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Atomic Moms
Ellie Knaus
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First Time Mom
I started listening to this podcast in my first trimester and have thoroughly enjoyed all of the guests and am grateful for what I have learned so far. It’s been so cool to feel like I have mom friends before baby is even here! I will definitely keep listening throughout my pregnancy and after I give birth!!
Uplifting and real
So glad I stumbled upon this podcast! Ellie and her guests are sincere, positive, and insightful. An absolutely delightful listen!
Arlie K
Awesome Podcast!!!!
Ellie, host of the Atomic Moms podcast, highlights all aspects of marriage, parenting and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Inspiring mom podcast!
I am loving this podcast! Ellie Knaus packs every episode with tons of amazing content, guests, and interviews that will motivate, uplift and inspire you. I highly recommend!
Stacey Shapiro
A must-listen for all moms!
stumbled across this show when I was searching for interviews with Dr Tina Payne Bryson (that episode is GOLD if you listen to nothing else all year!) and I realized I really like Ellie! She has interesting and relevant experts on. For me though, the host makes or breaks the show; if a host is annoying, even if the content is good, i can’t listen. But Ellie is cool as hell. She is humble and relatable, and I always feel like I’m listening to a conversation between my close friends.
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Awesome parenting podcast
So happy I found this real talk grounded guidance especially during a pandemic but will go beyond that. Reaffirms parenting decisions and introduces new ideas. Rock on!
JW Mom of 2
Really enjoying this podcast! Ellie vulnerability and empathy helps us all level up.
Ev Evy
Great even if your not a parent
I kind of just came across this podcast because the host was on another podcast I listen to and I find it very insightful in my own life even thought I don’t have children myself
Love tuning in
I’ve been listening since 2016 and love tuning in with Ellie. She doesn’t hesitate to be vulnerable and interviews awesome guests. Highly recommend
So good!!
This podcast is awesome! Episode 256 is very informative and I love that she was willing to put herself out there and have this conversation with two amazing women and asking the hard questions, having the uncomfortable conversation! Definitely going to continue to listen to Atomic Moms!
Great podcast!!
This has been my go-to breastfeeding entertainment. Ellie really does feel like that late night mom friend as she explores all kinds of issues important to me as a parent and educator. She brings an intelligent, relatable voice to dense topics. This podcast is not just for mamas, either!! My husband listens also. Do yourself a favor and subscribe.
love it!
Great interviews and super fun!
One of my faves
I’ve been listening since the beginning - even before I was pregnant with my first daughter! I can honestly say that the podcast and the conversations Ellie has brought to us over the years have positively influenced my approach to parenting! No joke - my sisters have straight up told me that I’m a much calmer mom than they would have imagined and I attribute it all to Atomic Moms 💕
Great support network for parents
Atomic Moms has introduced me to many valuable tools as a mother. Ellie’s guests are the best advisors on so many facets of life as a busy parent. Listening to the conversations in this podcast have comforted me often and changed my outlook and approach when I needed guidance or just to know that I’m not alone. Thank you, Ellie, for working to share your knowledge and journey with all of us.
This is my favorite podcast since I had kids. Hands down. Discovered it around mother’s day 2018 when I was just back to work after having my first and it really helped me through that tough transition, and it continues to provide great resources through expert interviews and human foibles. I always come away feeling connected. I discovered “the happy sleeper” which is my sleep bible and “Now say this” which is my parenting bible. Highly recommend for any new or experienced mom.
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Great insight
Def love the topics and the lovely insight I learn! Thank you so much!
Best Podcast for Moms
Ellie’s podcast is my saving grace during my commute. Her conversations are so relatable and engaging, and in a time of life that can feel isolating and overwhelming, it’s comforting to hear her and her wonderful guests share their candid thoughts and experiences. Her conversations with regular guests Bridget and Claire are among my very favorite episodes — never a dull moment with them! Thanks for all you do, Ellie and team!
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Ellie soothes my soul!
I found Atomic Moms at the beginning of this year, and it has changed my workouts and my parenting life! Each podcast is informative and fun, I feel like I’m being extra constructive by getting to workout AND get advice and assurance about parenthood and life. Ellie’s voice is hypnotic and soothing, and also fun and bubbly. I feel like I’ve got a little virtual tribe to help through the guests she has on the show and hearing about her life and kids. You must listen!
