Anna Faris Is Unqualified
Anna Faris Is Unqualified
Unqualified Media
Join host Anna Faris, in an ongoing weekly experiment where she attempts to gain insights into the world by talking to celebrity guests and by giving out completely unqualified advice to callers, often with the help of much more qualified expert guests.
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Dave Chang episode
What a treat to have Dave Chang as a guest especially after having just read his memoir. I am a fan of you both. Thanks for this episode!!!
I am officially gone. I just heard the Nora Jones episode . What you said at end . To be in the position you are in and try to sound like you know what’s going on . You do not . You do not live in the real world . To do that and talk about the times like you can relate ........ you are so out of touch you just embarrass yourself
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Used to good
Anna claims to love her listeners and is honest with them but ever since her break and Sim left, she has never addressed what happened. The new format is boring and not entertaining at all. Very disappointing.
It’s not the same...
I don’t know what happened with you and Sim, but ever since he left, the show isn’t the same. You had great chemistry and the show was genuinely funny with both of you. I don’t think I’d feel his absence so acutely if Kayla and Beige hadn’t exited with him. You don’t do your fun ad libs anymore and the show is super boring now.
Love this podcast
Just catching up again with Unqualified. Anna you’re still amazing. I am overly joyed with the Elizabeth Banks episode. She is super real and laid back. Loved this listen💕💕
Adam Devine Episode
Love this podcast and loved the dating app feedback on Adams episode. Very relatable and helpful during this time.
Used to love it
I’ve listened to this podcast since the very beginning. I loved it. It would make me crack up every week in my work cubicle. I liked the banter between Sim and Anna, the callers and the guests. I don’t know what happened after the break but it’s a drag now. We hear the same stories coming from Anna about herself and it gets old. She yes-mans every guest that comes on the show. I would try listening again if Sim was back and they followed the old format with the callers.
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Kinda qualified now....
I used to LOVE unqualified when it first came onto the podcast scene. Sim and Anna bantering off each other, Anna, Sim and the celebrity of the episode calling regular people and giving their unqualified advice. Now, it’s just Anna talking to a rando celebrity, some actual psychiatrist or psychologist giving advice and no Sim. Anna, I love ya but I miss the chemistry of the old episodes.
Loved Paris Hilton speaking her truth— thank you, Anna.
🌟🌟🌟🌟✨wished more of the documentary was discussed but overall appreciate Anna for having her on 💜
Love listening !! Get Tyra banks on yeahhhhhhhhhhh
Could not make it through the Paris Hilton interview
I really tried. I was hoping for a semi deep conversation, but Paris comes off as superficial as I presumed. She doesn’t feel the need to apologize to anybody for anything that she’s ever done? Maybe that’s true for current day, but you’re not remorseful about anything in your past, or the way that you treated people? When I got to the part about what she would take if her house were burning, and she said her iPhone *insert eye roll* I was done.
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Paris Hilton episode was rooooough
LOVE this podcast but could not get past 10 mins of Paris Hilton congratulating herself on being born into wealth and privilege. The level of tone deafness was sickening in the era of covid and social/political unrest. I hope this doesn’t turn off the listener base because AF’s guests typically bring much more to the table other than vapid discussions about Hampton's parties, monthly anniversaries and flashy automotive wrapping. Delete.
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What happened to this podcast?
The conversation doesn’t feel genuine, the show got cut in half time wise and the celebrities don’t give advice with Anna anymore? The first few years of this show were awesome. Now it’s just really boring and bad. Unsubscribed :( The old theme song was so much better, not this music that sounds like it’s a soft porn intro.
Loved this Interview. My last meal would be the exact same thing. Steak, loaded potato and broccoli.
Random _ Username
Wow. Who and the what is this podcast? Super boring and vapid. I know Paris is having a moment but statements like “I’m nice to everyone, I don’t owe anyone an apology” and “I’ve done it all” don’t make her very endearing. Get some humility. Also, asking canned questions in place of a meaningful interview doesn’t cut it.
Sharon Stone!!!
