Art Hour
Art Hour
Mike Malsam and Eric Woodard
Mike Malsam and Eric Woodard interview artists from around Spokane and the inland northwest.
A message from the hosts
May 22, 2021
25 sec
Kate Lebo - author
Kate does many things--she writes poetry and essays, she bakes delicious pies, she works for art organizations. And she has just published a book of essays-- "The Book of Difficult Fruit." Hear her talk about her life and her process on today's show.
Apr 22, 2021
55 min
Luke Baumgarten - Range Media Journalist
Luke's biography is such a snapshot of the region. He grew up in Colville, went the GU, wrote for the Inlander for almost a decade, co-founded Terrain, started Fellow Coworking, and started Range Media about a year ago. (That's a long list, but we even left out a bunch of stuff!) Hear about what he's doing now, and how he got here.
Apr 15, 2021
1 hr 2 min
Pivot storytellers - Out of the Ashes stories from their March 11 event
Storytellers Susie LaBarre, Ella Kerner, Sherry Miller, and Ross Carper shared their stories on a livestream event on March 11. The theme was Out of the Ashes.
Mar 18, 2021
1 hr
Daniel Lopez - painter and muralist
Daniel Lopez talks about moving to Spokane, getting clean, and painting murals in Spokane. His show of oil paintings will be at the Wonder Building, 835 N Post St, tomorrow and Saturday. Find his work at
Mar 4, 2021
59 min
Matt McCormick - documentary filmmaker and educator
Gonzaga University film professor Matt McCormick discusses the magic of film festivals (especially Sundance, for which his films have been selected four times), the craziness of the cold war, and how graffiti removal can be a subconscious art. [originally run on 2/27/2020]
Feb 25, 2021
51 min
Chelsea Martin - author and artist
We discuss Chelsea's book of essays (Caca Dolce), her new novel, her art school experiences, and the hope kids can give us.
Feb 18, 2021
55 min
Mika Maloney - Program Manager at Spokane Arts
In which we discuss Spokane Arts, and all the cool things its doing. And apricot desserts.
Feb 4, 2021
59 min
Mark Robbins - actor and comedian
Mark talks with us via zoom about how lazy he is, baring his soul during his comedy sets, how lazy he is, his stint as the Northern Quest guy, and how lazy he is. 
Jan 28, 2021
56 min
Leyna Krow - writer
After discussing Leyna's amazing fortune in selling her story "The Sinkhole" to Hollywood, we talk about her slow creep northward from Orange County to Spokane. And we use the word "weird" a whole lot.
Jan 21, 2021
57 min
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