer
I really enjoyed your interview with Charles E! Thank you both so much for being open and public. These conversations are so invigorating! I am impressed with so many things about this episode, from the thinking differently, the choosing to tell a new story and was surprised and comforted by this mix of strong masculinity with emotion and compassion. So much more than I was expecting. My gratitude to both of you ❤️
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Shannon Simone
A true conversationalist
Aubrey has a way of taking any singular idea and turning into a deep, mind-blowing conversation—and makes it all so relatable. Thank you!
Sean McVety
Satsang & Aubrey
Beautiful discussion 🙏
Amazing podcast!!
I’ve gathered so much wisdom from listening to this podcast. So grateful to have this source of inspiration — it’s raising the collective consciousness. :)
I have been an avid listener of the Aubrey Marcus podcast for over year now, but the most recent episode with Charles Eisenstein absolutely blew me away and moved me to tears. Thank you for continuing to find such stellar guests and being an honest and compassionate host.
When feeling Idle
There are many layers to mental health as I’ve learned over years of my own experiences. I find that at times, when struggling it’s definitely good to stop and speak to someone professionally about what’s going on and how to proceed. However sometimes a mountain is a mountain so it’s just enough when an inspiring podcast provokes me to make some adjustments or even just hearing the relative content giving a sense of acceptance to self. AMP always seems to be that one podcast that comes across at the right time. 🤍
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Appreciation of the individual in the oneness
You don’t have to agree with or believe in everything he shares in his podcast. If you live the truth, you can gain so much perspective from his conversations and topics he covers. My life is enriched having subscribed to his podcast. Thank you for being the go giver🙏🏾
Ms. Sahara Blaze
#307 Sacred masculine archetype
Transformative discovery, expanding, & fun! Within the context of community, excavating within, unblocking the power of Love. This group of men all serve as expanders, connecting with this greater collective provides further motivation & connection for my own personal growth journey.
Expanding, thought provoking, inspiring
I love tuning in on long drives across the country. The conversations are enjoyable to listen to, often warm, grounding, and yet still deeply opening to the mind. I come across subjects I don’t often think about and open new rooms of discovery about life and self. Thank you for sharing your magic!
Love is a Force
This podcast has been such a force for good in my life. I began listening 3 years ago after a guilt-ridden break-up. I needed to replace the internal conversation that was not much more than constant negative self-talk. I could never have known the positive impact your podcast would have on my life, mentally, spiritually and physically. Your love for life, learning, introspection, and the curiosity that inspires the pursuit of the highest forms of these within human and spiritual capability has had an impact on me that goes beyond what I could ever honor with a mere podcast review. Thank you, Aubrey.
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