All the Books!
All the Books!
Book Riot
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Sincere thank you from reader
I love the hosts. I love the variety of books recommended. I love the hosts synopsis of their recommended book. I’ve gained a wealth of amazing new authors and new books for a lifetime. Look forward to a new episode every week. Thank you so much for this podcast! ❤️
I get so many recs this way and have been listening for years!
Enjoyable, but some issues
I miss the days of Rebecca being Liberty’s co-host, but I’ve really enjoyed Tirzah and Kelly’s episodes and I understand why it’s difficult to keep one co-host all the time. I saw complaints in other reviews about Liberty’s voice, pace, etc and while I get it, I just find Liberty to be so endearing and enthusiastic that I am able to tune out the fact that she doesn’t use a voice coach or whatever it is that people want from her. I hate quibbling about personal preferences, but I’ve struggled to relate with the co-host Patricia. I love her personality that shines through, but I literally fast forward through the punny singing at the beginning of every backlist episode she does because it grates on me. And she mainly recommends graphic novels and non-fiction that I’m just not interested in so I don’t think I’ve ever picked up a book she has recommended. I, too, wish less plot was revealed in the course of their discussions. A better balance between enthusiasm and mystery would be lovely! And maybe fewer middle grade/YA recommendations as well. I super enjoy this podcast for the most part and have gotten a lot of recommendations from Tirzah and Kelly especially. Glad to have it in my feed!
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I’ve seen a lot of other reviews that say the same as I’m thinking, stop reiterating everything that happens in the book please! I get excited about a recommendation and then Liberty keeps saying “and then... and then...” and by the time she’s done I feel like there’s no point in reading it myself.
This podcast keeps my TBR growing!
I have been listening to this podcast for just over a year now and it is my favorite Book Riot podcast. Liberty is so well read, and we have a similar taste in books (so it seems), so I find this podcast extremely helpful when it comes to picking me next read. I also enjoy both Liberty and Tirzah’s personalities that come through. The only two complaints I have are (1) sometimes too much information is shared about books. A couple times now I have read a book that was covered on the podcast and I finished it thinking: I just wasted time reading this because all of the major bits were covered in the podcast. (2) I am not a fan of the newer host Patricia. She sings a snippet of parody-style songs at the beginning of each of her episodes and it is cringe-worthy. I also don’t find her personality relatable or the content she offers to be overly valuable.
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Kyle McClelland
One small request.
I thoroughly enjoy the enthusiasm you have for books and also the wide range of genres you choose. I just have a small request. If you could possibly tell a bit less about the books it’d be helpful. I just purchased one you mentioned today and feel like there’s no reason to read it since you gave away so much of the story. I have another one on order for next week , so when you started talking about it, I turned the volume down so the book won’t be ruined by knowing the story before I even get the book. Other than that , great job.
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Explode your library holds list!!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and it is always a dose of positivity and joy! Between the host with the most (books), Liberty Hardy, and her rotating second chair guests, there is always at least one recommendation to add to my TBR list on Goodreads. So if you want to hear all about the newest books, Liberty’s cats, and feel happy for 30 min out of the day, subscribe to this gem!! :)
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Too Much Information
I love BookRiot so I couldn’t wait to delve into this podcast. However, I do not recommend this podcast for several reasons. The biggest reason is that way too many details are revealed about the books they talk about. It would be best if certain books were summed up in one or two sentences, rather than whole paragraphs. Not only is that annoying but incredibly boring as well. Liberty also needs to work on her “radio voice”. It is very unpleasant to listen to her. The pitch is off and she speaks way too quickly. There were times I wanted to tell her to take a deep breath...
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Love this podcast!
I love Tuesday walks listening to this podcast 🥳
Spoiler Aler
Liberty can you please stop going into so much detail? You are telling us the whole book. Stop it!
Supreme smoker
Team Liberty Needs a Partner
Liberty is this podcast and that’s what makes it amazing. I really wish book riot could find a consistent partner for her to speak with though. I really miss the days with Rebecca as co-host. And although it’s obviously difficult for anyone to keep up with Liberty’s reading schedule, maybe find two or three consistently good people to rotate with. Not a fan of Patricia but many other co-hosts seem up to the task.
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All The Books- good content, bad voices
While I enjoy most of the content, Liberty’s voice and constant inflections make the podcast unbearable. I too have a high-pitched voice, however I feel like she doesn’t try to keep it at the same volume or tone. She comes across as immature (language and valley-girlish). For some time I would just fast-forward through her part, but I’m now unsubscribing.