The one with Sharon Stone was the best!!! 5 stars all the way! BTW I like the show even more now without Sim, sorry Sim…
andre moraes
Much better
Love the new format
Terribly boring
I’m actually shocked at how boring this podcast is. Listening to the Paris Hilton episode now and it’s basically just a rapid fire question round, everything from ‘what’s your favorite ice cream?’ to ‘what would you bring on a desert island?’… Seriously?? Lol
new to nomad life
RAW. Truth over 5/6 seasons on podcast platform
Keep your heart. Keep your soul. Keep your loves. Protect and serve best way one knows how. Courage is stay whatever you are whenever you are with whoever.... AS the podium is LIVE. Keep your identity and CLASSIfication on the DL or Open. BeWARE. MINOR “Keys” vs. MAJOR “keyboards “. MRS. Anna ex of PRAITTS. U rock. Ms. Farris. You did you, as the Kennedy’s murcky vineyards is gonna slide. But are the queen bee for USA and international in getting rating over QUEEN E. The crown. Get your deals at Netflix, cuz Harry and Megahertz are cleaning the world’s riches. Ask The RoCK, Johnson of WWE and WWF to Protect his daughter’s. She is Disney princess and her prince is Alive too.
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Why change it. I agree with a lot of the other reviews. Very boring now. Used to be in my top 3 and I listen for 11 hours a day with my job. Don’t get why the change. Unsubscribing sadly today.
Always, a loyal fan.
I’m truly sad,to see the end of an era with Christy /Mom. When Anna is ready, if she thinks it’s our business, she will include us in her future endeavors. I have no idea how difficult it is to live in the snow globe, Anna does, but I have an idea on a smaller level. Absolutely, no privacy to live, to mourn, to grow, to recover, trying to protect your’s so hard 😞 Always a loyal fan 💕 P
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The same C-list runaround
Celebrity culture is out. Get some other guests.
Times have changed
I find myself in agreement with other recent reviewers. This was a great podcast and the way it used to be with the banter between Sim and Anna as well as the advice portion of the show felt very light hearted and sincere. I think that has been lost since the show came back. I used to love this show very dearly but I find myself not really keeping up with it anymore. It’s kind of sad. I still have a lot of love for Anna but I just don’t think this show is for me anymore.
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I used to like it
Used to be better. Anna was funny and quirky now she just rambles
I’m confused
What is your podcast about? The show Mom is my favorite! I think your podcast should be more comedic.
Podcast isn’t spectacular
I sure if they upped the quality they’d get better sponsors than ‘Miller Light’. Come on, if you’re going to advertise for beer, at least have a minuscule bit of self-respect.
Listening in
I don’t know you but every time I travel to Beverly Hills I’m told by people all over that they thought I was you. Apparently I have a twin so figured I’d check out your podcast! I’m enjoying it so far. Very cool
This has possibilities but why do you have to swear so much??
Not what it used to be
I used to love this podcast because I found it relatable and quirky. The end of the episode was always the best part because Anna and the guest would fully engage in giving the listeners good advice. The recent episodes have been mostly about acting techniques, which I have no interest in and I think most people cannot relate to at all.
Love this
Jeff Garlin
Well I learned one thing. Jeff Garlin is totally fine with sexual assault as long as you apologize after. And Anna didn’t even call him out for it. Shame
I agree with many of the other recent reviews— newer episodes are meandering and lack any true emotion. The best episodes were those that gave “unqualified” advice from multiple perspectives, not just sugar-coated reassurances. Also, Seth Rogan sounds horrible and needs to visit a pulmonologist ASAP
I can not place the tone of this show. It doesn’t seem to know its purpose or what it’s doing. It seems like Anna just wants to brag how she does doing a multi cam show vs single cam and how generous an actor she is because she isn’t the one that gets all the good laughs but rather is the pitcher to set someone else to. She also seems like she doesn’t want to do this podcast anymore. The conversations aren’t fun and it seems like she constantly wants to talk about the serious side of being an “acTOR.” The reason this podcast doesn’t work is because she’s not honest about anything though. She doesn’t even give her own UNqualified advice anymore? Now Dan Savage does, an expert? She seems to struggle through wanting more in her career than comedy when she talks about her ambition but she’s not even directly honest about that. Hint: people need comedy more than ever now, so it’s a good thing! We listen to these celebrity podcasts to hear another side of an actor or musician, but you can tell she is very guarded about everything. I mean, she purposely puts out a podcast with her best friend, for YEARS, but then takes an 8 month hiatus, and then sheepishly comes back with only a single host and nooooo explanation. A little strange for a loyal audience. I’m not saying she has to spill every piece of her private life but something about this show just comes off so disingenuous. I only listen to this show for the guest content. I thought Sean Hayes was incredible...he is an honest, talented, fascinating person and seemed to feel Anna’s pain in their interview, gently trying to share whatever wisdom he could for her. I really hope she is okay because it sounds like she wants to cry just trying to make it through every podcast. Please please..enough of the multi cam nonsense though.
