The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley
The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley
Dr. Andrew Farley
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Is suicide an unforgivable sin?
Do we go immediately to Heaven after we die? My brother committed suicide, and I wonder if he could have a second chance with God? Is suicide an unforgivable sin? How did Catholicism perpetuate this idea? What do you think of the Freemasons movement?
Apr 18
25 min
Forgiven but judged? Makes no sense!
If God remembers our sins no more, are we judged for them? Why does James say to confess our sins to one another? For what reason if we’re already forgiven? Why doesn’t God just forgive and save everyone?
Apr 17
25 min
What does “repent” really mean?
What does repent actually mean in Acts 2:38? I go to three churches, so do I need to tithe to all of them? What does Jesus mean when He says in Matthew 17 that they don’t have mustard-seed-sized faith? My wife wants to divorce me. What should I do?
Apr 16
25 min
“I struggle with sexual fantasy…”
What is the gift of tongues? I struggle with pornography and sexual fantasy. What can I do? I’ve been a worship leader for many years, but I’m frustrated with my church. How can we keep our worship organic and meaningful?
Apr 15
25 min
Turn children or visitors away from communion?
Why do a variety of churches practice communion differently? Is church membership biblical? What does it mean to be not of this world? I argue with my friend about the Catholic view of transubstantiation. What are your thoughts? Why does God reference Able’s blood crying out? Are people who are murdered given another chance in the afterlife to repent and believe?
Apr 14
54 min
Complete in Christ - Part 2
In this next installment of our “Complete in Christ” series, we explore redemption, reconciliation, and our full assurance in Christ. We uncover the mystery Paul refers to and address false teaching and universalism. We also reflect on the practical implications of being complete in Christ and what it means to labor and strive according to God’s power at work within us. Enjoy! Discussion Questions for Colossians 1:21-2:6: Read verse 22 and react to this statement: I am reconciled to God and holy and blameless forever. Read verse 23. How does this passage respond to those who twist the meaning of this passage to promote a universal salvation? (Hint: Notice the “if” and the condition that follows.) Read verses 26-27 and Colossians 2:2. What is the mystery Paul is referring to? What does this mystery mean to you personally? Read verse 28. What does it mean for us to be complete in Christ? What practical implications does this have in your life? How does this help you avoid distractions? Read verse 29 and react to this statement: It’s not legalism to labor and strive according to God’s power at work within me. Read Colossians 2:2. In your own words, explain what is “the wealth that comes from the full assurance of understanding.” Read Colossians 2:6. What attitude or approach did we have at salvation? How can we walk in that same approach today (after we’re saved)?
Apr 14
35 min
“I’m a pastor and have never taught tithing!”
What is the purpose of the Mark 7 discussion on dogs eating crumbs from the table? What is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? I’ve been a pastor for many years and have never taught tithing. Grace giving works!
Apr 12
25 min
All or Nothing -  Episode 2
 In this three-part series, Dr. Andrew Farley and Pastor Tim Chalas engage in entertaining conversation filled with surprising and powerful truths. This is a fun and freeing series you don’t want to miss!  
Apr 12
23 min
“Is their blood on our hands?”
I’ve been told we need to confront other people about their struggles, or their blood is on our hands. Is this true? Is tithing for New Testament believers? How do you prove to Jehovah’s Witnesses that Jesus is God? Do humans really have free will? We make choices everyday, but aren’t we always slaves of something?
Apr 11
25 min
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