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My #1 podcast
This podcast has been at the top of my list for years and it still delivers. Don't miss it.
Torie Henderson
The only podcast I listen to every week
Ellie’s voice is genuine and kind. She asks tough questions, gathers pertinent information from experts, and equips me to be the kinder and more thoughtful parent that I aim to be - while also motivating me to be kinder to myself! Did I mention this review is long overdue? I’ve listened to Ellie since my first child was a newborn and he’s now four years old! My go-to parenting podcast (and life podcast really) by a long shot! You will love, Ellie!
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Beyond grateful
Ellie your topics, heartfelt openness, and commitment to thoughtfulness has been a needed companion in my parenting journey. Because of your work I continue to remember that being the best mom I can be starts with parenting my own wounds. Thank you
Great parenting tool
I wasn’t very interested to Podcasts, until my friend Margarita shared this podcast with me and it REALLY made a change in my life, and I almost believe in my children life. Parenting is for sure not easy, but it is also not impossible. Atomic Moms has helped me overcome many challenges as a mom and also as an spouse. Great topics! Thank you.
My favorite parenting podcast
Living in a resort mountain town, I sometimes feel a little detached from other moms, but listening to Atomic Moms has given me a connection to like minded moms and a lot of great info about interesting and important topics. I highly recommend it to all parents out there.
Mtn CO momma
Funny, helpful, wise and kind
When I got pregnant with my son I started listening to Atomic Moms, and it’s been a regular companion to me this first year of his life. I’ve learned so much from the experts Ellie interviews and most of all it’s made me feel un-lonely. My fears and worries get shrunk when I’m laughing along and nodding my head to the stories moms share about the insanity, pain and wonder of these years. Thank you for Atomic Moms!
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So good! Funny!
I just listened to today’s episode with Ellie, Claire, and Bridget. The 3 of you could do this all the time :) They totally make me laugh and I so needed that while playing with my 3 yr old today! Very genuine, real, funny and just a great listen!!!
This podcast has brightened up so many laundry folding sessions and walks across my college campus! I am only 22 and don't have kids so it's nice to think about how I'll deal with challenges that come up for me years from now when I do, and the positive tone of this podcast really helps me look forward to parenting with something other than blank confusion and vague fear!!
Favorite momma podcast
Thoughtful, relevant, smart, honest take on parenting. I look forward to listening every week- Seriously love love love Ellie!
Awesome guests and an invested host!
I started listening about a year ago and love the variety of guests featured on Atomic Moms! I often find myself reading their books after the interview and I feel like the variety of topics keeps my interest from week to week. Surprisingly, I’m a school leader without children of my own, but I’ve found resources and connections to make with families and students both at work and in my family. Thanks Ellie for being such a dynamic host and curating a network of amazing people who are also invested in being the best parents (people interacting with parents, people who live next door to parents, people who have parents, and all of the above) they can be!
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Thank you Ellie!
I dont remember exactly how I stumbled upon this, but as a mom of 2 under 2 I feel like I hit the jackpot. My first podcast was “How to be a happier parent” and Ive been hooked ever since. It’s not just that Ellie is real, or the fact that she knows how to tell a story. She is that friend you call when you’ve lost hope and she picks you up. You can relate and learn so much from her. Highly recommend it to any mamas out there!
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Thank you!
Hi Ellie, I’ve been listening Atomic moms since 2014. Sorry it took so long to for me to write a review. I have to boys 3 yrs and 1 yr old. I love learning and your podcast has been really helpful, it’s like an audible parenting enciclopedia . I’ve laughed, cried and screamed listening to you. Thanks for all your work, commitment and sacrifice. Big warm hug, Rosa (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Such a relatable podcast!
Love the insights on parenting!!
Fun , joyous , informative and thought provoking!
Love this Podcast! It is nit only informative and helpful, but FUN!! Great interviews!!
A Moment of Sanity
I love this podcast! Especially when I'm feeling overwhelmed and crazy from the demands of motherhood - I take a moment for myself and listen in, and it never fails to be encouraging and helpful. Thanks for all you do, Ellie!
