Anna Faris Is Unqualified
Anna Faris Is Unqualified
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Big fan from your beginnings
Starting backwards makes it fun. Til I come back to the end. Amazing Anna!! Monty is the little engine lol ! Always waiting . . . Always having fun. Thanks for being .
local floridian
My first and still 1 of my favorites
I was a huge MOM fan and love Anna and just checked it out a few years ago and got hooked. She’s the best. Love her guests, her questions and just her. Huge fan of this girl! Keep up the good work
Love you Anna
I can’t believe I never knew about this podcast before! What a gem. I’ve been listening through old episodes randomly and I love it
Micky Loco
Comfort podcast
Anna has such a radiating energy and calmness in her voice that makes me feel so comforted, I truly love her podcast and the safe space she creates for her guests & listeners, a genuine, kind & caring soul whose show I can rate higher than 5 stars!!
Eric Andre
Can we PLEASE get Eric Andre back on here 🤌🏽 thank you !!
I listened to several episodes in the beginning and it was too much for me. I wasn’t prepared for the constant cussing etc. I don’t mind and I cuss as well. But it was too much and I would turn it off. I recently decided to give it another chance and I LOVE the new episodes. I would rather continue hearing Anna the whole episode versus having someone else come on for assistance, but other than that I love that she focuses more on conversations.
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I use to be obsessed with this podcast...
.... It’s become really boring. I miss listening to her improv with her guests and now it’s become very dull. I try to listen to every new episode and never finish them cause it’s the same thing over again. I’ve keep downloading it cause I am hoping it gets back to where it was funny and fun to listen to... half of the podcast is ad reads and it’s just not what it use to be. Which to me is sad cause I adore Anna Faris and am a big fan... PLEASE go back to where it was or at least bring it in once in awhile. Why was it changed? It’s like a whole new podcast? Anna doesn’t seem to be as excited to do it as she use too. It’s a shame. The format is just odd now.
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This podcast it’s so good but I miss the guests giving advice !!
I love it 10/10 on all aspects and I love the professional giving these people advice but I also loved to her the guests advice ! I thought what this podcast was all about. You should have both the profession and the guests chime in.
Such a good podcast! Anna is such a great interviewer. I love the questions she’s asks and she seems to have such a real connection with everyone she interviews. Love her!
Why isn’t this show topping the charts?
Seriously, I’m flabbergasted. It is SO. GOOD! Anna is a great interviewer— introspective and respectful without being boring. This isn’t a comedy pod, yet is at times still hilarious too. I can’t get enough!
I always look forward to when a new week rolls around and we get a new ep of Unqualified. Love Anna and the variety of guests on the pod. I screamed internally when I saw Hayley’s name pop up this morning. I will say my favorite parts are the advice sections at the end. Can’t get enough.
Love it
Love Anna
There are some great guests which is why I occasionally listen. But Anna as an interviewer is rough. I would compare this to the Justin Long podcast! Others might like it, but I don’t prefer the deal breakers, improv moments, etc.
Worth listening to over and over
I’ve been listening to old episodes while waiting for the new one and I’m having a blast. The Zoe Lister-Jones and Adam Pally episode made me laugh out loud towards the end, and it was also reassuring to hear a male perspective on some of the questions even if I kinda already knew the answer before.
You re amazing!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I have loved you always and now with my this podcast it’s taken you to sky high level! Keep up with the awesome work! Girl you are Uber talented!!! As if you didn’t know that yet 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Amy Schumer??? Really?
I love you as an actress and thrilled to be able to listen to a different side of you, but Amy Schumer?? That woman is nasty disgusting! Come on, you can do better than when it comes to guests!
Love this podcast, love you Anna hope you continue and grow this thing you’ve done such an amazing job love hearing your voice and Advice is 100%🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Love you!
Metal Mercedes
Her brand of insecurity is really uncomfortable. It also means everything is in superlatives. Everything her guests have done is BEYOND INCREDIBLE. Just ... sad and a bit cringe.
Long time listener, still in love
I have been listening to this podcast since episode 1! Have always loved the podcast but love it even more in the new format! Also really enjoy April as the advice cohost! Thanks for all that you do!
It’s GWYNeth
Not GWENyth. And it’s her pet peeve when people get it wrong 🙉
Guest Requests and love the podcast
Love the podcast and keep it up. Guest requests are Kaitlynn Carter, she has her own awesome podcast that’s right up your alley. On her Bright Side Podcast Kaitlynn Carter makes people feel good and look on the brighter side of life on her podcast. She is on The Hills MTV reboot. Also Brody Jenner who has quite an I interesting life. He is on The Hills TV show, is a self made very successful DJ. Please have them on.
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fame is over
I love to binge this show
I love Anna’s voice and she’s so humble and honest.
Anna Is a good host. Interesting guests. The end of each episode is ended with good advice. Recommend.
Lost a star because Rachel Hollis was giving advice
Love Anna’s podcast but MANNNNN please never have Rachel Hollis back especially if it’s to give advice. Maybe have her as a guest if she’s willing to publicly apologize for plagiarizing women of color or putting other women down, making them feel less then, fat shaming and preying on single moms pushing garbage MLM schemes. To say she is problematic is being kind. Please do not allow her to give any kind of advice to women. She has done enough harm to our kind.
