Armchair Expert Umbrella with Dax Shepard
Armchair Expert Umbrella with Dax Shepard
Armchair Umbrella
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All withoutDax back on it
Truly boring, please shut up.
Great show and message to Miss Dax
I love this podcast so much. Dax and Monica how are the best. Also loved Monica and Jess love boys.Monica, don’t let the bad reviews get you down. You are awesome and do a wonderful job. Also: note to Miss Dax—just download Spotify to find Armchair Expert new and old podcasts. He’s moved over to that app.
Russ T. Shakleford
Why leave iTunes?
I loved this podcast but since it is no longer available for some insane reason I must rate it low since I cannot listen to it anymore
All Malala Yousafzai has overcome and achieved, and you ask about her dating life!?!
Miss Dax
I enjoyed Dax! please come back. The women are boring, sorry. When Dax comes back, I’ll change my review back to 5 stars.
Has gone sharply downhill
I got over the constant interrupting by Dax as he was talented at engaging with the guest and involving the guest is almost effortless conversation most of the time. Now that he has prioritized a Spotify paycheck this feed is unbearable. Kristin and Monica will not let the guest speak and are not skilled at guiding the conversation and asking questions. Basically the job of a podcast host. I would be insulted to be their guest just sitting there with their story largely untold. Ironic you are celebrating women but spending the time talking, mostly about yourselves. Monica surely has other strengths but podcast host is just flat out a poor fit.
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Females of the Future
We can ALL learn from this podcast. I have a new grand daughter. I sent this to my son and daughter in-law and said Truvy can do ANYTHING! The young ladies interviewed make me believe we are headed for a brighter future. They got it going on. Monica and Kristen were perfect they way they handled each lady and let them have the floor. Enjoyed!
KLB 57
Gross guests
When did these people get so “woke” 🤢🤮
Good but could be better
It’s great but wish they wouldn’t talk over people so much, I want to hear about the celebrity or scientist not about Monica’s cheer life in high school when you’re talking to a global scientist or her just constantly saying “yea” or “right” it’s annoying and just interview.
Where is Dax??
Okay okay We miss his humor! I’ve stopped listening the girls just can not keep me interested!
Emma pug
Very happy listener
I really enjoy “We are supported by…” I think Monica and Kristen do a nice job interviewing these women. I’m sad to read some of the reviews that put them down but I have to believe those people lack empathy or are expressing jealousy in a strange way. These women are creating and doing more than most. Thank you both for striving for a better world.
Sde 719
Was this dax’s punishment for relapsing? Losing his show to whatever this is?
We are supported by needs its own channel
I don’t know why we are supported by took over this channel. I understand promoting another show by sharing the first episode but now over 10 episodes? I’ve tried to fill the void of armchair with we are supported by but just not loving it!
Thanks for the Reese Witherspoon épisode
I actually cried during the Reese Witherspoon épisode where my job as a stay at home mom was valued and acknowledged. I felt seen and heard. This is rare in the feminist/podcast space, and I just really, really appreciated it.
Love but unsubscribing until We are supported by is over
I love Armchair Expert but found “We are supported by…” to be totally cringy. Love both the women but was so painful couldn’t get though one episode. Please separate shows so I don’t have to see “We are supported by…Sheryl Sandberg” in my feed. We are so not supported by her. Vomit.
No, just no.
I liked the original version. Bring back Dax. I can’t even listen to this anymore. Bummer.
lazy and annoying
host’s jokes arent funny and he clearly doesnt do research ahead of guest interviews. in his interview w awkwafina “shang-chi” was horribly mispronounced…to the point where awkwafina thought it was a joke. just embarrassing and lazy.
bora from queens
Preach Me A River
What the flip happened?! Has every podcaster gone mad? Why can’t we just be entertained? Why do we have to be taught a lesson on feminism while a perfectly entertaining host like Dax is muted? In fairness, Dax is not the only podcast host to lose his way (Marc Maron, Joe Rogan, etc) Please go back to just talking to interesting people. Give me fluff over substance, especially now.
Love This!
I think a lot of people who gave this poor reviews don’t realize it’s not the Armchair Expert show with Dax and Monica, it’s mini pods under the Armchair Expert’s Umbrella hosted by Monica with different co-hosts. Anyway.. I love the show, especially the “We are supported by” series. It’s so good to hear from all of these women; their unique stories and experiences are inspirational and motivational. Also, I just love Monica. She’s WONDERFUL and I love her questions, thoughts, and ideas.
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B. Bop.
This version of Armchair Expert is a huge disappointment
This is the only review I’ve written and the following explains why I wrote it. I thoroughly enjoyed Dax Shepard’s original Armchair Expert. I deleted this version from my podcasts almost immediately. I detest both this version and the chaotic Spotify approach to presenting a podcast. What a loss. Why, Dax? Why?
Love skating
Let’s get real
Here’s the thing- “We are supported by…” has a great premise but it’s the same headliners always called upon to cheer on the women of tomorrow. Pushing the philosophy of the world needing more female leaders is not enough anymore. We’re starting to see female leaders seemingly and strongly adverse to feminine progress- Kristi Noem, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kayleigh, Elise…I truly want to understand how the positions of those leaders were formed and how their beliefs support the rise of women. If we never face adversity we never achieve progress. Shift this narrative and take on the truly difficult conversations. (Please note I am a female respondent despite my username).
