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Like talking with friends!
I started quilting right before the pandemic and therefore haven’t been able to join a guild or meet up with quilters near me. This podcast helps give me a sense of community and it almost feels like talking about quilting with friends who are much more experienced than I am and are able to give me lots of pointers. Thanks to this podcast I now am a subscriber to the American Patchwork magazine and I make sure to look for antique quilts in every antique store and estate sale I go to. I have also visited some of the shops that are showcased in the episodes which is super cool! I listen to the episodes in the car when I’m dropping my 3 month old off at daycare and she calms right down when she hears the hosts’ voices. I like to think that not only am I learning valuable skills but I’m also teaching the next generation of quilters every time I tune into this fantastic podcast. Thank you ladies for helping develop my passion for quilting!
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Quilty Chemist
I just love it!
I’ve only been a listener for a couple months-since the podcast changed hosts/format-so this review is for the newer shows. I enjoy it! The topics are interesting, helpful, and put together very thoughtfully. I’m listening to all the shows with the new format (starting season 10, I believe).
Bright spot during the pandemic
I found this podcast in March of 2020. Ever since, I look forward to new episodes on Mondays. I also go back to the plenty of older episodes and keep getting great tips each time I listen. Hearing the hosts friendly voices has been great for my stress and encourages me to keep up with my quilt projects.
Quirk Quilter
Lots of tips and ideas
Listening to this podcast led me to subscribe to American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. I’d never have done so if I hadn’t first discovered the podcast. The friendly hosts and the tips and information they share are fun to listen to while I’m sewing.
Needlework nerd
Love it!
I am working on my very first quilt after having sewn clothes since grade school. I wanted to try quilting back when I was around 40 and my girls were in school, but my first experience was with a great teacher, however, I had problems being accurate and this frustrated me as I thought, if I can sew clothes, why can’t I sew quilts?! So I sold my cutting table, got rid of all the rulers and things and went back to sewing garments which I still love to do. Always in the back of my head though it has nagged me and I really wanted to make quilts. Big difference, I guess I’m older, found a great “teacher who cheers me on, and I’ve decided to enjoy the process! No matter where it leads me. And I really am excited! I enjoy listening to your podcast while walking my dog and driving in the car , making use of that time. Learning so many new things. Thank you for all your hard work!
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Newbie Podcaster
I just started listening to this podcast and I love it! I usually listen when I’m driving or quilting (or organizing!). I would like to know how I can listen to them in order from the beginning and some other tips on using a podcast. I’m usually trying to figure this out when I’m at a stoplight🚙! I have been quilting for about 45 years and I find that listening gets me motivated to head downstairs to my studio~ although I’ve heard some new ideas also. P. S. I have every single issue of American Patchwork & Quilting from the premier issue up to now!
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Beginning music
The music this begins with is old fashion sounding and whistling is brutal.
Great walking companion
I love American Patchwork and Quilting podcast. I listen to it on my Monday morning walk and even if I don’t feel like exercising, I go because I look forward to the podcast. The jingle at the beginning gets me in step. I always learn something too and ‘meet’ quilting personalities I follow on social media. Thanks for making such an interesting and fun program.
Change is not for me
Great tips!
I enjoyed Episode 509 so much. I’ve been quilting for almost 30 years and I’m still learning new things. APQ podcasts are always full of great content and tips. Thanks for this great resource.
MamaBaer Quilts
Book Reports
The content is good but it sounds like they're all reading grade school book reports. Like The Reading Rainbow except it's media magazine professionals. It would be easier to listen if they were less rehearsed, more off the cuff, more conversational than book-reporting.
Thank you
Thank you so much for your podcasts. What a difference they have made in my life this past year! From your quilting tips to interviews with national and international quilters, I can’t wait for your next program! Congrats on 500 episodes, I have listened to some more than once! Here’s to 500 more!! Jeanne G. Pacific, Missouri
J. Giebe
Love Listening
I so hooked on this podcast. I find it very interesting and informational. I’m listening to all the past episodes. I not only listen while quilting but also when I’m doing housework and walking. Thank you so much for such valuable information.
Want Disney back
I look forward to this every Monday morning!
Feels too scripted
The delivery doesn’t feel genuine - reading a script and over-enthusiastic delivery. Please be more natural and engaging. Feels very beginner-level content.
Is this a magazine or Podcast?.
So, I have read some of the reviews for I am new to listening to Podcast. But, you’re reading a script.The young ladies that are hosting now are doing fine! They’re energetic! They are so that they sound like they are on a hamster wheel. Slow it down! You provide great info but... you’re speaking too quickly a lot is lost. No response to your reviews.
