Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard
Armchair Umbrella
Hi, I’m Dax Shepard, and I love talking to people. I am endlessly fascinated by the messiness of being human, and I find people who are vulnerable and honest about their struggles and shortcomings to be incredibly sexy. I invite you to join me as I explore other people’s stories. We will celebrate, above all, the challenges and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth and betterment. What qualifies me for such an endeavor? More than a decade of sobriety, a degree in Anthropology and four years of improv training. I will attempt to discover human “truths” without any laboratory work, clinical trials or data collection. I will be, in the great tradition of 16th-century scientists, an Armchair Expert.
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I have loved this podcast from the very beginning. I love how open and honest Dax is, and I love Dax and Monica’s relationship. This podcast makes my commute to work go by so much faster!
Used to be a fan
I’m a big fan of Dax from his Parenthood days and used to be a regular listener of this podcast, but the episodes haven’t been enjoyable for me lately. Particularly, I’m not a fan of some of Monica’s comments and her occasional fake laugh. On the Angela Duckworth she said it was surprising that the poor kids at the school were Asian. Really terrible thing to say. Also why bother asking Bill Gates his favorite color? Pretty cringey
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Too Political
Dax & Monica need to remember they live in a liberal bubble in L.A. We elected a conservative president so that should clue them in to the fact that not everyone agrees with them. I have listened since the 1st podcast with KB and really enjoyed the show. However over time it has been getting more left leaning political. I want entertainment not Hollywood’s political opinions. I’m unsubscribing.
You try so hard to act centrist, but whenever you want to fit in you show your true colors. You admit you’re very ignorant, so just don’t talk about them in the way you do. You embarrass me.
Really? Tom Brady?
Why give time to a shallow, anti-LGBT, over-paid cheater/jock? Why?
LGBT “Armchair” dude
Tom Brady interview was revolting
Brady is a polarizing figure for the way he has bumbled into politics. Your interview was disgusting and it was embarrassing to listen to you fall all over yourselves trying to be his best friend
Dax and Monica are like family
This is the best podcast ever recorded. I love these two and their debates and their love for each other and other humans and they’re just all around wonderful, smart, and hilarious ❤️ #armcherry4life 💪🏽 🍒
Awesome cast. Even the co-host who’s laugh is a cross between a baby goat and Janice from Friends
Sgt Swanson
Sometime Dax gets so excited he speaks quickly and hard to follow...great show though.. maybe have him be more Monicaess 😉😊
Stop pandering to Monica!
It’s obvious you censor your comments on your own freaking show while Monica “”Ponica” tee hee is chomping at the bit to correct you and tell you how stupid and out of touch you are for actually being willing to LISTEN to another point of view. Even though she is annoying as can be, she too is entitled to her opinion, but stop letting her lead the opinion portion of the show. Total turn off. Almost as bad as her fake laugh. Only done so she has “a thing” Different note: Tom Brady “interview” was beyond disappointing. Dax. Step up. You won’t be Stern doing this...
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Absolutely the best interview yet. Great job, Dax! I can’t hate TB. Even if I want to, lol. The has done it like no other. Dax! You just know what to ask! Whether it’s science, cars, athletes, social science, you name it. You are a wonder!
Really really interesting conversations but please let guests finish their train of thought before injecting your own similar story (which are valuable and i like hearing them but the interruption gets distracting). Congrats on a great show!
Too many white dudes
I used to love this podcast but it feels like every week now it’s yet another white dude waxing poetic about being in the entertainment industry and it’s super disappointing.
Russel Wilson
That’s the next podcast
Listening to Dax & Monica is the absolute best!
I love this podcast. Definitely one of my favorites and they have the best guest list (:
Lenny Cast
One of the best podcasts out there..
I can’t say enough good things about these podcasts...I didn’t even know I was a podcast person, but I devour these daily (I am behind the times and have a lot of catching up to do!) The talk is real, often raw, truthful, funny mixed with serious. The rapport between the hosts Dax & Monica as well as with their guests is genuine. Take a won’t regret it!
Listened to the Rob Cordry interview. Terrible, made it through 5 minutes. It was just Hollywood people telling each other how special all the other TV and Hollywood people are. “He’s the best, he’s special, they’re amazing!” Ugh.