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New Format
I have listened to Anna’s podcast for years - I prefer the new format without the co-host and the weird scene stuff. Now she asks provoking questions instead and has a person who is actually qualified help answer the listener questions. I know the format isn’t so new anymore but this is the first review I have written for this podcast.
Love the podcast and the tv show Mom
Why are you not on the tv show mom anymore you were the best one on there
Thanks for keeping it real!
Love your podcast! I’m just sad I didn’t start listening sooner! I drive for a living and honestly listening to your podcast has brought so many laughters and has made my job go by so quick cause I’m just having fun listening to you and Zim. Ps: miss him on the new episodes btw :/
You had me at Julia Stiles Pt. 2
I am in love with Anna’s podcast! I’ve been bouncing between different interviews old and new, and it was her and Julia’s conversation with Giovanna that truly hooked me. His situation touched me to tears but more so because of how REAL and heartfelt the advice was. Celebrities are held at such a high regard and oftentimes we forget that they’re human underneath all of the glamour and fame. ♥️
Love listening to Anna interview fun guest I would’ve never originally looked into myself. The new formatting of the show is also amazing! Great guest speakers, lack of an annoying “producer,” and overall a fun listening experience!
Not as good as old shows
I tuned in after noticing it on Apple’s list of top 100 podcast. I listened to Ana interview Sean Hayes and she seemed so insecure it made me sad. I have listened to the old shows with the male co-host & they are entertaining (the 2 part Kelly Ripa is so funny) but she insists on doing improv and it’s not funny and goes on too long. Also, I found myself shutting it off when she dispenses advice. She takes a long time to make a point and when she does, she’s obviously projecting her tragic experiences with partners into other people. I do not understand why this is rated so high on the ratings. Unsubscribed.
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Anna is a good interviewer, but...
Getting extra vulgar and profane - sad. Anna, you have more class than disgusting questions and language. You used to have class on your podcast. Examine why you’re doing this. Self. So disappointed.
One of my favs!!!
Love Anna and this podcast. She has the most interesting guest and always asks the right questions. You can tel that Anna is an amazing sweet and humble spirit!! Don’t change a thing!!!
Anna is the definition of
A cup of tea and shot of Jack in human form. I love your sense of humor, and your view of the world. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and you’re just truly a breath of fresh air. Warm like tea, and smooth but a little rough like a shot lol.
Love it
Love new format. Starting recently and still have a lot to catch up to. Love the loving advice and the caring advice from Anna. I admire her as an actor and know even more as a person. Thanks for it.
I'm in love with you Anna!
Your favorite fan!! 📺 Not creepy at all, but really thank you, every morning my dog and I enjoy your voice. And your shoes.
I listened from the beginning. Loved Anna, but in the old days with Sim always felt fake. It is SO MUCH BETTER now. I also love the experts that she brings on. I think that was a stroke of genius!!!
Great job revamping the podcast!
I’ve been listening to Unqualified almost since the very beginning, I was religious about it for awhile. I do miss the old show with Sim, and I understand why people are disappointed about that. I don’t think Anna owes us, the listeners, any explanation though. It’s clear they were true friends so whatever happened to end it must have been awful and I don’t blame her for wanting to keep it private. I do think that for a bit after Sim left, Anna was still finding her footing, but I think the show is fantastic now. I love that it’s mainly women she interviews and how authentic the conversations are. While I miss the old advice format, I love the new one as well where an actually qualified person joins Anna. I love how open & honest everyone is on this podcast, from the callers to Anna to the celebrity guests. I like that the celebrities realize this is a place they can go deeper than they usually would and it’s not exploitative or Anna trying to get something juicy out of them, it’s from a more real and honest place.
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Love your podcast, just so deeply wish you could include more BIPOC guests!
Anna Faris
CNN blocked,Anna Faris Voice less violent activated sound at night time go Anna.💻🖥🖨
fan ?s
ana farris is a terrible person and animal abuser. don’t support her work!
Adore this podcast!!
Can we request Regina Hall as a reoccurring guest??? I swear you two together have my sides hurting from laughing
Finally, the interviews I’ve been dying for.
I was trying to find a thoughtful interview with a specific actress- about her most recent (brilliant) project. I listened to FOUR different podcasts that just left me exhausted and so disappointed. When is someone going to talk to this woman about what she created!!!? About something that matters!!!? Then I found Anna’s podcast. Now I’m several episodes deep - finding that she’s interviewed so many inspirational people. She’s thoughtful, respectful, kind and fun... all while being brave and vulnerable in her curiosity. Hooked and grateful.
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Absolutely in love!
I fell off of listening to Unqualified a year or so ago. I picked back up with the Melissa McCarthy interview, and my heart is SOARING. Thank you, Anna, for bringing a huge smile to my heart!
Peace of the Olive Tree
Pelvic floor Physical therapy
I love the pelvic floor physical therapy shout out from the most recent episode!! Look into pelvic floor PT. For those in NYC come to SPEAR physical therapy!
Why would you leave mom? That seems very unappreciative.
Cody ru
My comfort show!
I absolutely adore Anna's sweetness, naturally hilarious nature, and authenticity. I can tell how grateful she is for each guest and callers' presences, and every episode has made me laugh out loud. Definitely one of my top comfort podcasts to listen to; a perfect distraction from the world, and always good for producing a smile. 😌❤️
Entertaining and Fun
Love Anna Faris and her variety of guests!
Leen Grant
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