Ambient Soundbath Podcast
Ambient Soundbath Podcast
Universal Mind/ Matt Borghi
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Calming a turbulent soul
This is a wonderful find for me. I listen to it while journaling and I helps access a deeper place. Relaxing but also can stay alert.
Thank you!
Great stuff! Instrumental performances are stellar. Thanks for helping all of us. Your work matters out here
Love, love, love ❤️❤️❤️
This podcast is a lifesaver in a sea of uncertainty. The reliable tranquility of compositions calms a choppy mind. Matt is the peaceful captain of a serene ship.
Thank you
... Peacefully
Budding Realist
Sure to help you relax (and fall asleep)
I listen to this almost every night as I fall asleep. I usually am able to envision myself floating in space, among the stars and planets. Sometimes I start listening to it as I read before bed. Even great for naps. Love it - thank you for creating these wonderful sound scapes!
I like:)
Calming so i thank you to whomever produced this podcast!!
A atmospheric, soundtrack machine
Love the podcast, fantastic ambient mixes. Great mood and atmosphere. Helps me in my creative work. Keep ‘em coming please.
A constant companion
Your show has been a ongoing and important part of my life for years now. My kids even joke about my ambient sound baths. I cannot count the number of days (nor can they) that have begun or ended with the words, “Welcome to the ambient soundbath podcast.” Keep producing Matt. Your work has become a constant companion.
LO Mike
The Best. Love the show. Better than anything out there. You are best.
Tee Fab
Excellent Music
I have followed this podcast for years. The latest episode is the best yet. Keep it up!
S. Phillip S.
Always listen as soon as I can, and often several times
.. yes.. this is it, chief
Best Ambient for Studying!
I’ve gotten so much done listening to this podcast! Cheers!
As to Number 46:
Now THIS is drone style, as plain and true as any you’d ever want to hear. My compliments on a superb show.
Really enjoy this podcast
This podcast is great for meditation and relaxation. Excellently curated and delivered frequently enough. 5 stars from me
My favorite podcast
Every episode has something unique and beautiful. It's the only podcast that makes me want to hear old episodes again. Not every piece is technically "ambient," but most are. The podcast also avoids the ambient trope of including pieces with piercing indigenous flutes. Like seriously, that's not relaxing. It's helped me discover a lot of great artists and provides the soundtrack to some of my more "chemically assisted" meditations. There's no talk, no chit chat, just straight music. Truly wonderful stuff.
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Amazing #57 Parallax Drone
This was very helpful for me to reorient my mind. Thank you.
Classic ambient. Really enjoyed this.