Almost 30
Almost 30
Lindsey Simcik
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Used to love
This podcast was great a year or two ago, it was super funny and I used to listen to it everyday. Now I feel like it’s not relatable and these Qanon ppl they follow and have brought in to speak is mind boggling.
I used to love these girls but something is weird
Seems like Krista has gone down the Qanon hole. She is extremely vague about the current political climate. I have some hope for Lindsey who is actually hilarious and down to earth, but I feel like she is complicit towards Krista. Lindsey are you ok?
big fan ep
My pre frontal cortex needs more than these two
I can’t take a podcast seriously if it’s hosted by two ding bat girls who have zero life experience.
Looooove this podcast.
Krista and Lindsey are like the best friends you never had. So genuine, compassionate and inspiring. Love this show.
This got weird, quickly.
I used to be a huge fan of this pod, it may even be the podcast I’ve listened to the longest... but something about the content in the past year simply does not sit right with me. I think these women are slowly showing their true colors and it’s privileged and alarming. Krista has got to go. Peace out ladies, unsubbed. Hopefully you two find some responsibility in your 30s.
Opened my eyes to a new world
Strangely enough, I heard about this podcast through tik tok. Someone stared it on their page as a podcast to listen to if you’re going through a spiritual awakening. Since that was exactly where I was in my life, I jumped right into the podcast and I have listened to it EVERY DAY since. Krista and Lindsey and attending guests on the pod have truly opened my eyes to so many beautiful ways of thinking that I’ve never experienced before. I’m 32 years old and I’m finally taking hold of my life and reinventing my identity through self love and spirituality. I feel like a wealth of knowledge and the best version of myself by exploring the topics discussed in each episode. I have recommended this podcast to everyone I know that would feel the same away about it and I will continue to. Thank you thank you thank you, ladies, for following your calling to start this podcast. It really has transformed my life.
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Paige Spowart
Changed my life
This review is so overdue it isn’t even funny. I think Ive been putting off writing this review because how do I even creat the words do describe the amazingness that is this podcast? I feel like Krista and Lindsey are my best friends and pick the best guests for our collective growth. My spirituality is off the charts these days, in large part thanks to K&L. Listening this podcast has been so incredibly transformational for me; each episode I come away with a deeper connection, understanding, or new thought process. I recommend this podcast to literally everyone!!! Please listen you will not be disappointed!
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I mean
I hated it. Bunch of normie white girls talking about juicers. I barely got 10 min in because of how privileged and out of touch they sounded.
dill ocean
I love this podcast!
I recently discovered this podcast and I’m so glad that there are so many episodes to binge!
So much love for Krista and Lindsey! Cannot express how much these two + their amazing guests have helped me on my own journey through this podcast. So grateful for his podcast and HIGHLY recommend—there is something for everyone.
Spiritually empty
Sharing spirituality that leads people astray.
Like chatting with your girlfriends
I listen to Krista and Lindsey everyday lately because they go deep and talk about important topics but also they’re hilarious and fun and it’s like chatting with girlfriends. It’s a great way to start the day! ❤️🎉
Love, Love, LOVE <3
Krista and Lindsey are incredible, open-minded, beautiful, hilarious, deep, wise, kind, and basically everything that makes a person awesome. I have been listening to Almost 30 for years now, and this show has gotten me through some very tough times, and it has also celebrated with me through life’s beautiful moments. Lindsey and Krista are the best listeners, ask important questions, and the guests that come on always blow my mind and inspire. I just love this podcast more than I can express, really. <333
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AHA moments with Elisa Romeo
Wow talking about false light i realized so much on this. To fully out myself i feel like i have fallen into this pattern of just seeking love in every situation and almost ignoring the dark. Especially with people that are triggering to me, like, i don't want to go there. At times i find myself ignoring the dark altogether. I do have a desire to be a healer. I have unresolved trauma and a lot to dig deep on. I’ve been anxious talking to anyone in the past few months after having my baby and feel like a different person. But to be honest this issue has been lingering over my head since i started my spiritual path January 2019. Spiritual bypass keeps popping up in my head as a knowing that I'm doing this but i didn't understand it until i heard Elisa explain. She definitely speaks to me. Thanks for always keeping it real, love this podcast! I have shivers and am processing a lot now 💜
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Tried to like it
I started early in the show and liked it and then it turned into interviews with “spiritual” people who in reality are just mentally ill. They are self indulgent, use terms like “download”, and talk about aliens, and it is honestly laughable how nuts these people sound. Krista is especially irritating as a host and the entitlement that comes out from these people is cringey to say the least. It would be interesting if these kinds of selfishly “spiritual” people put their energy into actually helping the world rather than their image.
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6 Tips to Building Confidence.
