Animal Spirits Podcast
Animal Spirits Podcast
Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson
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Overloading Feed
Weekly pod is a good rundown of financial news and observations (5 stars). The ‘Talk Your Book’ addition to bring in sponsors is alright you just have to remember you are listening to an ad (4 stars). Now a little disappointed to have the feed include audio blog posts that some of us already subscribe to (3 stars). Not knocking the idea of audio blog post offering, just think there is no need to overwhelm the previous podcast feed with more episodes. It’d be appreciated if they launched a separate vertical for audio blog posts.
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Excellent, informative and entertaining!
These guys present an interesting look at finances, stock market, society and a plethora of other unique factors in an easy to understand and entertaining discussion. Thank you
Love Ben
Long time listener. Owe you guys a review. Keep doing what you’re doing. I feel like thanks to you guys pounding it into my head I am almost a halfway responsible and diversified long-term investor. Always room for improvement, but hopefully not $500k worth. Of course, you are also more than mildly entertaining. Stay up fellas!
Christian Farley 23
Fast Paced
What makes this one work is the quick interplay between hosts and topics. It is the only podcast I can’t multitask during because if you lose focus they are on to the next thing. You can also miss the subtle humor and call backs from earlier shows. Pay Attention!
flomo ro
Smart funny
Smart and funny. One of the best podcasts in finance
The best
Entertaining and informative. Infotainment done right!
Inefficient market?
Burton Malkiel argues for indexing due to market efficiency, yet he advocated picking stocks with high yields to replace bonds?
Hawks fan 2015
Love you guys but..,
Government could do more to help inequality ?? How bout they do less, as in fed reserve stop inflating financial assets that serve to benefit those of us in the markets while increasing prices for everyone else. Regarding fiscal policies, read Amity Schlaes book on Johnson’s Great Society, might make you rethink your biases.
The GOATs of Finance Podcasts
Can’t put it any other way. Animal Spirits is the first podcast I recommend to any of my friends looking to build up their financial literacy and it’s helped me immensely in my journey as well. Especially enjoying the extra content you guys have been able to put out recently. Only thing I’d change is I’d have Michael dunk on Ben a little more — like back in the old days.
I want to know how you accomplish all the research-writing & viewings for recommendations in your time frame! Appreciate all the knowledge & fun tho- Thks!
theory artist
Con Air is a bad movie. So they got that wrong. Other than that. Good financial stuff. Highly recommend.
Fun and educational
Michael and Ben bring joy to my day, ears, brain, and portfolio. They make complex concepts easy, they don’t take themselves too seriously, and they are anti-survey. I was sad when they dropped down to 1 a week but am pumped to hear they’ll be back with 2 days a week. Highly recommend.
Insightful and Compelling
These guys will be the first to tell you when they don’t know something for certain: and it’s the humility with which they approach questions pertaining to life and investing (and book or Netflix recommendations) that makes this podcast so good. Just because something might be unknowable does not mean one shouldn’t strive to know more. Their observations on things like Michael’s plumber’s portfolio, or dissecting the various chart crimes committed in the world, or making the case that Almost Famous IS a classic film, these guys give intriguing perspectives based on more than just the ephemeral...they dig for precedents and in this day and age that means they pretty much come up empty, and yet you don’t hate them for it. Truly a fun pod to listen to.
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Favorite podcast of all time 💯
All-around slam dunk
Are you looking for hidden sources of alpha? Do you want to geek out over backtesting? Would you like help developing a killer trading strategy? This podcast is NOT for you. Otherwise, if you are interested in investing and don’t mind having “casual fun” while hearing about it, this is the one. Michael and Ben sound like two well-educated, polished “bros” talking serious business over beers at a dive bar. They are really good at mixing in a discussions about Fed policy and Peloton bikes in the same sentence. The information is pretty interesting, the analysis is solid but very quick (soundbite style), and the dry but geeky humor that is not pedantic at all makes everything very digestible. I could probably live without the 3-5 minutes of Netflix show reviews at the end, but that’s just me. I listen to every single episode, and religiously stop streaming as soon as they say “alright, let’s move to recommendations”. Anyway, give it a try.
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Danny Boy XIX
Some interesting topics here and there, but there’s a weird one upsmanship dynamic between these two. Chill, guys. We know you’re both smart.
Super funny inside talk
Episode 153. Discussion on TIPS: Michael - hold on would you have been better buying tips or amazon since 1997? Ben: I don’t know, is Amazon included in inflation? Better check shadow stats... This exchange had me folded over laughing! I don’t always agree with your takes, but who cares! I love the banter and the honest exploration of the news and ideas. Very fun show, thank you guys! FYI: I’m a partner in a small RIA in Orem, UT and our whole team loves listening to your content for the thought provoking ideas and the good dry humor!
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These guys don’t know how the economy works or money is affected by inflation or fed manipulation. Don’t waste your time.
jon peddemors
Super Fun for this SAHM
I am not in the industry, just a stay at home Mom who takes care of our family’s investing. The podcast is direct and informative. I never miss it!
Very very good
Listened to all episodes! Its not the most educational podcast out there but it’s super entertaining if you like talking about the markets.
Luke G...
