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Good balance, info, & quality
One of my go-to podcasts for Apple info. Balanced-enough: not too critical or too favorable. Professional yet semi-casual. Informative, mostly on-point, limited to zero rabbit trails. I like the news plus the minimal editorializing, not too opinionated I think. Also a good length, not too long or short. Audio quality typically very good.
The Best Overall Apple Podcast…period!
Highly professional, very informative, a little funny at times (don’t overdo it). It is nice that they are not overly critical, but they can critique when needed. I also like that they are power users…always like listening to a show when it doesn’t feel like I know more than the hosts…these guys are GREAT and have used about every device made by Apple. BTW…keep saying Dub Dub…that is a nickname now…people need to get over themselves!
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Top Tier
This is in my top 10 weekly must-listen podcasts. The content is alway fresh and their perspectives are very interesting. Keep up the great content, much appreciated!
Today’s show was so boring. You guys need to be more upbeat. Usually I live listening to your show but today, you’re just rambling on and on and on. You usually get to the point but not today. I don’t want side loading to be aloud. I want my privacy, but there’s more than just that going on, you don’t have keep rambling on about it. Other than that I love the show.
This show is great!
I love this show! They combine stories with Apple news and they make it interesting! They made the iPad Pro so convincing that I got it! And I am so excited for it! Thanks!
Steven had me at ‘Dub dub’…😆
I find the Apple Insider Podcast to be an excellent, and succinct review of Apple’s products and services, as well as a clever insight to the way Apple might develop and adapt to customer needs in the future. Steven is professional, informative, and has good charisma as the host. Wes and William do a great job of offering unique perspectives as well, and really help to round out the show! Thanks for all of the hard work gentlemen!✊🏼🤙🏼
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Stop saying “Dub Dub”
I love the podcast and would rate five stars if you stop saying “Dub Dub”. It sounds dumb and I find it infuriating.
Easy, Informative Podcast
I listen every Saturday evening from Okinawa, Japan. Love the tips and rumors.
Great podcast!
I’m a nurse who has upgraded his tech over the pandemic. Apparently I’m a big Apple fan since I have Apple everything now, including the AirPods max. I appreciate your insights into the company, along with the HomeKit podcast. Keep up the good work!
Ad show
It’s just a ramble of long ads. What a huge turn off! And ironically commentating on Apple who don’t use ads Get a life
I love it
Great for apple lovers
Flako 3030
Ad heavy throughout episode
Live read ads by hosts are the worst Especially constantly interrupting the show. Beginning /end /both would be better Unsubscribed.
Refreshingly objective
It seems that most Apple-topic podcasters fall into one of two categories: fan-boys or haters. The hosts of this show, however, seem to walk that fine line and tell it like it is, especially on Apple missteps, yet they aren’t sitting around and hoping Apple fails. Refreshing.
Too negative
Too much hate-filled comments.
Just tried this podcast.
In an attempt to purge my podcast list of all things political, I tried this one. It is informative and well engineered. I added to my subscription list next to the MGG, high praise indeed.
I really enjoy this podcast, and look forward to it every week. The content is always very up to date and presented with good commentary. Keep up the great work!
2009 mac owner
Great show
Very informative. Wish it was more than once a week.
Lots of good info
Very informative and interesting guests.
This is where it all started
When I started listening to Podcasts 7 years ago this was my first choice. I still look forward to a new episode every Friday. Always enjoy the info provided by Stephen and William. Andrew offers a wealth of information on all things Apple. Miss hearing from Mikey, he always had a unique way of conveying knowledge on the podcast. Keep up the great work!
Da Source!
I truly enjoy this podcast, and it is my go-to resource for all things Apple! They straddle the line nicely between consumers, tech nerds like myself, and full-on programmers or industry insiders. Always interesting, and never too long and drawn out on any single topic. Bravo!
Informative, exciting, exceptional analysis, with super Tech Guest interviews.
The Apple Insider Podcast will inform you, keep you up to date, and give you the information to make informed decisions. The Guest interviews are outstanding, and you get a great variety of opinions and outlooks, while focusing on the information that you need. Excellent in every way, and a source of information that I look forward to.
So well done
Flawless audio, knowledge is on point, opinions are well though out. Great listen!!
Great podcast
One of my favorite technology podcasts. Good natured banter
Great information!
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. The hosts are all enjoyable and interesting, the content is great, and they don’t seem to miss any news. It feels like I’m listening to my friends talk about Apple news.
Apple Insider
This podcast has really turned around with the new host. Informative but not preachie.
Marcus 96
Great stuff
This podcast is truly the one to listen to for all the latest and greatest updates and exciting news about Apple products and software updates. Been listening to the guys for about 2 years now and never get tired of it. Dan, Victor, Mike, etc..., you guys are great! Looking forward to hearing more great episodes down the road! Peace!!!
Great stuff!
Miss the old host like a lot! New guy is okay, but really lacks the personal feel they used to have.
Best Apple Podcast out there
I started listening to this podcast back when victor was on the show. I’m thoroughly enjoying the new updated format for the show. Very informative and fun to listen to!
A great source for information about all things Apple.
Always love the podcast and it's non-sugarcoated approach. Definitely glad to hear Steven is back, but I do miss Victor as well. Wish you guys could rotate a little bit. Also enjoy William's perspective. Keep up the great work guys. I'm always out here listening.