I found your podcast 3 days ago. I just turned 30 in November, and getting married at the end of this year. I have a great job that I love. Everything in my life is great. But somehow, I still feel like something is missing. Your podcast fell into my lap and I couldn’t be more grateful. I just got done listening to the 6 Tips to Building Confidence show, and I found myself nodding along, tears in my eyes, knowing it was exactly what I needed to hear. That my feelings are valid. Thank you for being honest and real and vulnerable...and sharing your experiences. & letting us know, we aren’t alone!👏🏼👏🏼
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Been listening for several years and never get sick of this podcast. Love how down to earth K + L are and the variety of guests!
Molly o1234556890
Grounding podcast
Yeah it’s hard.. I used to LOVE this podcast and honestly it changed my life. I learned about meditation, spirituality, many self care techniques, inner child work, and many interesting esoteric pieces of information. However their guests and topics kinda fell off and episodes are a bit more bland. The hosts are human and therefore not perfect, but not on the top of my list for podcasts anymore
Rebecca :)))
Can’t stop listening, I’m super grateful to find this content! ☺️
70% Promotion and advertising 20% content
The episode I just listened to had 18 minutes of self-promotional fluff, aimless chatter, and ads before the actual episode began.
hopeless sony owner
The best!!!!
I love K + L so much! This podcast is so much fun. It has expanded me tremendously. I actually love listening to their updates. They have the best guests and love the questions they ask.
sandyyy y.
always entertaining
i’m not 30 but i’m enjoying this content!
Self-important, out-there, condescending, privileged, inauthentic
Barf barf barf barf. Started to go downhill with the self-important “solo episodes.” Since that time conversations are completely out-there and BLAH, not to mention they are delivered in from a condescending, privileged vantage point that couldn’t seem more inauthentic. As a longtime listener and former fan, I’m disappointed. But I can’t do it anymore. Unsubscribed, moving on.
Used to be good
The podcast seemed to have lost direction about a year ago. I’ve listened from the beginning and it seems like the hosts have gotten a little confused both in personal lives and what their listeners used to love. No interesting guests anymore.
brooke neider
Hit or miss
If you can get past the valley girl voices and first 15 minutes of nonsense where they don’t address the topic of the podcast, then the podcasts can be pretty good! It’s really a hit or miss though. I keep listening for the chance that there’s a guest worth hanging on for.
Great resource for me right now
Right now I’m about 6 episodes in and I can confidently say that every episode of Almost 30 that I’ve listened to so far has changed my life for the better in some way: a shift in perspective, an introduction to someone doing cool things, full-on disruption in the way I approach aspects of my life I feel shame around... amazing. I’ve been recommending this pod to so many of my friends and am so appreciative to have it as a resource!
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Wish there were more words in my vocabulary to explain how AMAZING this podcast is
I’ve been listening to Almost30 for over 2 years. Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write a review. Krista and Linds are so down-to-earth, authentic, and relatable. They are open and aren’t unafraid to state their opinions while interviewing guests. Krista - THANK YOU SO MUCH for your ep on Healing the Mother Wound. I have the same exact issues with my mom as you have with your mom and I’m so grateful you shared your experience in this ep. I listened to it 3 times and took detailed notes. I’ve struggled with the same issues for 20+ years. Beyond thankful that you shared your story with us. I shared the ep with my two brothers and they are so appreciative too! You are both so amazing. Please don’t ever leave the podcast space. We need you! Stay weird, stay honest. We love you ❤️
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Love these ladies!
Love how insightful they are!!!
Racist QANON supporters
Was an avid listener from 2017 to spring 2020. This podcast and the FB community have gone downhill fast. Krista Williams is an openly racist QANON supporter who frequently posts anti-Semitic and anti-black conspiracies in the secret FB group. She asks Black women for free labor and literally cries when they don’t give her what she is asking for. Lindsey is slightly better, level headed and could do the podcast solo but as of now she is complicit in Kristas delusional and problematic behavior. So disappointing to see as so many of their community members attempted to call them in but Krista keeps shoving the conspiracy theories down folks throats and they never publicly addressed their racist behavior towards wellness influencer, Maryam Ajayi or their Black fb moderator who stepped down. They also repeatedly remove members who question their QANON conspiracies. Save your self the headache, don’t listen to this racist trash podcast. Companies that continue to sponsor them, do better. Update: they now are promoting QANON conspiracy theorists as guests on their pod. And avoiding talking about voting/voters rights etc, I bet that they are Trump supporters full on.
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Best podcast
I love this podcast!! It makes me feel like I’m not alone in this journey!!
Love this Podcast!
Lady Phillips brought me to Almost 30 and I am so grateful for it! I love this podcast! From the diversity of guest, the authenticity of the hosts, and the beautiful conversations, this is a must listen!
I love this podcast!
I wasn’t sure going into it if it was going to be for me. If I don’t like most episodes I end up unsubscribing. This podcast has a winner episode every. Single. Time. I absolutely love it, it’s so real and genuine, so inspiring. I recommend it to anyone who will listen 😂 keep up the great work guys!
