Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain
Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain
Emma Chamberlain and Ramble
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You did it again Emma
This is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. It’s entertaining in the same way her YouTube videos are. She keeps it real and talks about real life topics but she doesn’t make it boring which I love. I wish her all the best and I really hope this podcast doesn’t stop.
Emma is the realest “influencer” I have even known/watched. She has grown so much and this podcast proves it. I never even listened to podcasts before Emma and I am now obsessed. Bravo to Emma for once again creating something that everyone loves.
Ash JC04
Best podcast EVER
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast so much I love Emma so much and I feel like her podcast is so therapeutic and it’s amazing to hear about different aspects of her life that you don’t hear about in her videos!!!!!
Amazing pod
I’ve heard people rave about this pod for a while and finally listened to an episode and it’s amazing! Emma’s topics and opinions are so interesting and it feels like catching up with an old friend. Keep up the great work!
I just love Emma so much. I am so happy she started this podcast. I have listened to each podcast probably 10 times. LOVE.
Emma is so pure it’s refreshing
the best podcast
this is the besttttt podcast no adds great advice EMMA IS AMAZING
I feel so seen!!!
These episodes are truly the most relatable things I’ve ever listened to as a teenager, and I think all of us really need somebody young with a platform to let us know that our struggles and fears are so valid/normal. Emma is extremely unfiltered and she has such a loving and compassionate outlook on life!! I love her, this podcast, and this fan base so much <333
Emma is amazing! She is so honest and she always has the best things to say. Thank you Emma for your great and inspiring podcast!!
i love it
londonnn tiptonn
Emma is my best friend
i seriously love this podcast. it feels like i’m sitting and talking with my best friend.
idk how emma doesn’t run out of things to talk abt but she NEVER does. literally my fav podcast and i come back every thursday to listen, shes so relatable and is helping to bring light to a lot of topics that aren’t talked abt enough!! love love loveee
I love Emma and think of her as one of my besties even though I’ve never met her bahaha !!
lo doug lit
One of a kind
Amazing. Inspirational. Comforting. REAL. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us.
i LOVE anything goes
emma is just the most centered, amazing person ever. i look up to her in so many ways and listening to this podcast makes me feel so understood in a good way😌😌
these genuinely help me get thru the week. i love turning on her podcast and hearing some words of wisdom or even just hear a funny story. i’m obsessed okay bye ily
So real. Keeping it real.
Love listening to her cus she is like my alter ego where I wish I could just put it all out there and heal. But instead I bottle it all up. So this podcast inspires me to be more open and let it out of the bottle - with my friends and tell more. Definitely helps me to not be so scared in daily life.
I always listen to this podcast while doing chores or cooking. I absolutely love it and it's truly something that I can relate to :)
Rach-Mad Muser
Thank you
I just started listening to podcasts again and Emma brings me sm comfort. I feel like we are good friends. I was very unmotivated to clean my room but I turned on your podcast and I ended up cleaning my room spotless! Emma, you make things a lot easier for me. Thank you.
Best podcast EVER
I love this podcast sooo much. It’s so relatable and it’s so nice because it feels like she’s my big sister.
I like this
I barely started hearing your podcasts and I love it💕🥺. It helps me think about things and forgetting the bad energy around me. It a way that helps me come down. Thank you Emma!!
Emma you are such an amazing inspiring beautiful person. I just wanted to say that I genuinely care about you. Also whenever you say idk why I’m talking about this you guys don’t care we do care. So don’t think your not worth it because you are.💕💕
Al dogggg
takes your mind off things and it’s relatable
love this so much
It doesn’t matter what topic, I could listen to you for hours (and I have). The way you explain yourself, even when its off topic, makes sense and makes me think differently about my views and opinions on topics. I have fallen in love with this podcast and am genuinely excited when you post a new episode. You have gotten me to realize that happiness and self love can be achieved now and not after high school or after college or when I have a family. Thank you so much and please don’t ever end this podcast! I love you!!
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i look forward to this EVERY week
hello okay so i dont usually write reviews but this pod is actually the highlight of my week! sometimes i laugh and sometimes i cry but every week emma reminds me of the complexities of the world and how to practice some self care haha :) i highly recommend this podcast to anyone!! while sometimes the topics are super unrelatable (bc i dont live in la) it is so fun to listen to and think about something other than the crazy world we live in! anyway, i love this pod so much!
