An Irishman Abroad
An Irishman Abroad
Jarlath Regan
Jarlath Regan presents An Irishman Abroad - 3 diverse weekly podcasts featuring the greatest Irish people of all time talking about their lives, politics, health, wellness and everything in between. Along with regular contributors Sonia O’Sullivan (Irishman Running Abroad) and Marion McKeone (Irishman In America), these podcasts are renowned for the depth and quality of its long form interviews. Previous guests include Brian O’Driscoll, Sir Bob Geldof, Tommy Tiernan, Aisling Bea, Hozier, Sarah Silverman, John C. Reilly, Paul McGrath, Boy George, Paul Mescal, Sharon Horgan, Lisa Hannigan and Dylan Moran. To hear access the full back catalogue of hundreds of interviews dating back to 2013 and to unlock the full version of each weekly episode visit An Irishman Abroad is a winner of iTunes Store’s Best New Audio Podcast. The series has been featured in iTunes’ ”Best of” lists, Soundcloud and Podbean’s Most Popular Podcasts lists in multiple years. Recommended by The Guardian, Hot Press, Huffington Post, Telegraph, Times, BBC, RTE and Podfather himself, Marc Maron.
London City Marathon 2024 Sights & Sounds - Irishman Running Abroad
Run the 2024 TCS London City Marathon alongside Jarlath Regan, Sonia O’Sullivan, Vinny Mulvey and 50,000 amazing humans raising more than 1 billion pounds for charities and causes. Hear all the sounds of this massive event and let Jarlath take you inside the turmoil that unfolds at 38km. This year he was running for Kidney Care UK. If you can, please support him and the work this amazing charity does each year to help people suffering with kidney disease and related illnesses You can also come and see Jarlath in person. He is on tour all over the UK, Ireland and America
Apr 24
47 min
Trump's Worst Week Ever, Iran, Big Bird & More - Irishman In America with Marion McKeone
Another jam packed episode with the Washington Correspondent Marion McKeone and comedian Jarlath Regan looking back on all the big news stories. Including Trump’s jury selection conundrum, Iran’s attack on Israel, RFK Jnr loses his family’s support, Mike Johnson splintered aid bill and Big Bird goes on strike?
Apr 19
36 min
Cobh 2024 Sights & Sounds -  Irishman Running Abroad With Sonia O'Sullivan
Sonia’s squad of hand-picked listeners head to Cobh after 3 months of training under her guidance. It’s a jam packed episode full of the sights and sounds of the race weekend.
Apr 10
48 min
Threat Level Midnight - The RFK Problem & Israel's Fork In The Road - Irishman In America
How did Trump get that big discount? Who supplied the money? And will Lara Trump’s version of a Tom Petty classic break the internet? Marion McKeone looks back on a crazy couple of weeks in US politics and international news. From the Baltimore shipping disaster theories to Biden’s response to the latest aid worker killings in Israel - there’s a lot to catch up on in this week’s episode.
Apr 5
33 min
Sonia's Cross Training Guide - Irishman Running Abroad
If you’re running you need a bit of cross training in your week - why do we all find it so hard? And can Sonia O’Sullivan help? Yes she can!
Mar 27
33 min
Running mates, Leo Bows Out, Nancy & SB4 - Irishman In America with Marion McKeone
This week Marion interviewed Nancy Pelosi. She recaps the conversation with comedian Jarlath Regan and together they reflect on the latest news from the campaign trail. Can Donald produce the cash to pay his bond on Monday? Is the bond amount too high? Marion has a surprising take on this one.
Mar 22
35 min
Shoes Glorious Shoes & The Road To Cobh Week 9 - Irishman Running Abroad
Athletics legend Sonia O’Sullivan and comedian Jarlath Regan talk shoes, training and the Road To Cobh. Hear the full episode at
Mar 13
29 min
Supreme Court Tuesday & The Irish Oscars - Irishman In America with Marion McKeone
Super Tuesday was anything but super. Marion McKeone reflects on the most pedestrian Grand National of all time. Can this Donkey Derby between two candidates nobody seems to want change? But wait, doesn’t one of the candidates owe a half a billion dollars? The Supreme Court seems very happy to assist him in stalling but surely the bond will have to be paid. Their ruling over Colorado, where is Ron DeSantis, IVF in Alabama and is there such a thing as political fitness? There’s so much to cover this week. That’s why we give you a double size episode each week for our members. Visit to access everything including big interviews with people like Mary Robinson, Gabriel Byrne, Bob Geldof and Imelda May.
Mar 8
36 min
How To Handle A Dip In Training Motivation - Irishman Running Abroad With Sonia O'Sullivan
It’s week 7 of the 2024 Road To Cobh so it’s totally normal to have a bit training fatigue. That can manifest in many ways. Loss of running libido is just one of them! Sonia is here to help. Today we get the squad provide the questions and we get to check in on their progress. Sonia recommends a brilliant new book by Frank O’Mara and we announce the winners of the Cobh 10 early bird prize. A luxurious stay at Fota Island’s 5 star resort could be yours! Listen now to find out if you have won. This week Patreon members you are getting a full 35 mins of extra Sonia expertise and eve nmore insight in the ten mile training plan. Thanks to the members for always supporting our show. Do you have anything you want to ask Sonia? Is there a race or Parkrun you would like featured on the show? Why not get in touch
Feb 28
32 min
Biden's Gaza Shame & Can Someone Else Pay Trump's Tab? - Irishman In America With Marion McKeone
Unflappable. That’s one word to describe Donald Trump. In the face of being ordered to pay almost a half a billion dollars by the courts he seems unperturbed. Why? Does Marion know something we don’t know about how he plans to pay this money back? As she explains, there is no wriggling out of this one. Meanwhile rubble is being bombed in Gaza and the last remaining people fleeing the conflict pray for an end has Biden forgotten how powerful he is or wussed out? A piece in the Guardian this week has sparked a conversation around the perplexing actions of the President and how weak and heartless it is starting to make him and his foreign policy advisors look. In the final part of our episode Marion examines Liz Truss’ performance at CPAC and the company she now keeps, Nikki Hayley’s attempts to cobble together some funds to keep going, Tucker’s Russian fever dream and more. If you haven’t already, maybe this is the week to join us on Patreon. Jarlath’s new standup show is on tour and all the tickets are nearly gone! Visit for info and ticket links.
Feb 23
36 min
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