At Home With...
At Home With...
Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton
‘At Home With…’ is the podcast series that’s part ‘Through The Keyhole' and part having a good ol’ catch-up on the sofa with your mates, brought to you by online content creators Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton. The two seasons of their chart-topping podcast see them interview a whole bevy of guests in the comfort of their own home; from trying Kombucha homemade by beauty industry royalty Liz Earle in her kitchen, to delving into Jo Elvin’s wardrobe - they really get stuck in. Want to hear them talk to cool women, who are doing cool s**t? Join them ‘At Home With…'  
Relationship Advice, Jealousy & Smooching At Your Parents House
This week we’re answering your questions about relationships; from where we draw the line in the sand when it comes to boundaries to how things change when you’re parents and how to keep the heat when you live with your parents, to long distance relationships.  WATCH, LIKE, SHARE, REPEAT: Lily: @theyeetbaby  Anna: Tame Impala ‘Say It Right’ Live Lounge -  TOP OF THE BOX: Lily: Diana in her Own Words (Netflix) Anna: Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (Hayu)  SHOW & TELL: Lily: Adidas Terrex Anna: Underwear Drawer Organisers -  100% YUM: Lily: Dishoom Bacon Naan Roll Kit £16  Anna: Nigel Slater’s Roast Tomatoes & Mint Couscous -    EXTRA LINKS: 5 Languages of Love  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Submit your questions at  Find us at @lilypebbles and @theannaedit 
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Nov 25
1 hr 9 min
Friendship Break-Ups, Makeups and Finding New Mates
This week we’re answering your questions about friendships; how to make new ones, how to nurture old ones in Covid times and when to let go. Please don’t make a drinking game out of how many times we sigh ‘It’s awkwarddddd’.  PEAK OF THE WEEK:  Sculptd -  WATCH, LIKE, SHARE, REPEAT: Liv Judd   TOP OF THE BOX: Anna - Educating Manchester (Channel 4) Lily - The Crown (Netflix)  SHOW & TELL:  iPhone 12 Pro Max - Starface Hydro Stars -   100% YUM:  Claire Saffitz Malted ‘Forever’ Brownies - Beverly Hills Bakery classic muffin basket  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Submit your questions at  Find us at @lilypebbles and @theannaedit  
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Nov 18
1 hr 3 min
The Christmas Special! Bonus Episode - AD
This week we’ve partnered with John Lewis & Partners to bring you an episode with all the festive cheer. This Christmas will be like no other and hosting might be slightly different this year, but John Lewis wants to help you to inject joy into your home with their beautiful range of serveware. So listen as we chat though our favourite pieces from the range and our tips for setting the table fit for a festive feast . Anna tries to explain to Lily the difference between Christmas cake and Christmas pudding, and we both discuss our extreme love for pigs in blankets. You can shop the range for all the pieces we mentioned and more at  PRODUCTS MENTIONED: Ribbed Glass Tumblers in Mallard // Round White Marble Cheeseboard // Storm Grey Napkins // Just Slate Deluxe Mezze Set // Bloomsbury Foil Filled Bauble in Antique Gold // Hurricane Candle Holder // Naturally Med Olive Wood Chopping Board // Mallard linen napkins // Fusion metallic dinner plate // Reactive side plate green // Water Hyacinth Placemats // Plane black cutlery set // Gold based ribbed tumblers // Iron 4 bud candle holder // Reactive serve platter green // Renaissance willow tree topper 
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Nov 16
1 hr 4 min
Feel-Good Favourites
This week we try to put a smile on your faces with a feel-good episode featuring our comfort food classics, the songs that get us in the MOOD to boogie, stories of the last time we cried with laughter and a nostalgic walk down memory lane. It’s chill, it’s zen and hopefully it will make you feel good. ENJOY!  THINGS MENTIONED: Watch Like Share Repeat Tanice’s Instagram - Louisa’s Instagram - Vieve  Top of the Box Anna - The Batchelorette (Hayu) & Portrait Artist Of The Year (Sky Arts) The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix) Show & Tell ‘The Interior Design Handbook’ by Frida Ramstedt -  Steamery Delicate Wash  100% Yum ‘Dessert Person’ by Claire Saffitz - Dark Sugars Hot Chocolate Kit  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Submit your questions at  Find us at @lilypebbles and @theannaedit 
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Nov 11
1 hr 2 min
Our Best & Worst Splurges: What’s Worth The Money
