Another Day Above Ground
Another Day Above Ground
Dale Irvin, Tim Slagle, Carolyn Strauss
A podcast for Baby Boomers, by Baby Boomers, and all about Baby Boomers.
Pardon My Turkey
Every year, the White House pardons a turkey at Thanksgiving. The pardoned bird is not served for dinner but sent to a special home for pardoned turkeys. This week the three boomers talk with one of the turkeys up for a possible pardon this year. It's broadcast magic.
Nov 20
32 min
The Man Who Made Sinatra Laugh
This week, the three boomers have a very  special guest, legendary comedian, Tom Dreesen. Tom was Frank Sinatra's opening act for 14 years and shares plenty of hilarious stories about show business. This is a can't miss episode.
Nov 8
39 min
Doh! Everybody Has Idiot Moments.
The three boomers chat with speaker June Cline about idiot moments we all have and how we can use them to make people laugh.
Nov 1
30 min
Nothin Is Over Until We Decide It Is.
The three boomers, Dale, Tim, and Carolyn take a look at the end of summer, even though it ended last month.
Oct 24
29 min
Classic Cars and Cool cocktails
This week the three boomers talk with Russell Trahan, author of the book "One For The Road." His book combines beautiful pictures of classic cars along with cocktail recipes named after them. It's a fun show.
Oct 17
34 min
”Boomer Humor” Is The Name Of This Episode
Dale, Tim, and Carolyn chat with James R. Zingleman and his new show, "Boomer Humor." It's all very funny.
Sep 28
36 min
Words We Used To Use
This week the three boomers talk about slang and other words we used to use. See how many you recognize.
Sep 14
30 min
The History of the Harvey Wallbanger
This week the three boomers talk with fellow boomer and podcaster Marty Young. His podcast is Primrose Chronicles and covers a lot of boomer memories. You'll learn stuff you didn't know and laugh a lot.
Sep 2
35 min
Summertime Music...As We Remember It
Remember your first concert? It was an event all boomers experienced, and we talk about concerts of old compared to concerts today. It brings back memories and adds a lot of laughs.
Aug 25
28 min
Technology, What Is It Good For?
The three boomers discuss technology from what it was when we were young, to what it has become today, and it's not pretty. But it's very funny.
Aug 10
30 min
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