Rosaries of faith
Need better content
I’ve been a fan in the past, but the new hosts sound like they’re reading a script and the content is mostly things we already know. A little disappointed!
Reading a script
The majority of the podcast are the hosts and guests reading a script. It’s not the conversation between friends/colleagues/fellow artists that I long for. I was excited about the format change in 2019 because they share good information. I struggle with the scripted format.
Organize Projects for the Future
Just recently found American Patchwork & Quilting’s podcast and have listened to several already-they really get me motivated to start making more time for quilting and thinking about my projects. Just finished this episode and I am ready to start organizing! Also the interview with Susan Cleveland was great! First I have heard of Piping Hot Binding - sounds fantastic along with other techniques that were mentioned. Always great to learn new things! Very inspiring podcasts - you feel like you are in the room and a part of it!
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UFO’s podcast 1-2020
This was my first time to listen! So impressed with everyone’s knowledge and tips. I had a quilt shop back in the early 1980’s when there wasn’t much coverage. I went to a seminar in Kansas City with Eleanor Burns and had the time of my life and learned so much! Georgia Bonesteele was another big name at the time. Fast forward to today with the internet and so many giving people sharing their skills to the world. I am back quilting after retirement, and I’m entering a whole new world! Glad I found you!
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the beulah b
So inspiring
Today’s podcast was wonderful. Entertaining and inspiring. I try to walk twice a day and especially look forward to my Monday walks when I can listen to the latest American Patchwork and Quilting podcast. Today’s podcast reaffirmed in me how blessed I am to have such a wonderful hobby that brings joy to me as well as to those I gift a quilt to. Quilting has made this time in my life so rewarding. Thank you for all the great tips and information, and also highlighting what wonderful people quilters are!
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Merigold quilter
Great Inspiration and Tips
I listen to the podcast every week, usually on my drive home from work. I always feel inspired to make the time to sew and try new things. I’m also a fan of APQ magazines.
Dog-Walking Momma
Great Quilting Podcast
I look so forward to my ride home from work on Tuesday and to work on Wednesday as I always listen to the American Patchwork and Quilting Podcast. Love listening to the answers to questions that have been sent in by average quilters like me. The interviews are so inspirational and informative about people that I never would have followed on Instagram or read their blogs! Keep up the great work🧵✂️
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Always trying to eat right'
Great inspiration!
I love listening to the All People Quilt podcast while I commute in the car and look forward to the new shows each week. The interviews are fascinating and I learn a lot of new things. And I like that the links are easy to find in the show notes in case I want to learn more about the conversation once I am not driving.
So fun and inspiring!
Thanks for your weekly podcast! I look forward each week to hear what's new and who's making what! I love the show notes, too! Lindsey does as great job introducing guests! The guests are so talented and share so much! I just love everything about this podcast! Thanks to American patchwork and Quilting for keeping me inspired and informed!! I just relistened to the UFO podcast and feel like I'm ready to fill out my form that I copied from the notes and get started!!! Thanks again!
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Really love this podcast
I am a new quilter at my semi-retired age and this podcast has many many tips, ideas, wonderful guest speakers and I often feel as thought I am within the conversation. It has also introduced me to well known quilters, artists and techniques. I look forward to each podcast
New Quilter
Just recently started quilting and when I learn a new skill, I go ALL IN. I’ve checked out books, taken classes and now listen to this podcast. I’ve tried listening to others but I truly love the layout of this podcast and all the great useful information. I only wish I could SEE what they are talking about while they are talking. Probably not great for my commute!! Thanks again.
Stop with the monotone
I love the information contained in your podcasts but I cringe every time I hear the monologue given in such a flat narration. Can you please not sound like you’re reading off a script??
Not good for listening...need to view too
I listened to 1 episode and am not a fan. It might be better if viewing. The interviewee seems to get off topic a lot.
I look forward to this podcast!!
Every Monday on my commute, I tune in to this podcast and look forward to it every week!!
I’m a fan girl!
A few months ago I began listening to podcasts daily, and it was only a matter of time until I came across American Patchwork & Quilting’s podcast. I have enjoyed their magazine since I began quilting and I love that it has evolved with the times while staying true to its roots. I now listen as I start my day, and always when I’m in the car. I’m currently back to the archives in 2016! I might be the only one at the gym brushing up on organization tips while I burn those donuts off! Thanks for everything you do to keep the content fresh and fun, and for bringing the crafting greats to us! @sew.nancy
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New format rocks!
