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Events for Amiga and Commodore fans in Ireland and our friends overseas.
Honeybees and Scientology (unreleased episode from Dec 2021)
That’s all from us for a few months. Thanks for listening and stay tuned for new episodes in the future.
Mar 22, 2022
36 min
Grand Closing
An earlier break than usual, for longer than usual. But we’ll be back. Stay tuned!
Mar 19, 2022
3 min
Grand Opening
NEWS AmiGemini 0.6 has new features added (link) AmigaOS 3.2.1 has been released (link) SWOS World Cup Returns (link) APOLLO-CORE Update for the Vampire V2 V600 / V500 / V1200 version 2.15RC (link) A new joystick on the way – UniThor (link) TerribleFire 1260 Alpha firmware released (link) KA59 – a mechanical keyboard available from … Continue reading "Grand Opening"
Feb 20, 2022
17 min
Amiga Ireland: Beer Edition. Jan 28th & 29th 2022 in Athlone!
Flower Collage by Douglas Compton aka 10MARC – 4th place winner of the 2021 Pixel Art competiton NEWS Amiga Ireland 2022: Beer Edition. happens on Jan 28th & 29th in Athlone. Pre-book tickets on our website. (link) TF1260 gerber files released (link) DvPlayer for OS4 gets updated to version 54.7 (link)  GuideML – AmigaGuide to … Continue reading "Amiga Ireland: Beer Edition. Jan 28th & 29th 2022 in Athlone!"
Nov 5, 2021
39 min
Multimedia and Internet with Amiga
Amiga Word by TLF, 3rd place winner of the 3D Scene competition 2021 NEWS Co-hosting with us today is Eamonn aka Vectorfunk. Find him on Twitter. (link) Sonos Controller lets you control your speaker and the playback from your Amiga on OS3, 4.1 and MOS. (link) VirusZ-III Updated, now supports OS4, MOS & AROS as … Continue reading "Multimedia and Internet with Amiga"
Oct 8, 2021
22 min
Full Steam Ahead
Winter Solstice Tree 2021 by Klearchos Gourgourinis aka Muadib, 2nd place Winner of the 3D Scene competition 2021 NEWS M68k plugin developed for IntelliJ and other IDEs. (link) ZZ9000AX sound card add-on for ZZ9000 in development (link) HippoPlayer gets another update (link) Deniser, the open source chip replacement (link) Gemini Browser released by Karl Jeacle, … Continue reading "Full Steam Ahead"
Sep 30, 2021
37 min
Go Out And Play
Image: Tron Recognizer by Anthony Jarvis, 1st place at Amiga Ireland 2021 3D Competition NEWS AmiSpeedTest by Karl Jeacle- test your Amigas network/internet speed (link) vAmiga – the OCS Amiga emulator for MacOS – has come out of beta (link) OS 3.2 released (link)  AmiProv can create an OS3 partition with a network boot disk … Continue reading "Go Out And Play"
Jun 3, 2021
49 min
Image: Winter Nights by Vasilis Psomiadis, 3rd place winner at Amiga Ireland 2021 NEWS Dublin Maker 2021 (link) TF1230 Design Complete (link) PiStorm – a turbo board utilising RPi (link) Raptor 1200 announced by Apollo Team (link) Fusion Magazine – Amiga special issue made freely available (for now?) as PDF (link) TF1200 Adaptor under development … Continue reading "Chipcoin"
May 6, 2021
48 min
Terrible Episode Name
Image: Time and Space by Mattie Whittle, 2nd place winner of the Amiga Ireland 2021 Pixel Art competition. NEWSAmiberry 4.1 has come out of beta and is available for download (link)AROS One has a new release (link)GoShell, an attractive, full-screen shell for Amiga (link) After 12 years, Jurassic Pack diskmag is back (link)Amiga Forever 9 … Continue reading "Terrible Episode Name"
Apr 7, 2021
52 min
How Do They Do That?
(Image: Heavy Metal Amiga by Eric Hill aka – 1st place winner of the Pixel Art category, Creative Competition 2021) NEWS MsMadLemon is in the New York Times talking about retro computing. (link) Amiga Ireland 2021 Youtube playlist has been uploaded with all scheduled features (link) Amiga for Mortals blog (link) Amiga Ireland 2021 … Continue reading "How Do They Do That?"
Mar 4, 2021
53 min
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