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Authentic accounts of REAL Assyrians
With so much carefully articulated homogeny in Assyrian culture, this podcast adds a much needed depth to who Assyrians truly are. Thank you.
URGENT*** Happy Easter!
Happy Easter! Episode 110 needs to be taken down ASAP though. For starters, the website is not secure because of his nephew that’s being credited. I’m his one and only son, Enlil Bet Shmuel, I have copyrights to my father’s music, songs, books, projects etc. I am the one who helps make sure the world is able to see, listen and hear everything out on todays world with how it’s evolving online. I have no problem with this podcast, however, his nephew you refer to is not to be trusted and I hate to say it again but I’m asking nicely, please take the episode down ASAP or try to collaborate with me. Being the one and only son of Shlimon Bet Shmuel is not necessarily easy, help from family members would make sense but I don’t want to keep ranting. Fact is that his legend lives on through me, all the copyrights I have are being used to make his music available at top quality. He has two books in which I gave the title to one and helped translate the other to English so more people around the world can read it. Musical Instruments of Ancient Mesopotamia, take a look at copy right credits to Enlil Bet Shmuel on the book. It’s on the physical book which can be purchased at or if you want to collaborate, I have many originals and copies of everything! I’m sorry to write all this on Easter but I truly wish everyone a Happy Easter! Again, please take down the episode and/or if you need any other information or would even like to collaborate as I know it was summer of 2020, please reach out to me directly! Thank you! Enlil Bet Shmuel
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Enlil Samuel
First time listener
I just listened to the episode on atheism and found myself wanting to jump into the conversation. This is what, I believe, makes an entertaining and engaging podcast. If the rest of the episodes are like this one, you’ve got yourself a fan. Thanks. I’m off to listen to more episodes.
Great Content! Focus on the COE most interesting
Overall a great podcast! I would love to hear more content on various aspects of the Church of the East, if possible. Keep up the great work!
Chris J 313
Great program...
I really enjoyed the episode with. Nora Betyousef Lacey. Is it possible to have back and do a follow-up episode with her. Thank you
Fulfilling and a very powerful to hear Lincoln Malik talk about a strategic plan. Thank you
Your podcast has made me so proud to be an Assyrian. I’ve always had the pride but to see how open minded and productive our younger generation has become. Keep the great work. I throughly enjoyed the interview with Steve Netniss for his mindfulness. Thank you Such an eye opening and refreshing episode. It’s made me more proud to be an Assyrian. Thank you Thank you for having a variety of conversations. I’m interested I’m purchasing the game called Urbilum by Lanah Hadad. Can you please guid me in this? Thank you much
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It’s amazing as a young girl to have a podcast full of people who are just like you‼️
Amazing Show!
I have listened to countless episodes and finally sat down to write a review. Aside from feeling really proud to be an Assyrian with all the amazing talent on the show, I feel connected to my community where I otherwise would not be. Thank you for the content and the interviews. Keep up the good work!
So much pride
If you want to stand a little taller and a little more proud, listen to these shows. Learn about the people that have given us our modern history. We are not just a lost civilization of artifacts, we are here and alive and continue to carry on a phenomenal legacy. You don't need a life coach to do amazing things, just listen to these podcasts, remember who and where you came from, and get up and conquer your goals. I grew up in a very proud Assyrian household. My father was involved in the Church of the East, was on the board and at some point President of Assyrian Academic Society, the local Assyrian club, mootvah. My parents entertained anyone that came to town. Our house was like an open door for Assyrians. My mom stayed up all hours of the night baking nazookeh, kadeh, peerokh, and baklava. She spent days chopping meats, vegetables and herbs for stews. It didn't matter if my dad called people to our house last minute, my mom and her 3 garage refrigerator/freezers were ready for the arrival of guests. Many club meetings of board members happened at our house monthly. On special occasions, near holidays, because we lived in Modesto, very important people would come through town. These visitors would require a little more attention. People from town would be invited over to share a meal with the VIPs of our diaspora and my siblings and I would fall asleep on our couch listening to voices from the formal living room. In the morning, I would wake up and my family would have intimate and quiet breakfasts of lavasha, honey from our orchard, jams made from the spareeleh, plums, and peaches from our yard, and gupta dmurtah. I grew up not breaking bread, but tearing lavasha with Rabi William Daniel, Mar Aprem, Mar Bawa, and Mar Dinkha on numerous occasions throughout the 1980s. (Mar Dinkha's visits would continue through the 2000s). I'm sure there were more, but these men were regulars. The Assyrian Podcast allows me to relive my childhood, see what privilege I was raised in, and introduces me to the next group of these very important Assyrians who are now carrying the torch to keep our existence going and growing. The pride I feel listening to these shows ignites my passion and reminds me that our diaspora is filled with very special people.
