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So many podcasts are about our digital devices. Analog(ue) is a show about how these devices make us feel and how they change our lives for the better, but also for the worse. Hosted by Myke Hurley and Casey Liss.
183: The Ultimate Out-of-Office
Nov 15
1 hr 18 min
182: It Doesn't Seem like an Impossibility
Myke is settling in to his studio; Casey is well settled in self employment.
Oct 11
1 hr 20 min
181: You Should Do This, This, This and This!
The world is a difficult place right now, but there are some bright spots too.
Sep 6
1 hr 21 min
180: Throwin' Sparks
Trying to find more normalcy where we can. And yes, we talk about F1 again,
Aug 8
1 hr 17 min
179: Maximum Online
We had a lot of follow up to cover – there's an awful amount of stuff going on.
Jul 5
1 hr 38 min
178: Take The Time to Look Around
Myke and Casey do their best to discuss the protests in America against police brutality.
Jun 7
1 hr 11 min
177: I've Looked Across The Internet
Casey and Myke want to talk about something else; they only partially succeed.
May 10
1 hr 10 min
176: Exactly What I Needed
Casey and Myke talk about how they are handling their lives right now. They talk about what they are commiserating, what they are celebrating, and what they find comforting.
Apr 19
1 hr 19 min
175: I Will Rearrange My Life for You
Casey released his app, Myke got a studio.
Mar 8
1 hr 19 min
174: They're Just Flexing
Myke went to Disneyland! Casey has a new app!
Feb 9
1 hr 27 min
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