Ask Iliza Anything
Ask Iliza Anything
Ask Iliza Anything
Everyone deserves that best friend who delivers blunt advice with impunity. Comedian, writer, and actor Iliza Shlesinger is that friend. She has built a cult-like following of listeners seeking her hilarious take on their problems. Every week, people submit their burning questions to the show, with topics ranging from bad coworkers, psychotic bridesmaids, and a mother-in-law who won't move out to faking an accent and diarrhea etiquette. Iliza's answers range from wise and heart-felt to rage-fueled and off-the-wall. She enjoys nothing more than giving incisive life advice to total strangers, sometimes with a celebrity guest in tow. It's always entertaining, so go ahead: Ask Iliza Anything.
My Clog Is Powerful
Yes, this is an evergreen episode, but that doesn't make the takes any less hot! Iliza and Emily debate meal trains and weigh in on talking to an ex's brother.
Feb 27
1 hr
I Hate A Creamy Experience
Iliza has definitive thoughts on an Australian ambo romance (go for it) and a 4-day trip with a former friend (do not go for it).
Feb 20
1 hr 19 min
Lip To Lip
Iliza advises on moving past an emotional affair and running a tattoo shop.
Feb 13
1 hr
Get That Out Of Your Head
Iliza finds out the show is responsible for the end of an engagement and later advises a pilot on his relationship with an older woman.
Feb 6
1 hr 9 min
How's That For A Segue
Iliza has strong stances on tentative wedding attendees and hanging out in a dive bar with a boyfriend's parents.
Jan 30
1 hr
I Don't Wanna Get Too Involved
Iliza's jaw is on the floor over a missing stocking, Emily lights up when she can talk about office etiquette, and the people clamor for more Hot Scotty.
Jan 23
1 hr 6 min
Marine Mammal Moaning
Iliza is vindicated on the subject of olive oil cake and has tough love for a frugal listener and someone looking for a nickname.
Jan 16
1 hr 10 min
Ready To Flip A House
Iliza opines on Stanley tumblers, photo contests, and what to keep from your grandma.
Jan 9
1 hr 6 min
No More Nice Birthdays
A mother is charging her daughter for dish soap and a coworker is unnecessarily bubbly.
Jan 2
1 hr 35 min
Bridesmaid Drama is Perennial
Iliza finishes out the year with advice on being clear with friends and disentangling yourself from the people of your past.
Dec 26, 2023
1 hr 13 min
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