All Things Latina Podcast
All Things Latina Podcast
Tani Estefy
Welcome to All Things Latina Podcast where you will find topics relating to business, career and a kick of motivation. Listen in..and you'll learn a thing or two! IG: AllThingsLatinaPodcast
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Listened to your episode where you were detained in Russia! I can’t imagine having to stay over night with no explanation 😳 it’s amazing how you remained calm & composed! Inspiring!
Bomb Podcast
Thank you for all the knowledge you bring to the Latina community!!! I look forward to every episode and you have a great voice.
The Best Podcast!
Very educational I look forward to every new episode. I learn something new every time. Keep it up!
I love love this podcast!
If you are looking for a friend a guide or advice on life, business and career this is your girl! Can’t wait for more !!
I feel like a have a new friend
Great tips and guidance on a lot of topics I’ve had on my mind for quite some time. I get motivated and take notes on things I’ve never thought of doing before. So excited for more. Keep going, you’re awesome!
Great content here she gives good tips on how to be successful and inspirational advice.
Inspriation 1.0
OMG love this podcast!!!! It’s so relatable and also greats tips to take in. I love her enthusiasm and the Latina power vibes! Will definitely recommend it to all my ladies.
Ms. Maximo
I love this podcast! Great motivation
I love this podcast! I’m hooked! I can’t wait to listen to more. Very inspiring and motivational topics.
Latina + Business + Career !
This is such an inspiring podcast. Really enjoy how sincere and knowledgable she is. I will definetly be listening to the future podcast episodes.
Amazing podcast! Great tips for career and self-fulfillment!
Dennise Alexandra
I love this podcast!! Must listen!!
If you are seeking development in business or career this is your kind of podcast! Really looking forward to the upcoming episodes!
Morning drive or late night listen!
I love this podcast!! I highly recommend it!! It definitely allows me to see things from a different perspective! She’s super relatable and pleasant to listen to!! Can’t wait for more episodes !!!