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Wyatt D. Harris
Supported by 😬
I really like all the people involved but supported by is somehow both dull and frustrating, even outside of the whole title snafu (which was cringey for sure). Kristen and Monica don’t really ask the guests questions or attempt to learn anything from them and instead TELL the guests about feminism, which is frustrating as they aren’t experts. I also think the show seems to be a bit blind to the fact that they largely only have on rich, white, able bodied, cis women. I guess I’d love to see this show introduce more diverse perspectives and attempt to do more learning than educating.
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Where’s Dax?
I miss Dax and Monica.
Who actually started the shower situation
It was not Dax Shepard it was actually the one member of the Plastic Cup Boys that started it.
This is my first 1⭐️rating
App KO!
kristen and dax are amazing humans
i love dax and kristen and these interviews so much!! i’m loving the recent we are supported by, my favorite guests keep coming on!
Striply user
Stealing the name of someone else’s podcast
This just seems like Kristen trying to get in on something that Dax is good at. And Dax just wanting to please his wife. They stole the name and concept from another group of women. That is empowering how? Dax is a great interviewer, Monica and Kristen are not. All they do is gush over their guests without asking any real questions.
Yo mammmmmmmmmmA
KB and Monica
More “We are supported by” please and thank you!!
Miss the original
This is not at all the same armchair expert I so enjoyed,
loyal AE
Armchair Umbrella lacks diversity
I had been an arm cherry since day one. and have listened to almost all episodes under the armchair umbrella. as a person of color i’ve recently found it harder and harder to listen. 90% of the guests on each show are white. it’s become exhausting to continually hear from guests that have benefited & continue to benefit from white privilege. the breaking point is the new “we are supported by” pod again mostly all white women guests. which historically feminism has continued to leave out women of color. the only hold out I had was the black voices series. which seems to have just disappeared. it’s just sad as a former arm cherry and person of color I don’t feel like the armchair umbrella is for me anymore. i will continue to support other content that is more diverse.
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Get Rihanna on
Would love to hear Rihanna! From music to Fenty Beauty!
It’s something else now?
I liked the Dax podcast. Now it’s just a heavily female centric thing with his wife and sidekick. It’s okay, but I find it less interesting. If Dax comes back someone let me know and maybe I’ll resub.
Learned on the CS episode, to work for Kristen…
….you must first prove you are worthy to be in her friendship circle. Switch the genders and think about that. Please recognize that you are trying to support equity and not just women’s issues. I know women need to help women but when we only try to support women, it gives men an excuse to ignore us or, worse, fight against it. Also, please don’t be outraged that this comment came from a woman, I am in the women’s corner as much as you but as I’ve always taught my kids, you don’t need to put someone else down to make yourself feel better. Thanks for “listening”
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Monica is an “executive leader”
Uhhhhh nooooo. She IS BOSSY and thinks she has a seat at the table. She is a babysitter and she does not deserve a seat here. Go back to what you were hired for.
Kristin and Monica sure leaned in and gave a platform to a tech overlord who has destroyed countless teenage psyches and damaged democracies across the world all in the name of grotesque profit margins. You’ve lost your way! Maybe It’s time to step back ask yourself why you’re choosing to do this.
This is so boring. Kristen and Monica just gushing over each other and other actors. I was so sad when Dax left, I thought this would be similar, but not even close. Enough accolades for people who act for a living-do some real interview questions. Smartless is much better.
This Armcherry is out
As I longtime Armcherry I'm sad to say - I just can’t listen anymore . It’s NOT the Spotify thing - I listen to only Spotify - but it’s just not that Compelling anymore . the CONSTANT interrupting by Dax - I mean - he asks and answers all of his questions - I’ve grown so frustrated waiting for his ramblings to stop so we can hear the guest speak . Because of this - no episode is more than 25% guest - and I’ve heard it all from Dax . - his pervy rants that he writes off to his past - telling gorgeous women he “Can’t believe how SMART you are !!!” It’s just so degrading and everyone looks away cause it’s Dax. There are just better things to listen to. and “We are supported by” is nails on the chalkboard . All Fan Girl - no substance - at all. What a wasted opportunity.
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I tried
I am a longtime big Armcherry fan but this umbrella pod has me frustrated. The guest is showered with too many compliments (esp Kardasian) and not allowed enough space to get their story in. I wanted to hear the guest's stories not just accolades.
KB and Monica are my new…
…cultural touch points! Love the smart, relevant, compassionate dialog. It seems that haters tend to pick on “privilege” but I don’t see the same comments about Joe Rogan or Jason Bateman, podcasters who have recently earned ginormous $$$. There was a mention about continuing the podcast with a more diverse team *and* I hope that includes age diversity - not just guests but behind the scenes as well. Keep making me smarter you wonderful humans!
