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Cool Podcast!
My cousin played with SNFU during the epitaph years and a couple after the epitaph era, I recall meeting Simon when I saw them tour, and I have enjoyed his stories and guests and Cousin Robs episode. If you like Punk Rock, saw or enjoyed '90s Punk you will enjoy this podcast! This podcast also beyond Punk as well with great guests and conversations with a variety of folks which is great as well! 5 stars.
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Master of Reality.
Highly Recommended
As a fan of punk rock (especially a lot of the Canadian punk rock that came out in the 80s and early 90s), I was very happy I stumbled upon this podcast. Simon gets some great interviews with a lot of really interesting musicians. Very enjoyable to listen to and highly recommended!
It’s Great
Punk rock stories and wicked Canadian accents … what more could you ask for?
Brandon Public Squares
Just Great Stuff
Simon has been involved in all aspects of the music industry for years and has obviously made tons of contacts along the way. He really takes advantage of that with this podcast. I find it personally fascinating to hear the stories of the past mixed with the current-day lives of the people behind some of the bands I love. If you have even a passing interest in punk rock, it’s more than worth your time.
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