Rob at work
Great Podcast
Dax is da man Just kick back and be entertained
App KO!
Great show
Love this! You guys are awesome. Thank you!!
Silver Linings
Dax cares more for his assistant (and kids) than his own wife and it bums me out whenever he makes that clear, which is at least once an episode (see fact check sections). He gets a lot of great guests and asks fairly good questions but all said I probably listen in spite of him.
Nadia 2.0
I appreciate your conversation with the Christian community. However, she’s too close to your echo chamber. As a recovering fundi, it would be nice to bring someone in that could argue with her. You and Monica could moderate. THAT would be delicious and different and helpful.
I enjoy your podcast so much! Thank you for the great conversations.
Outstanding Interviews
Dax is amazing at interviewing his guests, and he is a personal inspiration to me.
I love Dan Shepard and Monica Padmouse!!!
You guys are so fun to listen to! You can feel the love and mutual respect you have for each other and it carries the show. I saw a review that I want to kinda copy the sentiment of - I don’t know who all of the guests are and I still listen because I know I’m going to learn something and leave the episode happy. You don’t fall into the traps that a lot of podcasts do, which is one sided politics, narcissistic banter, or repeated, mundane topics. Dax, I’m so proud of the man that you are and have become and I don’t even know you. You open your self up to your audience like no man or “celebrity” (I add “” because I see you and just an everyday person bc that’s how you come across) before you. Thank you for sharing with us, being open to change and caring about your audience. I listen to this podcast when I need a break from life, and it does not let me down.
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Real talk
I left a 4 star cuz I always think there’s room for improvement. But listening to y’all makes my days. Being a 41 yr old who watched Dax on Punkd had no idea the layers on this dude. His vulnerability draws you in. Everyone can relate. His sincere interest in every guest is the reason to keep listening. He does his homework. The way him and Monica seamlessly navigate tough topics and get the guests to let their guard down and truly open up is captivating. I learn. I grow. I laugh. I cry. I Look forward to the days a new podcast is posted. It will change my life in a positive way no matter what! Monica does such an amazing job editing because of their relationship. And is AMAZINzg!!! I’m out!
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Thank God for this woman’s truth seeking!
Finding authentic testimonies is so hard. What a gift that Nadia can synthesize so eloquently what antagonizes church goers.
Globalist Agenda
Pushing the Globalists agenda people, that’s all this podcast is about. Wake up and see through the propaganda.
Used to be good
Got too political. Way to alienate half your audience. Politics became right v wrong instead of what topics are important to you And why. Hard pass. Especially on Monica.
Anything shdjsjdn
But enough about me what do YOU think of me
He has really good guests so I’ll tune in when I see a personality I particularly like, but this guy uses the word “I” more than any other interviewer I’ listen to. He does way more talking than listening. I rarely make it through a single episode.
If I could give her zero stars I would. She’s terrible and holds on to the apron strings of Dax and Kristen. Get your own life and stop thinking you are on their level.
Love it!
I absolutely love this podcast. So many interesting guests from all different disciplines. I’m always learning something new, and of course I love Dax and Monica. I recommend it to everyone!
I’m obsessed!
I can’t get enough of this podcast! The diversity is incredible. You never know what you’ll learn. I definitely learn something new every time I listen from folks I never heard of, on topics I never thought I’d be interested in. Great job Dax and Monica.
Love love love
Adore this podcast above all others. Love the input Dax offers too. Aside from the podcast with Dax’s mom, the Proust questionnaire was probably my favorite. This podcast has gotten me through some not great times, followed by good times when i was pregnant and now with a newborn in the middle of the night. Thanks you guys, from a fellow Michigander.
I am so incredibly sad because this used to be my favorite podcast ever… I was absolutely obsessed with Monica and Dax. These past couple months have left me scratching my chin because the podcast has become more and more political and further and further to the left. What threw me over the edge is when Monica said she hated Donald Trump more than anyone on earth (during a game in the fact check). I’m not looking for political podcast... I was just looking for the entertainment that this podcast gave me for so many years... very sad to have to unsubscribe and stop listening.
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I’ve listened for years, and lately I’m left wondering.....where is wobby wob?!?