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New and improved
I don’t know what happened with sim, but I was a listener from the beginning, and I stopped for a while when they started the ads, I recently dove back in with the new format and without sim and it is a breathe of fresh. The ads are way better without him, Anna has such a calm and cool conversation style now with guests and it seems so much less manic and thirsty without sim. I’m a big fan and have resubscribed.
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I love this show so much more now
Anna has a super awesome voice and funny, layered, and such interesting conversations. I love the dynamic so much more than before. I liked Sim, but I honestly really only liked him because of Anna being hilarious. LOVE only Anna so much more than the old show. The whole conversation is like advice-real. I love everything about this new version
Love Anna
She’s a treasure. But it was pretty inconsistent for a while. Still a recommend.
The show’s boring now. I unsubscribed after like the first three episodes after the long hiatus. It’s not the same any more and I don’t dig it at all.
My first podcast!
This was the first podcast I listened to regularly. The interviews flow easily and the unique questions/segments draw out a different side from the interviewees. I do hope the listener calls are brought back—This was one of my favorite components of the show.
About as funny as a smooth rock
Well Paul isn’t funny. Worst commercial ad reads ever and he thinks that’s he’s nailing them. Nice gap between your teeth there. Where did they find this guy? A trailer park? A common street rat. Take a look in the mirror Paul and see you’re just an ingot attention seeking money tart
Critic Jew
Used to be better
The entire reason this podcast is called “unqualified” is because the advice segment. I looked forward to that. Also just the tone is different after hiatus. It’s really boring now and I tend to not pay attention or only make it through 5-10 minutes and delete the episode from my library. I want to like it soo bad again but I just can’t!
A “yes man” podcast.
Use to listen since episode 1 when it came out. Slowly episode became very cringe and her constant need to “kiss the guest rear-end” became very annoying. Not to mention the awful bits and gimmick paired with also never calling out her callers absurd behavior. A lot of fake positivity gets annoying quick.
This new version of the show...
Since the break Anna seems like she's on Xanax or something, no energy no excitement. Really boring lame episodes, not what it used to be at all.
I love you Anna! ❤️
Anna is so charismatic and funny and I absolutely adore her. This podcast is so great, definitely in my top 3! I don’t listen in order but so far the best episode was the one with Tiffany Haddish. It honestly blew my mind how powerful her story was and she is hysterical! Of course the ones with Aubrey Plaza are great too! They all are, you can’t go wrong with Anna as the host!
Really gone downhill
I used to love this podcast. Clearly Anna had some sort of fallout with Sim and the show hasn't been the same without him. Their banter and their little improv skits with the guests were what set the show apart, along with the listener calls. Now she doesn't even seem to be doing listener calls anymore! She needs to find another co-host she can banter with, preferably male. Her advice to callers tends to be a little wishy-washy so it was nice have the male perspective weigh in. Bring back the callers!
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Not What It Was
I used to really like this podcast, but I think it’s changed quite a bit. Anna still seems like an endearing person, but I guess the podcast isn’t as ‘fun’ as it used to be. I miss the improv. I miss the relationships with the callers. There was a certain deliberate light hearted ness that I don’t think is there a anymore. I’ve lost my engagement with it, but still wish it the best.
Chet H.
What happened to the listener questions?
Why don’t they do the listener questions at the end any more? This was the best part of the podcast! I hope the questions will come back in the next episode!
Super funny!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for about 3 days now, not gonna lie. I’m obsessed with it... I listen to it about 6 hours a day! Anna Farris is so funny and great and she isn’t afraid to be herself! 😊
I’m sold!
I’ve only been listening for about an hour and can already say I’m going to love this! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
I can’t believe I didn’t know about this before! Excited to have 3 years worth to listen to lol. Smiley Face is one of the greatest films of all time btw, severely underrated. It will be looked upon fondly for many years to come. It’s like Citizen Kane, if Citizen Kane was a slightly better movie
Great podcast
Love this podcast and love Anna.
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