Almost 30
Almost 30
Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
Ep. 318 - The Journey of Body Acceptance
1 hour 16 minutes Posted Apr 23, 2020 at 3:00 am.
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Show notes


Instagram loves to kindly remind us of photos we’ve taken in the past, which can be great! But it can also invite us to criticize and compare ourselves. When this happened to Krista, what she noticed so clearly was the ways in which her body has changed over the past few years — namely, weight gain.

A few months ago, Krista was in New York City reflecting on the habits and mentalities around her body and how she has shifted away from the behaviors that kept her at the lowest weight she’s ever been. She has been learning how to live with her new body and wanted to share how she deals with body image issues, how her relationship with her body has changed over time, and some tips and resources regarding health and diet.


We also talk about:

  • How being okay with your body is an act of defiance
  • Mindset is the problem, not body
  • The energy we waste worrying about our bodies
  • Motivating yourself to do what you know is healthy
  • Answering your questions about body acceptance
  • Not letting the patriarchy win


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