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Podcasts for physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and students of physical therapy.
Advocacy Efforts to Stop the Medicare Payment Cuts
Listen to this update advocacy efforts to stop the cut, recently introduced legislation, and learn why it is still imperative to continue to take action.
Nov 18
40 min
You Can Be a Military PT
In a conversation from his current station in South Korea, Major Eric Walter, PT, DPT talks about how he decided to become a physical therapist in the military, what his day-to-day is like, and why serving as a military PT is different than in the civilian world.
Nov 10
27 min
Body Image and Physical Therapy -APTA Live
Join your host Yusra Iftikhar, PT, DPT, Director of Communications, APTA Student Assembly for a discussion on the topics of body dysmorphia, body image, and physical therapy treatment with guests Krystyna Holland, PT, DPT, and Ivana Salazar Fryer, PTA, BS, RYT
Nov 4
1 hr 1 min
Speaking Up and Speaking Out Influences Change
Learn how you can take action, and why it matters. With PTA Caucus Delegate, Jodi Pfeiffer, chats with Kara Gainer, APTA director of regulatory affairs, and Justin Elliot, APTA vice president of government affairs.
Nov 3
45 min
Grit From the Gridiron – Defining Moment
Physical therapy can help heal emotional wounds, too.
Nov 2
8 min
DEI Discussions: Pathways to Leadership
In this installment in our DEI Discussion series we focus on pathways to leadership. We discuss how to create pathways, how to facilitate them through mentorship, and the ways volunteers can support structures and groups that keep those pathways open into the future.
Oct 30
1 hr 31 min
Challenges of Licensure by Endorsement for Internationally Educated PTs
Becoming a U.S.-licensed PT, for someone who has attained entry-level education internationally is a feat. Learn about these challenges and how you can make a difference.
Oct 16
1 hr
Working on an Interdisciplinary Team
In this episode, Heidi Moyer, PT, DPT, shares what she’s learned through her years working on teams and gives tips for successful team work.
Oct 7
16 min
Entrepreneurship in Physical Therapy – APTA Live
Join us as we talk to Ashley Johnson, PT, DPT, and Craig Phifer, PT, MHA, about starting a practice and innovative ways to run a business.
Sep 28
1 hr 4 min
DEI Discussions: Pipelines to PT – APTA Live
The second installment of our DEI Discussions series focuses on the career “pipeline” and equity.
Sep 23
1 hr 32 min
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