💚liberty and book riot
I love this podcast! Liberty is hilarious. I miss the original Liberty and Rebecca pairing but it’s still great now. It has helped me stay excited about reading and I never go wrong with their recommendations. Book riot has been advocating that you read from a variety of perspectives long before now so if being anti-racist (and anti-other oppressions and intolerances), I think working this into your routine is one great thing to do for that.
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I used to love this podcast but it has changed a lot. don’t understand why an adult podcast spends so much time reviewing YA books and middle school books. Please have a separate podcast for that and please review some mainstream literature.
This should be a YA podcast...that’s mostly what type of books are talked about.
Unbelievably bad
Completely liberally biased book selections. No variation whatsoever.
Editing suffers and Cohosts too
What’s up with the constant changing of the cohost guards? It’s hard to digest who listeners get suggestions from. Liberty seems like she’s lost interest in the show and the cohosts are surviving Hunger Games level challenges in order to make the next show. Today’s episode airs entire conversation overlaps wherein it sounds like no one is listening to each other so why should we. I mean come on you have the time right now don’t you?
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Generic Reader
Like, yeah, ya know, like like like like like
I like the format. I like the discussion. The hosts aren’t horrible but please for the love of all that is good an holy check your language crutches. So many “like” and “ya know” and “yeah”. It is distracting to the point that you want to initiate a drinking game for each of those crutches said just to numb yourself from the experience. And I don’t even drink! I really do want to hear about the content discussed. I like just ya know I don’t like want to ya know hear like all the likes and yeah like all the yeahs and like uh ya know like yeah so like that.
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Valley Girl
Liberty speaks so quickly and sounds like a Valley Girl. Her presentation style completely takes away from the substance of what she says. She makes the books sound unreadable.
Jakob Marley's Mom
This is a great podcast for staying up to date in the bookish world. I miss the days when Rebecca Schinsky was on every episode with Liberty, but I can imagine that it would be super challenging to read enough books to be on this podcast weekly. Thank goodness we have Liberty!
No business podcasting
I likes your podcast until you said the world might not even be here in the future. We don’t need negativity we need podcasts to list our spirits up. The world is bad enough.
Best of Book Riot
Fun, interesting, and accessible show! Liberty and her cohosts share the new book releases they’re most excited about and include just the right amount of information, without giving too much away. They are also very positive and approachable. Great way to stay in the loop of book releases!
Yay books!
Love this podcast and how much they help me stay up to date on new releases! The only downside to this podcast is that I cannot keep up with all the books. Great hosts, who are excited and interested in books. 📚
I absolutely love the Tuesday episodes for new releases because it gives so much time to I take down these recommendations, sample the books, and support the first week sales for the author if I like the book! Plus, I signed up for Tailored Book Recommendations and Liberty is my Bibliologist! I love hearing her talk books, and someday hope to be as fast as she is at reading 🤣❤️❤️ I love this podcast!
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I really want to give this more stars but...
I like the substance of this podcast but it’s hard to listen to. Liberty obviously loves books and I enjoy her enthusiasm, but she talks really fast. Her voice modulates from very loud to soft so quickly that it’s hard to get the volume right so I can hear the soft parts but not get blasted by the loud parts. It would be great if she could slow down a little and even out the volume.
Settle down!!!
Gather your thoughts, write down points you want to make, and then record your episodes. I can’t understand half of what’s being said because one of the hosts sounds like she took both an upper and downer and her speech is so slurred.
Difficult to Listen
While I appreciate the obvious enthusiasm Liberty Hardy brings to the podcast, i stopped listening after 2.5 episodes. Liberty speaks entirely too quickly for my ears, and I found myself attempting to figure out what she was saying, and then falling further behind.
Good information
It’s good information but for me they are difficult to follow. Their voices are up, down and pitchy. Very animated.
Esthetician Heather
Woo hoo too!
I’ve rated this podcast five stars in the past based on my love and appreciation of Liberty which remains strong as ever. I am now tossing some love and appreciation to Patricia. She is funny and adorable and gives great recommendations.
And I thought I was a velocireader!
Is there a book Liberty Hardy hasn’t read? Amazing. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness with which she sifts through each week’s new releases and guides listeners to their perfect next-read.
New books and old books
Love the reviews of so many different books.