A Parenting Must!!
Amazing!! One of the top 2 parenting podcasts I listen to!! Love hearing all the positive advice!
Long time listener, first time mom
Listening to this podcast has been, for me, a way into “the club” of motherhood at a time where I was longing to join but unable to. The interviews are so insightful that they really pertain to all children of parents and not just the parents that are raising the children. It’s been wonderful to listen to thought-provoking parenting content for years and now that I am happily expecting my first child I feel just a little more prepared and am enjoying the podcast even more.
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Great tool for mamas!
So happy I’ve recently found this podcast! Love the variety of topics covered & quality of the guests. It’s my favorite thing to listen to on walks now!
Every Mama’s Best Friend
If there is one parenting podcast you should be listening to, Atomic Moms is it! From the hilarious banter between her and her husband to the hard hitting topics she covers, Ellie delivers each episode lovingly, candidly, and unbiasedly. I laugh, I cry, I ruminate - I’ve never concluded an episode without feeling more empowered as a mom, partner, etc than before I tune in. Thank you Ellie!
This is a great podcast for moms. I’ve been listening for a while now. Ellie Knaus is a wonderful host (also a mom) and seeker of parenting advice and resources. I listen to podcasts when commuting to and from work. Atomic Moms is the first podcast I check to look for a new episode. I find Ellie entertaining, and she really does her research in searching for topics and parenting experts. She has also built a community on moms on fb and insta. If you’re a mom and like listening to stuff about parenting, definitely check this one out!
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Outstanding resource !
Thanks for this podcast! I’m a mom of 3 and a mindfulness-based cognitive coach. I find so many golden nuggets of wisdom for my family and/or professional life 👏🏼
3 buoys
Great resource for parents
Love the conversational, friendly tone of this podcast! Wide range of important parenting topics covered, some more serious and others more lighthearted and casual.
So. Much. Growth.
I am always learning something new and always recommending episodes. So many aha moments. Ellie is real, vulnerable, funny, and she asks the things that all of us are wondering. May have just binge listened to 15 episodes today.
I LOVE this podcast and am blowing through the entire series. Ellie is relatable, extremely funny, and a skilled interviewer. Her conversations remind me of intimate chats with my friends - well, if my friends were world-class parenting experts! Anxious, high-achieving and perfectionistic moms who want a gentler experience for their kids will find Ellie and her guests particularly easy to identify with and learn from. Thanks, Ellie - this is the parenting wisdom and encouragement I’ve always needed.
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I found this podcast shortly after getting pregnant. It has helped shape my mind frame and how I see myself as a mother. Ellie has greatly assisted me in this huge transition in my life and gives me confidence in the woman I am now. Each guest is highly varied and has so much to offer!
Zen Momma
I'm a corporate working mom with a long commute so I am an avid podcast listener. Atomic Moms is one of my favorites. Ellie has such an authentic voice d the guests and topics are interesting and informative. I feel like a come away better equipped to tackle my role as mom or least that someone understands my struggles. Thanks for all the work you do to put this together every week Ellie!
I have often found company and relief in listening to an episode of Atomic Mom. Thankful for the varied, informative and gracious guest interviews that make me feel not crazy and also get me thinking about new parenting perspectives and options. Cooper
Mom friend
Motherhood can seem a bit isolating at times, but this podcast has helped me feel a little less alone. Thanks for keeping me company, Ellie! XO a faithful listener since 2015
This is self care
Listening to your podcasts contributes to my self care. I feel like I’m apart of a community that not only wants to be good parents, but just good people. We can’t have enough of that right now.
Stephanie M D
Great podcast for moms!
Got hooked after a friend mentioned this podcast. I find it completely relatable, love all the different experts on the show who are full of valuable advice to help in the parenting journey!
Great parenting podcast!
This podcast is lighthearted and fun while still addressing issues that weigh heavy on every mom’s heart. I thoroughly enjoy laughing along with the stories and hearing good advice on parenting.
Encouraging and entertaining!
The best parenting podcast out there! Ellie is smart, relatable and entertaining. I appreciate her ability to showcase varying philosophies, opinions and experiences in an non-judgmental and detailed way!
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