Very biased and lack of content as they shifted to 2 episodes per week
1. They should go back to doing 1 episode every two weeks. 2. They are heavily biased on every topic.. after listening to almost 1 year now i can just guess what their response is for every issue... there is no middle ground or deep analysis on any issue. Initially I started consuming this podcast a way to hear about so many news items in one place but now there are many other good podcasts which are doing the same without being biased so tough to recommend this podcast any more.
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Michael Batnick hates differing opinions
The podcast does not help your returns. It’s only OK, not great. MB blocks people on Twitter for not bootlicking and loving Trump. You OK big guy? Need a safe space?
99%er watch Secular Talk
Never miss this one
When these episodes drop, they go to the top of my listening list. Always interesting and fun listen.
Surround Sound
Very entertaining and informative
Hands down my favorite financial podcast
Keep on dunking
Ben, how many times do you say honestly in a day?
Used to be good
I feel like this started off great but just grew so tired. I’m throwing in the towel
Ghosh shahs
Useful takeaways!
Funny they push each others buttons. What a bromance. Good job of letting you know what is noise and what is real. If your questions are show worthy they will address them. What else is there to do but drive you to content when your stackin your future.
Awesome Podcast!!!!
Michael and Ben, hosts of the Animal Spirits Podcast, highlights all aspects of business, investing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Awesome Real!! Teach Barry how to be on point!
This is my favorite podcast
Enjoyable listen each week.
Dr. EG Armstrong
Amusing Investing And Media Podcast
Interesting commentary on the markets, the entertainment industry, and other random topics. Batnick’s NYC roots and frequent interruptions of Carlson are evident throughout. Keep the light-hearted investing info interlaced with lively banter coming gentlemen, thanks.
Loving every episode!
A great podcast about investing, life, and why money is important. It’s my favorite podcast, and I don’t miss a single one. I also like the “Talk your Book” episodes, which lets some fund wonk pitch his fund. The only downside is, listening to them for so much means I read all their blog posts in their real voices.
Peter in Japan
Entertaining but needs more finance
Love the podcast, but 70% of the content is movie reviews
Love these clowns.
Hands down my favorite sports podcast..... wait
Great Finance Pod
The two hosts summarize recent finance articles and have great banter. If you work in Finance or are curious about the field, this is a must listen.
Great Podcast
Just stumbled on to this podcast in the last week. Excellent blend between finance and humor. Really enjoyed the episode on Structured Products.
Craig Hutton
Michael and Ben are great
This is like hanging out with your two good friends who happen to be knowledgable about finance. Entertaining and insightful, but also relaxing to listen to. At the end of a long day there's no chance I'd be able to absorb content-dense material on finance, even an audiobook, but I can listen to these guys. They make it fun.
A fave podcast
Love this podcast, they cut out all the investment BS, cut to the chase. Great rapport. High speed, relevant. They switch topics without belaboring points which keeps it interesting. Intelligent, informative discussion. I’m writing this after the pod on structured notes... great stuff. Keep it up.
My Spirit Animals
I love how this podcast dodges small talk, but also squeezes meaning out of everyday topics. I’m a fan of the research and multiple subject tie-ins that guide this podcast. I’m also a fan of how Michael and Ben don’t mind putting their own financial lives out there occasionally. This balance of broader content and relatability keeps me coming back. Sometimes they topic hop like crazy madhatters. But my brain works in a similar way so I don’t mind following their train of thought. It usually connects to something far deeper than money or investing eventually. I’m going to get judgy hear and say I lost some respect when I found out one of them was a fan of Howard Stern. I suppose that happens in the world though. I’d still be willing to be friends with them.
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Savvy History Songs
Making Finance fun
Ben and Michael are a must listen podcast team. The finance data, trending topics and everything else discussed in between is extremely entertaining. Put it bluntly they make listening to finance fun! Keep up the great work!
High quality banter
Show keeps getting better and better. Good balance of investment talk and relatable stuff so the casual investor can understand and enjoy. I enjoy the banter and jokes
Alfonzo Anthony Allen
Entertaining and Informative
Michael & Ben are hilarious and I really enjoy the rekindled segments. My only complaint is that the pod is a little short. I could do a full hour.
The podcast so nice, I listen twice.
No exaggeration. Not only the best finance podcast on iTunes but maybe the best podcast period. Thanks Michael and Ben!
My fave “finance” show
Great show. Sets the bar for entertaining discussions about investing topics.
Why is the font so weird when you write a review on here?
People who write bad reviews are noob whales.
5 Star
5 Stars with no fees.
Love it
Love it
Sitting in the College Dorm at 1 a.m.
Listening to these guys reminds me of folks sitting in the dorm in awe of new concepts they are discovering for the first time, except they are in their 30's, which makes the experience both cool, and sad. For example, they first heard about epistemology for the first time just recently. Really??? Other real gaps of education reveal themselves all the time, like opining that Neil Postman was talking about things in advertising that advertisers hadn't already discovered years prior. After a Superforecasters review, Ben began using his new way of looking at the world on a number of different subjects, like somebody taking Marx 101 would start analyzing everything through the lens of class struggle during the semester. All in all, if you are looking for cute, snappy, but superficial quick takes on topics, it's like the old Regis and Kathie Lee show, except they use the WSJ for jumping off points, instead of the Post.
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Won’t invest
Good content, but will not invest with them due to their opposition to forcing China to play fair in trade. They don’t care about Americans’ future, only their AUM.
I never write reviews, but golly, I just love these two burgers. Fantastic show!
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