Spoiler alert
They tell you the entire book! Don’t listen to this podcast if you want to enjoy a book and be surprised by what happens in it.
myra farmer
Favorite book podcast
I have listened to this podcast weekly for over 2 years now. While I truly enjoyed the combination of liberty and Rebecca together, I continue to listen and love what this show offers even when Rebecca is not on. Liberty shows such a passion for books that is hard to find any where else. I have searched for podcasts like this, and have not been able to find anything like it!
Such a great book podcast
I love Liberty’s absolute love of reading and she has never steered me wrong!
All the Backlist 227.5
Secret History is my favorite book, too, and I didn't read it for the first time until I was in my 40s. A similar book is The Lake of Dead Languages by Carol Goodman. Have you read that one? It's pretty good. Very entertaining. Gothic. It's about a girl's boarding school that is the last stop for girls who've been in other boarding schools but continue to get in trouble. It's about troubled girls but it's also a mystery.
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My favorite book podcast
I love the passion that Liberty has about books. Her energy makes you want to read everything that she suggests. Keep up the great work ladies!
Bad sad new format
It was nice to have a podcast to hear a brief synopsis of many books by a reader of many books. I respect how well read the host is and look forward to hearing about books that are not mentioned ON EVERY OTHER PODCAST. Do NOT like the new format where only 2 books are discussed in depth, think this format change was a bad idea. I really only want to add to my TBR and this is no longer fitting the bill.
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Could be better
I enjoy the substance of this podcast however Liberty talks way too fast And seems to very much ramble about Books. It almost sounds as if she has a child speaking
Used to be a loyal fan
I was a loyal listener of All the Books for YEARS. Liberty is born to be heard and Rebecca is a perfect complement to her. When they started shuffling co-hosts, I liked the shifting perspectives, but Maria Cristina ruined it for me. Her voice is the worst I’ve ever heard in the podcast/radio universe. It’s disturbing. It made me think Book Riot was out to lunch and I lost interest. Archives will be amazing though.
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Liberty & Rebecca 4 ever
I’ve listened to every episode since Day 1. The episodes with Liberty and Rebecca are the greatest. Their chemistry and flow is flawless. With the new, constant rotation of unpredictable cohosts, it’s less enjoyable. Specifically, I’ve found myself skipping through Maria Cristina’s picks—not due to her choices, but because she is so long winded that it becomes hard to stay interested. Miss the good old days with the well-read heads.
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Screeching voice
I love the content but I can’t stand the irritating screeching voice of the podcaster. It’s fingernails on a blackboard.
libby earl
Get some decent microphones
The Book Riot podcast is one of my favorites, so when Jeff and Rebecca recommended this one, I jumped on it. Sadly, with their tin-can-on-a-string production value, it’s unlistenable.
Stairwell podcast
I really enjoy this podcast but I with BookRiot would spend a little money on production. The sound is awful. Recording over the phone is not a good sound.
Fast talking
Not my favorite bookish podcast. The host talks pretty quickly, making it feel like a rushed recap rather than an enjoyable discussion about books.
CM SoCal
One of the only BR podcasts I listen to
I listen to this podcast for one reason Liberty Hardy, she is bookish, kind, compassionate, awesome and her voice makes me smile. I mostly still to the Liberty only episodes or Liberty and a guest host. Those are the better episodes!
I couldn’t always understand her. She speaks too fast and doesn’t always articulate. I had to hear (John) Saul before I realized who she was talking about. Like the content!
turtle popcorn
Love this podcast!
Liberty Hardy is the backbone of this podcast and she is a magical book reading queen!!!! She gives honesty and enthusiasm and her love for books just shines! If you want to hear quick synopses of books and get inspired to read them this is the podcast for you!!! It offers variety, excellent hosts, and is just all around fun to listen to. The best bookish podcast the world has to offer. Thank you Book Riot. 🙏
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Favorite Podcasters
I was flabbergasted when I learned two of my favorite podcasters would be on the same show!! I listen to them both every week. They have very different styles, but are both largely to blame for my long TBR list.
Best way to find new books
This podcast is my favorite way to find out about new books. Liberty's enthusiasm for reading is so contagious. While there's a lot of giddyness over books, the hosts are still socially conscious and informative of when something is either a tough subject or problematic.
A highlight of my week
I look forward to this podcast every week! Liberty’s enthusiasm for books is contagious, and her show is my favorite way to stay up to date on new releases.
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