New Format
***UPDATE*** I came around. I got used to the new format and now listen just as much as I used to. Robles and crew do a great show each week. ————————————————————— First, I have no issue with the new host, Stephen Robles. From the few episodes, he seems to be a knowledgeable person. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the duo of William and Victor. AI was my go-to each week. I’m not saying I’ll unsub (let’s not get crazy..), but I may now choose other Apple/tech podcasts first. Hearing William the other day was nice, but still not the same. I’m sure I’ll come around to Robles but not quite there at this moment.
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Great hosts, useful info
Stephen and William are a great pair. Listening to them is always a hoot, and the inside info they provide is invaluable. It’s their experience and insight into the Apple nitty gritty that counts the most with me. I wish more Apple-focused tech podcasts would follow their example: less of the hipsterism, please, and more of what’s critical to me as an Apple user.
William Timberman
Excellent refresh of a great podcast
As a long time fan of this podcast I was afraid that the quality might have suffered from the recent change in hosts. But the reverse was true. The quality of the content, format and delivery have taken a quantum leap forward. Keep up the great work guys. I love the podcast even more and look forward to each new episode!
Thank god they removed the douche nerd
Update: I like the new guy, he’s nice.
Mikee el pene
Back on Track
Much improved since Stephen has taken over.
Sir James Silva
What happened to Victor?
New host is fine, but miss the banter of Victor and William. Why not let loyal listeners understand the Change of hosts. Seems a bit like Zoom’s practices...
Hey AppleInsider, try respecting your audience
It looks like Victor is gone from the podcast with no explanation, even a BS corporate speak (wants to spend more time with his family. I found Victor entertaining as well as knowledgeable. The addition of William as a full time cohost really struck the right balance and made the pod a weekly listen for me. If I missed something, my bad, but I’ve searched a couple times for some sort of acknowledgment by AI of the change. This tells me you are clueless about the basic inherent nature of podcasts and the connection good ones develop with their audience. If I don’t hear anything soon, I’m going to stop listening, stop reading AppleInsider and stop using AI promo codes (like I did last summer for a loaded MacBook Pro)
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Love it! You should get it has great information!
What happened to Victor and William?
Been a fan of the web site for many years. The last three years the AI podcast. Always found V. Marks analytical reasoning that I found muck more based on logic& reasoning that comes from his long background i tech. With William joking the podcast I’ve beo finding the snow veryentertIng with not only the great tech info , but a very banter that added a level of that brought me back every week. So what happened. The last two weeks has brought a new host. I don’t have any issues with the content. He and the others are doing a fine job. But I came not only for AI but to hear the worry dry exchanges. I wish Apple Insider the best with the new road ast but if it’s permant I wish them panache humorous Must say. If it’s temp“I shall Douglas MacArthur
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Great show!
Love the new hosts! Andrew was great!
Used to be 5 stars
I used to LOVE this podcast, I actually WAITED for new episodes. But, I will probably unsubscribe as Victor and William are no longer hosting.
Miss the old format
Downgraded to 4 stars because I preferred Victor and William to that Republican Mike Wuerthele.
Victor is smart and i don’t think he should be talked down to and it ruins the professionalism of this show
Awesome 
I’ve only recently started listening to the podcasts, but I love it. AppleInsider has always been the first place I’ll go to read about Apple (and tech) news, and the podcasts are informative and enjoyable to listen to when I’m not in the mood to read.
Leave your politics at home Victor
Look Victor, we get it. You hate the current US government. Ok. Now, keep your conversation on this podcast about Apple, it’s products and devices. What service best fits who? What products work best for different objectives and uses. Give us your opinion on that. We don’t need your opinion about politics
negative vibes = not a good listen
Potentially great info but it have become unlistenable due the constant arrogance of the US host. The UK host try to lighten up the show but that clearly gets on the nerves of the other mr. Know-it-all host, making it not a good listen. Better ways to the your Mac news and info than this show. Take a chill pill dude. Smug arrogance is not appealing. Too bad the UK host have to suffer from these negative ratings. It is just not a good match of hosts.
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Treat Victor as an equal on the podcast
Victor is a very knowledgeable and seems like a smart person but It seems like he always talking down to Victor. It seems like a parent/child relationship. Be nice to see a more balanced approach to the podcast.
Unsubscribed... long time listener
I listen to podcasts to hopefully learn something new or get the opinions of the pros that work in tech. Lately there isn’t much value in listening to this podcast. Also, the advertisement transition tries to trick listeners think it’s part of the show. When I don’t get the value, I leave. The Vergecast is really good quality. Perhaps API should take a listen. I’ll revisit in a few months to see if anything improves. ttyl....
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Too many annoying questions
Lots of criticism and negativity. Slow pace.
Victor thinks he’s always right and no one else’s opinion matters.
Up and down!
I used to enjoy this podcast much more in the past, it now rarely provides anything beyond the articles on Appleinsider. The chemistry between William and Victor seems a bit off. William doesn't seem up to date on the latest news nor does he have much to add to the conversation, if its an act, it's just not flattering. Victor is very knowledgeable but at times he does come across a bit condescending. When Neil, Daniel or Mike W were on to provide their thoughts and insights, the show was much more enjoyable and didn't seem like a simple reading of the Appleinsider articles.
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