Art History for All
Art History for All
Allyson Healey
From art lovers to art haters to art-is-just-okay-ers, Art History for All aims to get all kinds of people thinking about art and what it means to them. Each episode, Allyson Healey tackles a single work of art and its history and larger significance, always asking the question: so what? Art History for All takes you beyond the art historical canon and helps you find the way in which art speaks to you (even if it's never spoken to you before)
Episode 28: No Foolin’
In this episode we delve into the portrait of Don Juan de Calabazas in the Cleveland Museum of Art! Allyson talks jesters, fools, disability history,…
Nov 2, 2021
35 min
Episode 27: The Incredible Flying Kris
The podcast returns as sharp as ever with a discussion of an example of a Malaysian blade called a kris! Allyson talks about the transition…
Aug 9, 2021
32 min
Episode 26: The Case of Ingapirca
Allyson returns refreshed after a quarantine-induced slump to tell you all about Ingapirca, an Inka archaeological site whose function has been obscured by time and…
Feb 22, 2021
26 min
Episode 25: Aboriginal Glyph
AH4A is back with an examination of Margaret Preston's 1958 work Aboriginal Glyph, and lots of thoughts about what it means for a white woman to claim her work is "aboriginal." © 2020 Allyson Healey Theme music © 2020 Bruce Healey Twitter and Instagram: @arthistory4all Drop us a tip on Ko-Fi:  Other links: Additional Music Credits: Talking Drums with Guitar and Bass Mix by Bruce Healey © 2020 Bruce Healey Pride by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Beauty Flow by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:
Aug 31, 2020
24 min
Episode 24: A Place to Rest
Lots of food for thought in this episode as Allyson discusses a Shona headrest from Zimbabwe in the Met’s collection: how do such objects come…
Jun 8, 2020
26 min
In protest of the epidemic of racism and police brutality that affects Black people in America daily, this episode is part of #podcastblackout, a movement…
Jun 1, 2020
2 min
Episode 23: Rock Steady
AH4A is back with an episode that ROCKS! Allyson discusses the rock art at Serra da Capivara National Park, Piauí, Brazil, and what its story reveals about what we do (or don't) value. © 2020 Allyson Healey Theme music © 2020 Bruce Healey Twitter and Instagram: @arthistory4all Drop us a tip on Ko-Fi:  Other links: Additional Music Credits: “Harp III Meditation,” by Bruce Healey, used with permission of the composer, © 2020 Bruce Healey “Chalet,” by Meydän, via, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License ( “Cosmic Relevance,” by Unheard Music Concepts, via, Attribution 4.0 International License (
Mar 9, 2020
24 min
Episode 22: Gilded Gingerbread
An icon of the head of John the Baptist (c. 1680) from Yaroslavl is the focus of this last episode of 2019, prompting a discussion of how Russia has been viewed across history.
Dec 24, 2019
27 min
Episode 21: A Paintbrush in Her Hand
Indigenous Canadian artist Daphne Odjig's painting Bathed in Sunlight (1983) and the larger story of Odjig's career prompt us to think about Native art and how it is (or isn't) included in the mainstream contemporary art world.
Nov 25, 2019
29 min
In Focus: Conservation Horror Stories
It's Halloween 2K19 and Allyson is sharing a very specific type of horror story--art conservation horror stories! Listen in, and then share your own tales of artsy mishaps by emailing allysonh[at]!
Oct 31, 2019
14 min
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