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Andy Pollin's DC Podcast
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Andy sits down and chats with DC's biggest names in sports
Season 4: Episode 3: Arch Campbell
DC media icon Arch Campbell joins a long list of Washington legends surprised and impressed with Andy Pollin’s research as the baritone personality is reminded about stories even he had forgotten about.
Apr 12, 2020
42 min
Season 4: Episode 2: Bernie Wolfe
Andy is joined by former Capitals goalie Bernie Wolfe to discuss what is like going from a young Jewish boy in Montreal to playing in a NHL net.  Don't miss the story when he was used in the Expansion Draft well after his original playing days (33:35)
Mar 25, 2019
44 min
Season 4: Episode 1: Brian Magid
Andy sits down with local shooting legend Brian "Shoot" Magid on his career that included playing both at Maryland and George Washington in college and before all that at Blair High School.
Feb 25, 2019
54 min
Season 3 Episode 9: Gerald Riggs
Andy is joined by a member of the Super Bowl 26 Champion Redskins, Running Back Gerald Riggs.  They start w/ how his last ever game was scoring 2 touchdowns in a Super Bowl win.  Gerald discusses going to the 1st ever NFL Combine coming out of Arizona State, playing for Atlanta, and having Pro Bowl seasons despite many losing years (15:54).  He goes into being suddenly traded to the Skins (29:01), memories of the Body Bag game, and the championship 91 season (41:49).  Andy closes this episode w/ an Old School look at the Washington Senators Opening Day at RFK (1:00:06).
Apr 10, 2018
1 hr 3 min
Season 3 Episode 8: Walt Williams
Andy brings on one of the most Terrapins ever and soon to be DC Sports Hall of Famer Walt Williams. Walt discusses growing up in PG County and the impact that Len Bias had on him. He talks about the start to his time at Maryland (16:05), and explains why stayed in College Park despite the program being banned from postseason play (20:40). He dives into his NBA career that included hiring Len Elmore as his agent (31:59), and Walt tells Andy about his life after basketball (44:00). A must listen to for all Terps fans.
Apr 3, 2018
57 min
Season 3 Episode 7: Steve Czaban
There is no man Andy has chatted with more on the mic than Steve Czaban, his longtime co host.  Steve talks growing up on the means streets of McLean and discovering his love of golf. They move to how he ended up going to college in California and got into radio.  Andy recalls how he first learned of a young Steve Czaban to getting his first stint at WTEM.  Steve tells how he landed as the sports guy w/ "Bob & Brian, the bump in the road in Charlotte, the beginning of Andy & Steve together on "The Sports Reporters", and the two of them remembering some very fond and not so fond memories of co-hosting.
Mar 27, 2018
1 hr 13 min
Season 3 Episode 6: Pat Collins
Andy is joined in studio by legendary DC reporter & TV personality Pat Collins at his decades of work in Washington. They begin the discussion w/ a look at his trademark Snow Stick, and being a native Washingtonian born on H Street in NE DC. Pat talks about his start at the Washington Daily News (16:29) before a brief stint in the Army. He remembers his surprise when the Daily News closed (20:06) that led to him transitioning into TV. Halfway thru Pat says what it was like to be in the middle of a labor dispute (34:30) before he spent a few years working in TV in Chicago (38:59), & returning to DC w/ a rather unusual perk. Pat says what it was like to cover the tragic Len Bias death (45:07), & Redskins Super Bowls (49:14). Finally, "Old School Andy" with a look back at George Allen's own version of NFL Free Agency (1:01:29).
Mar 21, 2018
1 hr 5 min
Season 3 Episode 5 Kevin Grevey
Andy welcomes on a member of the only NBA champion Washington has ever seen, Kevin Grevey of the 1977-78 Bullets. He & Andy initially marvel at how it's been that long, then dive into the path of his career starting with his route from small town Ohio to the University of Kentucky (6:35), Wes Unseld's story on choosing Louisville over UK (11:00), his coach Joe B. Hall & Bobby Knight getting in a fight mid-game (21:38), and playing in the final game of John Wooden's career (28:22) before joining the Bullets. How he chose the NBA over the ABA (31:46), in-depth look at the championship season (45:34), and retiring at 31 years old for his next chapter of life(1:00:36). Finally, "Old School Andy" - a look at the famous Maryland/ NC State game in 74 (1:08:30).
Mar 14, 2018
1 hr 14 min
Season 3 Episode 4 Jeff Bostic
Andy welcomes on 3 time Redskins Super Bowl Champion & Hog Jeff Bostic.  Jeff says how "Riggo's Run" was the best play of his career (1:52), how he landed a football scholarship at Clemson to play with his brother Joe (6:52), getting cut by Dick Vermeil in Philadelphia & making his way to DC (10:01), Joe Gibbs arrival to Washington (16:04), first time being called a "Hog" (24:40), beating Dallas in NFC Championship on the way to winning the Super Bow (30:34), hurting his knee (36:40), Timmy Smith performance in Super Bowl 22 (48:10), the 91 team's greatness, Joe Jacoby not getting into the HOF again (59:18) & more. Finally, "Old School Andy" on the parallels between Jon Gruden's return to Oakland & Joe Gibbs 2.0 (1:04:18)."
Mar 7, 2018
1 hr 7 min
Season 3 Episode 3 John Feinstein
Andy this week sits down with author and sportswriter John Feinstein to look back on his long career successful career in Washington.  They start as he grew up in New York in a family steeped in the arts (1:40), swimming against Mark Spitz once (4:37), meeting Dean Smith while a student at Duke (11:46), landing at the Washington Post (16:09), covering Maryland & Lefty Driesell (21:04), Bobby Knight and how "Season On The Brink" came together (30:32), the rise of his book writing career (41:25), becoming connected w/ Army & Navy football (53:48), the current state of college basketball (1:02:44).  Finally, "Old School Andy" on the tale of Howard Porter (1:10:40).
Feb 28, 2018
1 hr 14 min
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