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Such a great podcast! I love the interviews, the concept, the community. Thank you for creating this podcast. So excited it exists, Assyrians need to be recognized, known and connect worldwide! :)
Invokes the best part of Being Assyrian
I am just filled with pride listening to every episode. We are indebted to the creators/hosts!!!!
Amazing Podcast
We are the next generation! I am so proud to see my Assyrian brothers and sisters do amazing things for our community and by connecting us together. I'm so happy that you got the opportunity to interview Brother Awgin! I've seen him a few times and always wanted to know more about him. Thank you so so so much! Also, I truly loved Noor Matti's interview. It was so moving. May God bless you all and continue to show you ways to unite our generation and people through the Assyrian Podcast, in Jesus' name. Amen!
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A beautiful reflection of the Assyrian people today
A beautiful way to connect a scattered people through the simple and timeless act of sharing stories. It’s so wonderful to hear about the lives of Assyrians around the world—we all have different upbringings and experiences that have shaped who we are, but this podcast, to me, has reaffirmed that the things that bind us are greater than those that keep us apart. The Assyrian identify is constantly evolving and this podcast has in some sense created a mosaic of who we are today. Many thanks to the Assyrian Podcast team who have dedicated their time to put together something that we can all cherish and learn from. Not just those of us today—but future generations, too. Love tuning in every week.
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Reine Hanna
Bringing Assyrians Together
Thank you for doing these podcast episodes, they are wonderful. It personally made me realize that I haven’t spoken to some friends in a while and made me reach out. Keep up the amazing work and know that we are all here to help each other. God Bless!
Informative, Insightful, Inspiring
The thought and love put into this podcast shines through. Great guests, great conversations, have made this podcast an essential part of the Assyrian zeitgeist. Highly recommended to anyone regardless of their background, and if you’re Assyrian you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t subscribe and listen.
So perfect
I’m half Assyrian and was raised outside of the culture. Listening to these episodes brings me closer to my culture. ❤️❤️❤️ Oakland, CA
Amazing talks with successful Assyrians
I know the majority of the people interviewed personally but the experiences and stories shared on the Assyrian Podcast are great to listen to. They are authentic and great listen for Assyrians and non-Assyrians that are trying to learn about us. Great job Steve and keep up the great work. Hopefully more Assyrians with great stories to tell will step up and get in touch with you for an interview.
Love it!
Love this! I listen on my way to and from work! Thank you for putting this podcast together! I love the diversity of the guests on the show and can’t wait to listen to future interviews!
Tona M.
Great first episode! Looking forward to more!
Loved this episode! I have been Linda’s fan forever and enjoyed listening to her thoughts and her story. Thank you for choosing Linda as the first person to be interviewed...So proud we have an Assyrian podcast now! Thank you for all your hard work.
Great introduction; well thought out and said. I'm extremely happy and excited for you and all of us. Thank you for your time, sacrifice, dedication, love and passion. Can't wait to spread the word and hear the interviews. Everything has growing pains, so enjoy the journey and never give up. "Progress not perfection."