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ariella g!
So honest
I really love this podcast and it’s so honest and authentic!! i listen every week
A podcast for all the time
This podcast is both entertaining and introspective. I listen to it when I’m working out, driving, studying, and everything in between. Tbh it’s a form of self care at this point.
Leah Isobel
This podcast is great I love it! I used to hate podcasts and now I found hers it’s so amazing and relatable and she just so real.❤️
Emma’s just the best. Period.
Just listen to it. You won’t regret it. It’s my therapy session. Love you emba
Similar to FaceTime
I’ve never listened to podcasts before this one. I’ve tried and I quit. I just never had the time to sit and listen. And yes, fine, maybe it helped that I love Emma and always want to listen to anything she has to say. And that’s exactly what this podcast is, anything Emma has to say. It’s entertaining and enough to keep me listening every Thursday. It’s like you’re on FaceTime with your best friend. And I’d go so far to say that Emma is my best friend. When she talks, I listen, I even give her feedback: ‘Emma, you didnt,’ ‘Totally agree,’ or ‘As you should!’ I run every day. I listen to Emma when I run. It’s like I’m running with a friend. Except she can’t hear me. I love this podcast and I continue to listen every Thursday.
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I just can’t relate more to everything she says , also she’s really giving some solid good advices :))
i love you
i usually don’t like listening to podcasts because they are boring but i love to hear everything you have to say because you are so sweet and you give the best advice. i love you so much thank you for literally everything you do.
this is the only podcast i have actually loved listening to and can not get enough of!!! Emma is so amazing love her
mae bradley
I have been listening to Anything Goes since it first came out and I love every single episode. Especially the advice ones! I look forward to new episodes every Thursday and love hearing weekly life updates and questions. :)
Kacey Watson
To Emma from Jerzee
I’m obsessed with your podcasts! They help me so much and every time I listen to one I learn so much and it makes me want to change the way I live. I feel like I live for other people too often cause I’m a people pleaser but you are helping me realize how I need to live for me! Thank you for that because without this podcast it probably would have taken me a lot longer to realize🤍 love you Emma!!!
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Jerzee M
Got me into listening to podcasts
I genuinely love this podcast and look forward to it every week. It’s like hearing your friend talk and refreshingly real without trying too hard. I feel like Emma’s done such a good job of growing up with us and not being afraid to change. I love this and highly recommend
she could talk about anything and i would listen.
love love love
i come back every week to listen to emma. her talking abt her life experiences has really helped me and she gives really good advice. feels like i’m listening to a friend when i put on the podcast. thank you emma💙
Love this
This is the only podcast I can actually listen to and not get bored haha, I love it so much!
basic isn’t bad
i’ve been really getting into emma lately. her vibe is so fun and natural. i love her videos and her podcast
Emma talks like she’s everyone’s older sister and i’m all here for it. love some sisterly advice 🥰
Loving the podcast Emma!
I normally don’t like listening to podcasts but I do enjoy watching Emma’s YouTube videos so when I heard about anything goes. I realized it was a great experience and really sucked me in to it with Emma’s perspective on things.
I love emma.
This podcast is so amazing. I love listening to Emma when I do homework or in class. I feel so safe and comfortable listening to this podcast!!
Gabriela Magana
my favorite podcast
this is the best podcast ever!! i listen every thursday and since i’m always caught up, i’m in the process of relistening to all of them 🤎🤎 love you emba
avery :))
Favorite YouTuber. Now favorite podcaster.
I am loving the new direction that this podcast has taken!! Feels so authentic and relatable. Thank you Emma!!!
Emma is full of so much wisdom
I feel like everyone needs to listen to her podcast. Emma has such amazing advice that puts me in a great mood every time I listen. 💗
the most relatable podcast that I would actually rather listen to than music !!!
I love u so much emma💗
I really like your podcasts bc u open up about somethings that are really important and I learned from you sm ,, luv u the absolute most and keep going 💗💗💗💗
malak 🇮🇶
best. podcast. ever.
listening to emma’s voice is always so calming for some reason and i literally made listening to this podcast part of my nightly routine.
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