Au Courant Audio Diary
Au Courant Audio Diary
Lisa-Marie Harris
The Au Courant Audio Diary is a light-hearted podcast on embracing 'An Understated Life/Style.' Hosted by Lisa-Marie Harris, the Trinidadian photographer/founder of the Amsterdam & London-based Publishing + Creative Practice, Au Courant Studio.
Ep. 11 | On Finding Rest
We say that we're tired, overworked and in want of a proper break. And yet, we aren't always willing to do the simple things that will bring the kind of deep restoration we truly need. This episode of The Au Courant Audio Diary recorded on the relaxing, windswept beaches of Grand Cayman in the Caribbean, gives thought to the vital process of finding rest.
May 13, 2019
11 min
Ep. 10 | On Assumptions & Reality
Are the surefire conclusions we make of any worth? How do can we tell if we're really looking at the big picture, or just fragments of a situation? This episode of The Au Courant Audio Diary considers the realities lying beyond the surface layer of our muddled assumptions.
Apr 2, 2019
9 min
Ep. 09 | Is Self-Care Selfish?
Singing bowls, crystal healing, organic skincare, me-time, mindfulness... Self-care is supremely important and vital in these trying, uncertain times. But is it also selfish? This episode of The Au Courant Audio Diary considers what self-care is, and what it can be.
Mar 9, 2019
9 min
Ep. 08 | On Pauses & Delays
After being forced to cancel the Amsterdam launch of Au Courant Vol. 03 at Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum on the day of the event with Brexit-era travel anxiety hanging around, Lisa-Marie Harris reflects on how to find wisdom and deal with the unexpected pauses & delays of the everyday.
Feb 20, 2019
19 min
Ep. 07 | On Motherhood
Ahead of the book's release, Lisa-Marie Harris examines the work/parent balance with an excerpt from the essay, "On Motherhood" from the pages of Au Courant Vol. 03.
May 13, 2018
11 min
Ep. 06 | On Scent, with Timothy Han Edition Perfumes
On the eve of the New Year, the last Audio Diary episode for 2017 brings an air of rediscovery and reinterpretation through an insightful conversation on scent and multisensorial experimentation with the founder of Timothy Han Editions Perfume. 
Dec 31, 2017
25 min
Ep. 05 | On Idealism and De Stijl
Excerpts from a long and engaging discussion on the tenets of De Stijl give form to a unique appreciation of idealism, as promoted by then director of the Centraal Museum Utrecht, Edwin Jacobs, ahead of 2017's Year of De Stijl Celebrations. 
Oct 20, 2017
22 min
Ep. 04. | On Impressions, with Peter Alexander
Making his iconic resin box sculptures from a breathtaking Santa Monica studio in Los Angeles, Peter Alexander talks about his beginnings with the other Light and Space legends, and gives food-for-thought on why he doesn't care too much about how he - or his work - is viewed by critics and the art public alike. 
Sep 15, 2017
8 min
Ep. 03 | Sheena Rose on Islands & Monsters
Chatting openly from within her family home in Barbados, the prolific artist Sheena Rose Skypes in for an honest talk on the perils and pleasures of growing an international art practice from the often challlenging island space. 
Aug 18, 2017
34 min
Ep. 02 | Mats Rombaut on Vegan Luxe Design
Determined, visionary, and open to experimentation, the Belgian luxury footwear designer Mats Rombaut and I chatted at length over tea on the merits of applying vegan design principles to an ever-changing, ever-competitive global fashion industry. Do enjoy.
Jul 24, 2017
33 min
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