Andrew Rappaport's Rapp Report
Andrew Rappaport's Rapp Report
Andrew Rappaport
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Informative, Truth with love
Andrew does a great job of presenting the truths of the Gospel in love. I always learn ways to bring up spiritual matters when speaking with others plus how to handle questions that may come up. He also has interesting guests. Love the input from Bud also! In Christ, Grady Colossians 3:15-17
Cardinal One
Stellar, detailed, and refreshing
I’ve listened to a lot of various podcasts and sermons from Andrew but the Rapp report is my favorite. Andrew often times speaks with Bud on major issues of today facing the Christian. It is refreshing to hear deep solid truth that greatly assists Christians in their walk with the LORD. There are too few strong Christian leaders like Andrew and Bud willing to go into such great lengths to share the truth. I’ve had the pleasure to meet Andrew multiple times. I try to share his podcast with as many receptive Christians as I can because I know they will be greatly blessed by his teaching. Keep up the great godly work! Your brother in Christ, Kevin
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Mista Nator
Factual, Faithful, Fun!
Andrew never fails to share biblical and gospel truth effectively and entertainingly. The Rapp Report has encouraged, inspired, and challenged me, at times filling me with laughter and riddling me with conviction. In a world full of fluff, it is refreshing to become "rapped-up" in the solid theology of this Podcast!
Purple puppet master
Thank you review
I am so great-full for Striving for Eternity podcast and for all your hard work you do Andrew to make sure truth is being shared. Thank you for taking the time to rest and re evaluate your work so as to improve your health. God bless all your hard work and pray that he gives you wisdom and strength. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🤗🙏🏻🙏🏻
Thank you!
I’m so thankful for this podcast. It’s informative for a wide array of topics from theology and church history, to culture and current issues therein (and all from a biblical perspective). Thank y’all for your hard and faithful work!
Ninny B27
Biblically sound, reason-able faith
As a Christian discerning a new church home in the midst of Modernism takeover of American Christianity I find these podcasts so useful. They help me discern right doctrine. They are biblically sound and invite reasonable discussion. This is not emotion driven pop Christianity. They really expound Gospel Truth.
Great information
Tons of great content on a variety of Christian topics.
Good word
Good biblical short encouragements
Excellent Understandable Exegetical
One of the many things I appreciate about this podcast is it’s exegetical and easy to understand approach to whatever is being spoken of. Andrew is very humble in his speaking and always brings the Gospel. To God be all the glory.
I heard about this man through Wretched radio’s Todd Friel. After listening to an episode I was hooked. Andrew does not need any fancy music or any gimmicks to hook you. I love that he is humble enough to read even the not very nice reviews on his podcast. Highly recommend this podcast.
Andrew does a great job of taking time and viewing many different sides of the story as well as thoroughly explaining his beliefs.
Thoughtful daily ministry in 2-minutes
This is a great short form podcast that explores pop topics, Christian interpretations, and scripture. I like Andrew Rapport’s thoughtful approach and delivery. If you want a quick daily dose of theology to feed your spirit, definitely subscribe.
Hi Andrew, Thank you for coming out to Redwood City for the conference. I’ve since been listening to your podcast and it’s been very encouraging and challenging. Keep up the good work! -Tall Andrew
Highly recommended and Biblically sound Christian podcast!
Highly recommended and Biblically sound Christian podcast hosted by a wonderful ministry with Striving For Eternity (.org). Andrew Rappaport reached out to help me and my family at one of the lowest points in my life. He drove nearly 2 hours each way to my house, took me out to lunch and spent 3 hours with me, talking about everything I've ever wanted to ask a true Theologian. He answered all of my questions and helped share scripture plus gave me a wonderful teacher's bible and really helped me get back on the path. I've been a student of his Striving For Eternity and have successfully used several of his transitional conversation methods successfully. I would also recommend Andrew's book, "What Do They Believe?" which really helps Christians have a strong grasp on the doctrines and beliefs of other religions. Great work Andrew, thank you for shining your Light for Christ!
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Grapplers Quest
Bitesize brilliance!
If you are looking to learn theology and apologetics but you suffer from a short attention span like I do? Then this is the ONLY podcast for you! Each of the 2 minute episodes are packed with more information than most shows cover in 10x the time! The longer episodes are just as informative and engaging. If youre looking for GROWTH then this podcast PROJECT from Andrew Rappaport is for you!
Eric Bennett
Striving for Eternity Ministries is a beacon in the dark seeking to reach the lost. Andrew is very knowledgeable and loves the Lord. I would love to go to Jersey Fire one day and do some street witnessing. Check out the Rapp Report on ITunes.
Good topics, good discussion and good resource
I'm not one for writing reviews but felt The Rapp Report is one worth putting a shout out. If you like things theology you'll like The Rapp Report
Prison Preacher
Edifying, God-glorifying podcast.
The topics covered on this podcast are covered graciously (such as episode 14) and biblically. I like how Andrew takes topics such as can we lose our salvation, hermeneutics, and worship wars in a presuppositonal approach. I recommend people to listen to this podcast.
Green Bay Packer Republicans
I love the humor and flow of the show. Most importantly the emphasis on proper interpretation and importance of the issues of today and addressing the culture with the gospel. Thank! Keep it going
Encouraging, Funny, and Faithful
Andrew is fantastic at discussing eternal things in a way that makes you feel at home. Not only is this show informative but it’s welcoming as well. I highly encourage anyone who wants to discuss the things of the Lord, eternity, and important matters to check out this show!
Love this show!
Andrew is a faithful Bible teacher who cuts to the chase with the daily episodes and addresses important issues with the weekly ones. Highly recommended!
Striving to be better
This podcast is an amazing addition to the Striving for eternity ministry! I enjoy learning so many things and being able to share with others
beer...whisky..theology OH MY
Amazing ministry
Striving for Eternity has literally been the anchor for my family and I for the past several years. Wonderful and engaging speaking that bring you God’s word with no filter. Everyone will definitely learn a lot. -Mitch