Anna Faris Is Unqualified
Anna Faris Is Unqualified
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7 months of re-releases with no update
I’ll change the review once the re-releases stop. I used to really enjoy this show, but 7 months without either a new episode or an update as to what’s happening with the pod feels like a betrayal to those of us listeners who have been loyal for years
Love it!
I love Anna. I do miss the old format. I guess things change… but where’s the “unqualified” advise?I thought the celebrities and Anna gave better advise than her so called experts that are now on the show.
Unqualified advice is the best
Honestly think its hilarious people expect to get honest advice from someone being paid. Great format, Ana is earnest, but sincere and always enjoyable to listen to. My go-to for 20+hr drives from SW to PNW. Typically restores faith in humanity. Hard to pick a favorite episode. Only feedback: please have some of these guests comeback for updates. No preference 🙏
We miss you!
Where are you Anna? I miss hearing your podcast. Hope to hear a new episode sometime soon! :)
Special Purple1
Stop doing re releases
I’ll change my rating when it stops
Fine 2$
Listed for years
This is a great podcast! I listen while I drive and never miss an episode.
Where did the podcast go 😵‍💫
I honestly thought Anna would be back by now versus getting all these re-releases with a ton of ad crap in them. Anna is definitely entitled to whatever break length she wants—it’s her podcast but it sure would be nice if someone on her team would make announcements about there being a lull or some thing with the podcast. There is zero communication with listeners —from what I’ve tried to even Google on social media pages— and as someone who listened weekly— I won’t be doing that anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Pleasantly surprised
Ana shows a diff side of herself than we know from her shows and movies. A PERFECT podcast voice, so gentile and endearing. Great topics, great guests, a great way of explaining her opinion. A refreshing listen.
Just stared listening.
I love the show. I just started to listening a month ago. I just reach the 2020 shows and sad to learn that Sim is no longer on the show. I highly enjoyed the shows with Sim. The show isn’t the same without him
Hey Anna
Long time listener and fan. I have been listening from the start. I wish you would have "Paul and Sasha" on from the podcast "Community News with Paul and Sasha". They are so funny, smart, interesting and I've never heard a long form interview of them. I would love to see you solve the mystery of their real identities. Please check them out and have them on your awesome pod. Thanks.
Thought I would like this podcast because I find her funny in movies/TV shows but interviewing people she is very annoying!
Don’t listen to reviewers
More episodes like the ake fake with Blake Anderson. ^^^^^ that reviewer above needs more comedy in their life. that episode is what hooked me into the podcast and I was laughing so hard at your improv game
Credibility specialist
I took some time today to listen to your show!! Anna Faris is Unqualified is a fantastic podcast with great info, advice, and perspectives. You won't regret listening and learning to the podcast.
Credibility specialist
One bad episode
Love this podcast but please no more episodes like the fake date with Blake Anderson.
Great podcast
Anna is a great interviewer, respectful and allow people to talk and express themselves without putting her own story as some other interviewers do in podcasts.
Lovely and adorable
Anna is exactly what we expect, lovely and adorable
Bring back improv
That was one of my fave parts of the show. Love Anna but the podcast would be soo much better with the improv and acting stuff.
Qualified Commentary
Big fan of Anna since forever and listening to this show for years I've noticed that many of her contemporaries have copied the format which says a lot of being a pioneer before most didn't know about podcasting.
An abomination to humanity
I have just learned that Sim has left the show. Fantastic choice. With that said, still a terrible podcast.
The interviews are endearing but the advice is awful unless it’s coming from a professional.
So Awesome
Anna what a fantastic podcast with Becca Tobin! So raw, so real, so authenic and true to heart. Thanks for sharing Becca!! You are the best.
Just no
Anna is so odd with guests. She is very off putting when interviewing guests because she over identifies with them in a way that makes it all about her instead of the guest. I tried to listen to the Jenette McCurdy episode and it was unlistenable. Anna started off saying she knew exactly how Jenette felt and it was so confusing to me and to Jenette. I had to turn it off. I will never listen again. I do like Anna but no to this.
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Awesome podcast!
Anna is a great host, super engaging and thoughtful! Each episode dives into a new interesting topic in a fresh way—highly recommend.
Miss it
I miss the old podcast. The new format is a little too stuffy and serious. Bring back the fun!
ADS 1984
So amazing ‼️
I really love the podcast on all aspects the way she has games with the games makes characters and the calls with her listeners/fans is amazing I love Anna hopefully there’s lots more to come. I also wish there was a video version of the podcast it would make it alittle better somehow.
I’ve been listening since the beginning of this podcast and I can’t get enough of it. It helps me get threw me work days!
Don’t Bother
I’m a fan of Anna Faris and wanted to like this. I listened to many episodes but couldn’t get past the interview style and questions. Not insightful, terrible podcast.
Jen Rome
I love this podcast and Anna Faris is an incredible host! I’ll say thought, I do enjoy her older episodes (Tiffany Haddish, Terry Crews, etc.) bring those guests back, would love to listen to another Tiffany episode!!
Old old format was golden
Anna, I love love LOVE you so much, and you’re simply the best… but the old format—which seemed like friends basically hanging out, asking each other dumb questions, THEN getting to callers— was key. It was especially fun when you had multiple people (like Sim, your assistant(s), other people involved in the show) actually in the room. It was more social and silly but now It’s too serious and overproduced. Not saying Sim or those others need to come back, but the podcast was fun when there were a bunch of people in the room together. Hopefully that’s something the show can get back to as covid (eventually/hopefully) winds down.