This week we take on a viewer recommendation and talk through our best and worst splurges over the years. What’s our best budget-friendly gadget? Our worst designer buy? The baby bits that Lily doesn’t think is worth the money? What we would do if we won the lottery? LOL! Hope you are all keeping well and this puts a smile on your face :) THINGS MENTIONED: Watch Like Share Repeat Chris Corsini Instagram - Briony May Williams Lockdown Inspiration  Top of the Box Anna - The Batchelorette (Hayu) Lily - Kim Kardashian on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction… with David Letterman (Netflix) Show & Tell Stitch & Story Baby Blanket Knitting Kit - Craig & Rose Papyrus Paint  100% Yum Pick Yo Mix - Amie Red Wine  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Submit your questions at  Find us at @lilypebbles and @theannaedit  
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Nov 4
1 hr 4 min
Q&A: Biscuits, Kid’s TV & YouTuber Businesses
This week it’s time for our monthly Q&A and this time round we discuss what biscuit we would be, the holy trinity of Kenan & Kel, Sister Sister and Sabrina The Teenage Witch and our thoughts on YouTuber businesses.  THINGS MENTIONED: Peak of the Week Gruffalo trail at Kew Gardens  Watch Like Share Repeat Food Bites  Bankuet -  Top of the Box Dream Home Makeover (Netflix) Anna - Strictly Come Dancing (BBC), Below Deck Season 4 (Hayu)  Show & Tell Nudestix Magnetic Matte Eye Colour in Terra Victoria Beckham Beauty Posh Girl Lipstick -  100% Yum Greenberry’s Waffle, maple glazed bacon, poached eggs & Haas avocado Mothercooker’s Leek Carbonara Recipe -   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Submit your questions at  Find us at @lilypebbles and @theannaedit  
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Oct 28
1 hr 8 min
TMI Beauty: Botox, Waxing Horror Stories & Period Poos
This week we’ve answered your TMI beauty questions; from the body part that I’m desperate to get waxed, to the science behind period poos (they are a thing - I’ve googled it!), our thoughts on botox and everything in between - quite literally.  THINGS MENTIONED: Peak of The Week : Frome Airbnb -  Watch Like Share Repeat Table Manners with Mel C Off Menu with Claudia Winkleman  De Beauvoir Home on Instagram -  Top of the Box David Attenborough A Life On Our Planet (Netflix) Anna - Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 (Hayu), Criminal Season 1 & 2 (Netflix)  Show & Tell Lex Pott Twist Candle Glossier Balm Dot Com in Fig -  100% Yum Sticky Honey & Soy Salmon with coconut rice and mango salsa  Nigel Slater Orecchiette, Cauliflower, Cheese -  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Submit your questions at  Find us at @lilypebbles and @theannaedit 
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Oct 14
1 hr 11 min
A Q&A With Our Husbands
This week we’ve roped in the lads for a Q&A and the end result is hilarious. From the weird things we do as couples, to their answer on the best kind of potato debate, it’s FUNNY. Enjoy!  THINGS MENTIONED: Weird Couple Things Article -  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Submit your questions at  Find us at @lilypebbles and @theannaedit 
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Oct 7
49 min
Music Special: Spice Girls, Sex Songs & Spotify
This week we take your questions from the Facebook group about all things music and discuss what Spice Girl we wanted to be (and their BEST song), Lily goes off on a tangent about sex songs that will change your Justin Timberlake listening experience forever and Anna gets embarrassed doing a terrible rendition of Sugarcult’s ‘Memory’. Find the Spotify playlist to go with this week’s episode HERE -  WATCH, LIKE, SHARE, REPEAT  @awkwardzara  David Attenborough on Instagram -  TOP OF THE BOX  Father of the Bride Part 3 (ish)  Anna - Great British Bake Off (Channel 4)  SHOW & TELL  Fairholme  ARKET Bell-Sleeve Alpaca Jumpers -  100% YUM Berry & Brie  Nigella Sweet Potato Macaroni Cheese -  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Submit your questions at  Find us at @lilypebbles and @theannaedit  
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Sep 30
1 hr 4 min
Buying A House: Priorities & Renovation Advice
This week Lily and I chat about all things buying homes; from what we’re looking for when we view priorities, how many we’ve looked at and our renovation advice on budgeting, what to do first and what to leave to the professionals....  WATCH, LIKE, SHARE, REPEAT  Michelle Obama Podcast with Barack  _JessicaSkye -  TOP OF THE BOX  The Social Dilemma (Netflix) Below Deck (Netflix & Hayu) Anna - DES (ITV), Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 (Hayu) SHOW & TELL  Lazy Susan  Fenty Beauty Brow MVP Wax & Styler -  100% YUM Sourdough Recipe  Sweets In The City - Strawberry & Lemonade Duals -  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Submit your questions at  Find us at @lilypebbles and @theannaedit 
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Sep 23
57 min
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