I find I’m listening much more often as I’m learning something new in each episode. I find the content more fresh. Thank you!
I love the new format!
I feel like I learn something new every single week. The guests are so inspiring and I’m always sad when the podcast is over. Thank you, Teresa
Love the New Format!
I am loving the new format of one of my favorite podcast. I liked Pat Sloan, and was unsure about the change. While I am not a new quilter, I still learn something from every episode. I also appreciate the diverse voices that have participated in the show.
Dislike New Format, Hosts
Pat Sloan’s style took me a couple of shows to get into, but I really liked her podcast for the three years I’ve listened. She had great hosts and I always learned something. The new show is simply a long ad (with ads!) for the magazine and provides me with little else. Often the hosts sound like they’re reading and I don’t like so many hosts — it’s distracting. They don’t sound confident in what they are doing. Plus, the content is no longer interesting or relevant to me -- it’s soooo basic. Don’t know what happened with the Pat/APQ relationship but having her gone means I’m gone (as a listener), too.
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First timer
Have had my iPhone for years and didnt know what podcast was! My daughter kept talking about it and she showed me so i entered quilting and saw your podcast. I had some chores in the kitchen and know i get side tracked if the tv is on so i listened to 2 of your segments... im hooked Thank you Tracy
Good topics, great hosts!
The podcast is fun to listen to and covers a lot of great topics. I’m a new quilter and I’ve listened to a few episodes and have already found some helpful information. Full disclosure, one of the hosts is in my local guild, but I feel these lovely ladies have great interview skills and you can tell they are genuinely interested in the people they speak with and the topics that are discussed. Looking forward to learning so much more as I work my way through the back catalog of episodes. —Josh
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Knitter Josh
I Love this podcast!I
I am new to quilting and have been throwing myself into it trying to learn everything I can! This podcast has been so delightful to listen to on my way to and from work. The topics are always interesting and the host and guests always offer little tidbits and insight on the quilting world with new tips and tricks. I only wish they would put episodes out more often so I have more to listen to!
Mander S
Bring back Pat!
This was one of my favorite podcasts to listen to when Pat Sloan interviewed people. Now it’s just drivel in a couple irritating voices I can’t stomach. Sorry, but I’m afraid I need to unsubscribe.
drunksrd's path
I love season 10!
I started listening to this podcast a few months ago, but I just couldn’t get engaged in the content. I just recently decided to give it a try once more and discovered the new format of Season 10 and I love it! I’m really enjoying listening and I find the new content very helpful and engaging. Well done!
Need to restore iPhone
Where is Pat??? Bring her back!😭
Everything from the music to the adds & overexcited intros make me think it’s for four year olds. So sorry for the makers to hear this but really...could you tone it down a bit?!
Miss Pat
I haven’t decided if I like the new format. I liked Pat’s interviews. I’d like to hear more interviews and less fill. It feels like the tv show only in audio.
Lacking new content
The new podcast is merely an audio supplement to the magazine.
Love the new format!
The new format is great, and I really enjoyed hearing how Guicy Guice came up with the name for his new fabric line and I really need to go find that new to me starch pen! Thanks for a fun listen!
Disappointed in new format
I loved listening to Pat Sloan interview all of her guests and eagerly looked forward to a new episode each week. I’m not at all a fan of the new format however... it’s too much like listening to a magazine. It’s also shorter than the earlier podcast but with just as many annoying ad interruptions, no longer sounds conversational and basically has lost everything I enjoyed about it. Once I finish listening to the older recordings from the years before I started following it, I’ll be unsubscribing.
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Fresh new perspective
The previous host did a great job but the new format is a nice change of pace. I love the new interviewer, Jess’ personality!
Best Quilting Podcast!
I love this podcast! It’s so fun to hear from the experts each week as they share tips about a variety of sewing topics. I enjoy hearing about what’s new and trending in the quilting world and the interviews with popular designers. I feel like the hosts are my quilting buddies and I play the podcast while sewing — it’s like I’m at a retreat! Keep up the great work!
Used to love
So disappointed in the new format. I have listened for the past 8 years but now unsubscribed.
I Love Pat Sloan
I was very disappointed to learn Pat Sloan will no longer be hosting. Heartbroken really, thankfully I have ten years of podcasts to listen to, but I will not be subscribing under the new format and new hosts. Pat will be missed.
No Linda Hahn
Enjoyed Heidi Staples and Jacquelynne Steves, but the rest of the podcast was blank. Heard nothing from Linda Hahn. 🙁
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