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The move to Spotify for money just seems to be in contradiction to the original feel of AE. While Spotify is “free” (just have to wade through more ads and one more app tracking my data) being exclusive certainly isn’t helping or benefiting your fans—only you!! Just seems to go against what Dax talks about a lot. Also, We Are Supported By is just the same thing episode after episode. Monica and Kristen just gushing over each guest and agreeing with each other over how awesome women are. It gets very redundant. Reece Witherspoon is an amazing guest but you hardly hear anything personal about her the entire episode!! Dax is a much better interviewer.
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I’m out
I don’t think this podcast knows what it wants to be which is frustrating bc Monica and Kristen took on this big thing without putting much thought behind it. If it wants to celebrate women who have been successful in amassing wealth and power in a capitalist sort of way, kkw is an appropriate guest bc she has done that. So have Melania and Ivanka, so get them on next I guess. If they want this to be a feminist podcast about women who shattered the glass ceiling and contributed a net positive to culture and society, kkw is the anti-thesis of that. She and her family are poster children for body dysmorphia and the reason why BBLs became so popular in the US. each one of them has thoroughly been crafted by a plastic surgeon while they shamelessly claim their looks are due to genetics and exercise. There are 16 year olds walking around with lip fillers due to their influence. Their Instagram photos are edited beyond recognition and yet they claim to just be “doing the work” to achieve their looks. This is a lie and a harmful one no matter how you slice it. They have successful businesses but there are countless complaints from former employees. They outsource all their labor so they’re not 100% responsible, but their oh so impressive business success is built on unethical labor practices and exploitation. Besides, the things they do sell - shapewear, waist clinchers, diet tea, etc. are all pretty solidly immoral. They prey on the insecurities of women and girls to make money. Are the Kar-Jenners wealthy and powerful? Of course. is wealth the measurement of success we are going to use? If so, fine. But have they done something worthwhile with their power? It’s questionable. Most importantly, is what they have done a net positive on the world deserving of a platform on a podcast supposedly dedicated to women, empowerment, and women’s issues? Absolutely not. Then to spend so much time to convince us KKW is a savior of humanity and all the unethical things she does are okay bc she does some criminal justice work on the side and responds to Kristen’s DMs? Are you kidding? And to delete the ig post bc people were rightfully criticizing this decision. Yeah… I’m done with WASB. do you know how many women slave through college and law school then sacrifice their earning potential to work on civil rights issues instead of doing corporate law and don’t get half the credit KKW does?? How are you going to claim to be a pod for women then go ahead and provide a platform to rehab the image of someone who has causes so much harm to women and girls? They are clueless and tone deaf with no understanding of anything beyond their own world. Monica will get upset at a valet asking for her ticket or Obama asking about how she ended up in podcasting bc it’s sexist but doesn’t see the issue with giving a platform and praise to someone who has unethical business practices and sells products and ideas that perpetuate harmful body standards for women? They can’t be that clueless but I guess they are… This podcast is the worst thing KB could have done for her image.
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Where’s Dax?
Come back!
Monica who?
honestly who is she? Sycophantic nanny. This drives me crazy!! She’s a tool.
Good faith
What got me hooked on your podcast was your curiosity, and your willingness to call in people with wildly different points of view and demonstrate how to have a rich conversation. Your early interview with Erika Christensen on Scientology sticks out to me! I’ve observed in recent episodes that it’s becoming more and more of an echo chamber. You should interview Chloe Valdary- step a little outside of your comfort zone.
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Kristen bell get your own platform
Super annoying how Kirsten Bell mooched off of Dax to have a giant podcast platform that she didn’t built or contribute to herself. We didn’t get to decide if we wanted to listen or support or not bc we had already subscribed for Dax & the work he did. V annoying how Monica & Kristen leached off Dax to have & use this platform & didn’t put in the work to start their own. Super hypocritical & embarrassing for them. Unsubscribe.
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Let Your Guests Talk More
Love the concept and enthusiasm but I’d love the content if there was less fan-girling and more of their guest’s voice.
More like this, please
I loved the episode with Gloria Steinem. I really appreciated how she said to have friends that will be honest with you about your shortcomings, and not to put her on a pedestal.
Too basic
With the power held by these two hosts expected more then celebrity gushing. Every week I felt disappointed by the selection of guests. Show us something new. Tell us a new story, support someone who’s doing work we don’t know yet. SURPRISE US - respect us.
jean seberg
Kristin and Monica are terrible interviewers
They don’t ask the guest anything. They just blab on about themselves. What a waste.
The Dax Shepard Show & Guest
It’s clear Kristen Bell has called every celebrity in Hollywood to beg them to do this show, because the guests are generally top notch. Sadly, the guests get 10-15 minutes of talk time in a 90 minute podcast. I’m not a Monica Hater, that just reeks of Misogyny. So, if you want to listen to B-List Actor Dax Shepard talk about himself for 65+ minutes, this show is for you! Finally, why are we doing a Fact Check on what is largely a celebrity fluff podcast? Do we think Amy Poehler is lying about her weight? Or Ellen Pompeo of Greys anatomy was scamming them by forgetting which of the 17 seasons of Greys Anatomy a particular show occurred? Oh, the horror! These guests deserve an interviewer like Terry Gross.
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