The holy grail of podcasts
If I could only listen to one podcast for the rest of time it would be this one! It is filled with so many inspiring guests, life advice, and tips for living our most fulfilled and Hugh vibe lives :-)
This Podcast brings me so much joy!
Almost 30 podcast came into my life at the perfect time and for almost 4 years I’ve been devouring every episode! Lindsey and Krista feel like friends and are so eloquent, interviewing suuuch amazing guests! I cannot recommended it enough! They have taught me so much and grown my passion for wellness and spirituality even more. Thank you girls, much love from a South African in Miami :)
Love this pod!!
The episodes on this podcast are so incredibly helpful and inspiring for my about-to-be-in-my-Saturn-return-self! I love tuning in every Tuesday and Thursday <3
Merrrr they’re losing it
Used to love this podcast. The beginning was eh they could been more careful with their words about some things (like krista talking about homeless people). Then the show got really awesome and helped so much with my spiritual growth! Now they’re not grounded and are kinda full of themselves. Sad to see! But that’s what happens when you get more exposure I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️
Pastel Q
I used to love this podcast. But this new turn inviting QAnon supporters on this show — it is so alarming and so harmful. Head over to the Conspirituality podcast for a deep dive into how wellness influencers are being duped into spreading racist, anti-Semitic, right wing conspiracy garbage under the guise of “saving the children.”
All episodes
Loving this podcast! I’m new to it even though I’ve heard about for a long time and now I find something great to listen too everyday
going downhill fast
ive enjoyed this podcast for awhile now and you can see what corners of the internet they've been sucked into. im all about openness to different views and subjects but you've definitely lost me with the "christ consciousness" and dog/cat psychic sessions.
Digging the topics covered and the delivery of the podcast feels both expert and relatable. I look forward to every new episode!
What’s up SATURN Return
This podcast is all I listen too . I’m currently working towards my 30s and everything on this podcast is spot on with what’s going on in my personal journey. Thanks for giving me all the good vibes , spiritual learning and laughs 💕✨
Kylie Neuby
Transformative & Down-to-Earth
Krista and Lindsey are pure joy to listen to and bring on the best guests. The conversations they spearhead are empowering, enlightening and heart felt (all with candid humor sprinkled throughout!) Love it and have recommended it to everyone I know.
Great Content
I have been listening to almost 30 for about a year and I love it. The variety of content they provide is incredible. I have learned a lot through this podcast and I look forward to each new episode. They also give great bonus information through their newsletter.
Spiritual Boss Babes
I absolutely love this podcast! I’ve only been listening since early 2020, so I have a lot of catching up to do! But the guests they have on are amazing and the topics they talk about have opened my eyes to an entire new Universe. I am loving learning about all things spiritual- from crystals to shamans to positivity and inspiration and aliens! I am 100% hooked and very inspired by these spiritual BOSS BABES!
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Love it!
Absolutely love listening to Krista and Lindsey. They feel like friends. I look forward to every episode and always learn something new, feel grounded, inspired and connected.
Feels Like I’m Hanging With Friends
I LOVE Lindsey and Krista. I mostly listen to the podcast when I’m traveling for work (which was much more pre-COVID), and on my commute to work. It feels like I’m hanging out with two of my best friends. I love their mindset, and the guests they have on. They both have the best voices for podcasting too; so soothing 😌 I learn something new every time I tune in, and I’ve also found out about a ton of great products and resources (also used their discount code a few times - thank you for the BluBlox intro ladies!) Being Almost 30 myself (currently 29), so much of what they have to say resonates deeply with me. Their show has given me clarity on issues, hard truth that I needed to hear, but also expanded my mind in so many ways. I get excited to tune in every time. Keep on doin’ ladies! Y’all are my fave ♥️
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Almost 30 is everything. The content is unmatched, their down to earth conversations feel like catching up with friends, and the community they have built is amazing. Lindsey and Krista are the best in the well-being podcast game and it shows. Grateful for this pod.
Listen & Transform
I started listening to Almost 30 in 2017 & have been a devotee ever since. The episodes are filled with knowledge & profound guests that provide no shortage of ‘ah-ha’ moments; with each episode I feel a small shift that points me closer to my best self. The best part of listening to the podcast these past years is not only the evident change I (& others) see in myself, but the undeniable change a listener can see in both Krista & Lindsey — you grow together.
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My go to podcast
Although, I’ve only listened to a few episodes I love every one I’ve heard! Lindsey + Krista are so real n funny. I love hearing their stories and all the guests they bring on are so wonderful! I love all the topics they cover. I always feel so lifted up after I listen. Thank you ladies! 💕
best thing that’s ever happened!!
Where to begin? Always insightful, inspiring, and full of incredible commentary and people on a variety of topics. I am incredibly grateful that these two beautiful womxn decided to share themselves with us and constantly create content that helps anyone navigate through this messy, beautiful, complicated, and inspiring thing we call life.
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