I have listened to almost every episode and this podcast gets me through the week. I look forward to each one and am never disappointed. The negative review on here make me sad.
erin rn rn
Too much Dax
A rambling podcast with a host that has a need to talk about himself. Some great guests but I can’t tolerate the immature and insecure undercurrents (that are actually totally on the surface).
Thought provoking
Dax and Monica have on some very interesting people and every episode gives me some new food for thought.
Dear Crosby,
You stink. 🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
A unicorn that flies
A unicorn that flies is an Alicorn (winged unicorn). I only know this because I’ve been informed by my 8 yo daughter. I’m so glad you had the conversation with Nadia! Grace is the most central point of Christianity. And I think she made a couple solid comments to point to that. And Kristen is right, there is definitely an emotional component to receiving grace if that is truly where your faith lies. It is overwhelming to me.
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Hit or miss
It depends on what you’re looking for. Some are deep and personally thought provoking (Will Arnett, Jim gaffigan, monica lewinsky, Anna Farris, Chris Hardwick, america ferrera, for some). Others are more fun and entertaining to learn more about celebrities you know in a way that humanizes them (Ellen, Seth Green, Alison Brie, Dave Franco). Overall I enjoy it, but Dax has a tendency to interrupt or jump in too quickly with a personal story. He really wants to draw parallels between himself and others, and sometimes becomes the focus of the episode. (Bill Gates). Fact check is good/funny when they are genuinely fact checking and go on little tangents that are relevant, but I am not a fan of them just talking to talk with no relevance to the episode. I’m learning a lot about why we do what we do from an interesting group I wouldn’t otherwise have access to. D&M: Keep up the great work, just let it be more about the guest and their experiences (not so much about how you can relate) and stay a little more focused in fact check :) Thank you!
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Just wow!
I have been listening to this pod for a year and the episode with Lenore Skenzay on parenting is one of the all time best and most entertainingly informative podcasts episodes I’ve ever heard. Thank you Dax & Monica for all you guys bring to me as a regular listener! I so enjoyed the Jason Bateman episode as well. I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking inward toward self growth and living a more honest and healthy lifestyle as well as anyone just wanting to hear some interesting conversations and unique perspectives on your everyday life. The introspection is a beautiful thing and I am grateful to have a positive energy speaking softly and responsibly. Give it a listen! I wouldn’t call it life changing or anything but if you want to look at life, people and relationships from a different perspective then Dax is very thoughtful and thought provoking at the same time.
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Dax I love your podcast. I listen to it every night before I go to sleep. You are hilarious but also very smart. Thx for always making my day.
Laura Janowicz
Ridiculously good
If you are someone who likes to think deeply about issues and enjoys challenging the status quo- this is the podcast for you. Dax’s approach is both thoughtful and irreverent, which makes for interesting conversations. It’ll keep you coming back for more.
Bill’s iTunes
Dax, please talk just a little less
Great podcast and guests. Dax is clearly intelligent but for a host he talks way too much. Let your guests speak. I find myself fast forwarding and landing on..Dax talking again. But again, he’s a smart guy and I like his stories. But I choose episodes to hear the guests.
Politically divisive
I can understand difference in opinion, but it’s just overkill with Monica especially.
Leaves me wondering...
So, I started listening about a month ago. Really love the show with all it’s unpolished, real vibe. I did really notice a trend that I would love to hear Dax address: Why are so many Gen X ers alcoloholics/addicts? Especially famous people it would seem. Don’t get me wrong I’m Gen X too and have plenty of my own issues. Just wondering if Dax has ever had this conversation with his friends/guests and would love to hear their thoughts.
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Omg just listened to the show with Bateman and it was incredible. BUT, the discussion after the show where you and Monica touched on playing spades excited me. I used to always play spades and I moved a year ago and NO-ONE plays and I miss the game so much! If you ever need a fourth call me! no, I’m serious call me.....
Gateway podcast
I was so not into podcasts until yours. Ive now branched out and love them. Well the fun ones. Monica you are a wonderful co host. I love listening to both of you.
Great show. Bad edits
Love the Host. Love the Guests. But the editing is so bad I had to unsub. Plz fix
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