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Episode 8 - America...back to normal
In this episode we discuss America returning to normalcy with the rise of mass shootings. We follow this topic with the news of the Biden administration passing bills in the house regarding gun control and our thoughts on that. In our C segment, we discuss the UK Riots regarding anti-protest bills giving police more power and harsh penalties for offenders. We end the show with our ACAB of the week.Links to the articles 10 killed in Boulder shooting Biden pushes House-passed gun reforms in the wake of Colorado mass shooting Biden Administration Urges Supreme Court To Let Cops Enter Homes And Seize Guns Without A Warrant Demonstrators, police clash amid protests over policing bill in UK city 6 shots, 16 seconds: body cam video shows DPD officer shooting through closed door Two Knox officers fired (local TN story)
Mar 28
1 hr 11 min
Episode 7 - When Incels Have a Bad Day
In this episode we discuss the statement approved by the Pope that says Catholic priests can't bless same-sex unions because God 'cannot bless sin', but Facebook is removing posts critical of the Catholics, while allowing posts that are anti LGBTQ. We spin off that conversation regarding Antifa and church and state separation issue. After that, a mass shooting in Chicago and the rise of violent extremists/racists segueing into our main segment regarding the shooting spree in Atlanta and the shitty response from the spokesperson from the Sheriff's office. In our post segment we split far away from our current topic to discuss the authoritarian "state" of China and discuss the new "left, right, and center" divide of the US.Links to the articles Pope Francis says Catholic priests can't bless same-sex unions because God 'cannot bless sin' Racist extremists pose most deadly terrorist threat to US, intelligence report warns 8 killed in shootings at Atlanta-area spas US intelligence report says election fraud claims 'will almost certainly' spur more violence by domestic extremists Sheriff says Atlanta shooting suspect was “fed up” and had a “really bad day” There were 3,800 anti-Asian racist incidents, mostly against women, in past year
Mar 21
1 hr 10 min
Episode 6 - Forced Birth Extremism
In this episode we open with yet another cancelling, this time the right is crying over animated characters in "Space Jam 2". We then discuss a multitude of GOP bills being presented and advanced. In Kentucky, a bill that would make insulting or taunting the police illegal, segueing into our ACAB of the week, followed by a Texas bill aimed at banning abortion and the Texas Attorney General suing Austin and Travis County over masks. Tennessee removes the Nathan Bedford Forrest bust from state capitol, but also wants to make the Holy Bible the state book while also advancing a bill that would amend Tennessee's state constitution to prevent the legalization of recreational marijuana (but with a twist).Links to the articles Kentucky advances bill to make it a crime to insult/taunt police Texas AG treatens to sue Austin over mask mandate Texas lawmaker introduces bill to allow death penalty for abortions Tennesse tries again to make Holy Bible state book Tennessee lawmaker introduces amendment to prevent legalization of marijuana (with a twist) Guest intro music by Adeem the Artist
Mar 14
1 hr 15 min
Episode 5 - They/Them Potato Head
In this episode we revisit "cancel culture" and the recent events surrounding Dr. Seuss and Mr. and Mrs. Potato head. We then move on to legislation regarding trans rights in sports, specifically in Tennessee but across the nation and the controversary surrounding it, leading into a discussion around the recent bill passed by the House, "The Equality Act". After that, we touch on our weekly "ACAB of the Week" segueing finally into our final segment, the recently bill passed by the house, "The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act"Links to the articles Tennessee Bill Banning Transgender Athletes Lawmakers Opposed to Trans Girls in Sports Unable to Cite Local Examples House Votes to Pass Equality Act Pasor Andrew Wommack "Trans Rights 'A Doctrine of the Devil'" Officer Seen Swinging K-9 Over His Shoulder By Leash House Passes The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act Colorado Removes Qualified Immunity Axios:Police Officer's Immunity From Lawsuits is Getting a Fresh Look
Mar 7
1 hr 17 min
Episode 4 - Cancel Culture
In our lead story we discuss the re-opening of a migrant facility detention center in Carrizo Springs, TX under the Biden administration despite rhetoric during campaign. After our ACAB of the Week segments, we move on to our main topic of “cancel culture” and how it may be properly used as a tool and also how improperly it has been used. Finally, in our post segment we discuss the repercussions Trump might be facing with state charges in New York and Georgia.
Feb 28
1 hr 9 min
Episode 3 - Texas Energy Crisis
In this episode we discuss the energy crisis in Texas, Rush Limbaugh, and reckless abortion bills
Feb 21
1 hr 23 min
Episode 2 - Leaving Religion and Police Reform
In this episode we discuss headlines, our religious upbringing, and police reform in America
Feb 14
1 hr 7 min
Episode 1 - Q-Anon
In our pilot episode we discuss the massive disinformation campaign that led to the creation of a conspiracy theory cult and an unprecedented insurrection.
Feb 7
1 hr 18 min