Arkansas Razorbacks  -- SEC Country
Arkansas Razorbacks -- SEC Country
Arkansas Razorbacks -- SEC Country
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Born & Raised Arkansas WPS!
Ive been a fan of the razorbacks since before i was born, this is the show to listen to!
We’re going to miss you man. I listened to your podcast at work, and it always made those 20-25 minutes fun and exciting. Can’t wait to see what you have in store next! Thank you!
The man with no shoes
The full tilt boogie
Living in Maryland it can be difficult to get a lot information on the Razorbacks without having to listen to Paul Finebaum. Therefore, thank you I really appreciate the show.
Top Razorback Podcast
Happy I found this podcast. John is an excellent host, really understands the fan perspective, and provides great insight into what’s happening around Fayetteville. This is a must listen if you are a Razorback fan. WPS!
Hyperbole and Disappointment Rule
Seeing this pop up on SEC Country I thought this would be more than a fanatic's ramble. Perhaps I jumped on this podcast at a bad time—with Arkansas on a losing binge. However the "Fire the Coach" and "This is as bad as I've ever seen it", "Everyone knows" droll droll droll.. This is basically the audio version of a fan forum—from only one point of view. I will be seeking another podcast to pass an even-handed take.
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Ego runs wild on this podcast. Any news or insight is overshadowed by the general disparagement of anyone who thinks differently. Fortunately, review reader, you can save yourself the time wasted and move on past subscribing or listening to this podcast following this short review read.
best Arkansas radio show with the best host around
Excellent coverage
These guys are incredibly dedicated to getting their subscribers as much AR content as possible. They are entertaining and quick to respond to questions on social media. Best of all is it's all free. No paying for articles or premium content. These Okies have quickly become my go to source for Razorback info.
Audio levels need work
I enjoy the content, but the audio levels need some work. Jason might be loud, but you can't even hear the other person. Sometimes it's like one of the guys is yelling out in the kitchen.
Awesome listen for any fan of the Razorbacks
I love to listen to any Razorback talk I can find - and these guys do a great job.
Great stuff!
This is a great podcast for Arkansas fans everywhere! These guys really know their stuff