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Her interview style, interrupting the guest, weird voices and lack of vocabulary (to name a few things) all made me cringe. I could tell the guest was even uncomfortable. Listened to 1 episode and never again.
She is Funny and Kind
I usually disagree with Anna Farris when she veers into social and political issues, but I LOVE her podcast. She is great with her guests, and she is warm, compassionate, and funny. Check her out.
Make scary movie 6
Please I beg of you. Reboot the whole franchise if you have to.
Shut up noob
More celebrity time please
Love the older episodes, especially the first Joel McHale one. Best episode yet. I prefer the celebrity portion to the callers.
Anna, For gods sake go back to the old picture. A lot better than the new one.
cv. j here he
Please change the cover it’s such a bad photo of a beautiful lady. But good and unique podcast
venus knaeble
Love the format
I love this podcast. Listening to Anna interview guests is really interesting, and a lot of times it helps give context to what advice they give later. The advice portion often makes me think about relationships in a new way, and I feel like I always leave with a slightly different perspective than when I came in, which is pretty cool.
anna is the best and is a great interviewer! i love the guest she brings on as well as the “qualified” segments!
Tried again. No go
Haven’t listened in awhile. Phone call with Bailey reminded me why. Anna and Sophia never ask fair questions. Bailey had a cousin who wanted to bring child to a wedding Anna and Sophia immediately assumed cousin was in the wrong. What if cousin was breastfeeding? What if child was special needs? Stop assuming callers are always correct. If you want to help, help from an honest place This reminds me of politics. People don’t want to give any grace to the other side. It’s gross
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I am obsessed with this podcast!!! I listen all day, every day. I just discovered it a couple months ago and I love that there are so many episodes to listen to. My favorite part is the listener call in questions. I’m blown away by Anna and dr. Beyers perspectives on the listener problems. The way Anna, April and the listeners are able to articulate their thoughts is fascinating to me. This segment of the podcast has helped me personally learn a lot about myself. The celebrity interviews are nice too. But the listener call in’s are my favorite. May this podcast live on forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Alright, alright, alright 😂
Been catching up, bingeing your podcast and I just love it! Wow Matthew!!! Gosh he really is adorable and wonderful and just a solid human being! Anna, we are about the same age, listen to the same music, one child, and we both are getting in touch with our creative side! I was thinking about relearning knitting 🧶- but I’ve been painting and learning to play bass guitar… I also don’t have many friends that are girls, I have two solid friends and yes why is it difficult for some of us to have these friendships? Are we too weird or whatever?! I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ well anyways, Loved how Courtney Love is your Hero because she is also my Hero! Very awesome, take care and Merry Christmas to you and your son and family! 💝Carrie
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Love her!
This is a funny, funny podcast and depending on her guest you learn so much about other people and the guest stories are so great !! I absolutely love the phone call portion and how Anna truly cares about each caller and wants to give solid advice . She’s one of my favorites now, you won’t regret giving this podcast a listen!! The Lauren Lapkus interview was fantastic today; especially when she was so honest about friendships in the past. I so appreciated her opinion in those situations , she helped me personally so much!! I’ve been struggling with the same thing and to know other people have been through it is so comforting. Thank you!!
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I love it but
I feel like it's altered after and edited. I love her voice but I feel like it's a bit performative. And that's what distracts me. Otherwise love it.
Back to the old way
I am glad went back to old format helps get to know famous guests through the advice give instead of a typical interview Thanks Anna you are great
tmarie 76
Maybe I haven’t given this enough time but after listening to her fawn over her guest Matthew mcconaughey and having him politely deal with inane questions from a caller, I was done. Especially when They are the middle of a conversation Anna begins talking about a road trip that turned into a McDonald’s commercial. Embarrassing segue.
Love the episodes with April Beyer
I’ve been binge listening to the podcast lately and I thoroughly enjoy when Anna has relationship expert, April Beyer, on the show. I’m finding myself fast forwarding through the celebrity guest interviews just to get to the segments with April. Excellent advice that has me hanging on every word she says and I love hearing Anna’s perspective woven into It all as a listener herself. I love how this highlights how caring and connected Anna is with her fans (who feel like friends). Can’t wait for the next episode.
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More guest time please!
I enjoyed the podcast when more of the focus was on the guest & less time on giving advice.
Love this show but I don’t like that they went back to old format
I discovered unqualified a few months back and I’ve been obsessed! Anna is a fantastic host and asks great questions. However, they recently went back to their “original” format where the majority of the episode is focused on listener questions and discussions. I really enjoyed the focus being more on the guests life/career/input more, with the end being listener advice. Hoping they go back to the other format!
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Why change format?
I enjoy the discussion and and inside stuff on movies and show business. I’m not really interested in a whole show about relationships. If this is the decision going forward, I shall say so long for now.
Good guests but Jesus she’s awful. Why do people- no. How do people listen to her?
Big fan from your beginnings
Starting backwards makes it fun. Til I come back to the end. Amazing Anna!! Monty is the little engine lol ! Always waiting . . . Always having fun. Thanks for being .
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