All Over Voiceover with Kiff VH
All Over Voiceover with Kiff VH
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Fun and super informative
Great information given in a fun way that helps to make sense of various parts of the entertainment industry.
Entertaining. Informative. Inspirational.
Entertaining, informative, and inspirational. Hearing how working artists came to find their paths, and how they continually overcome obstacles, is encouraging. Whether you're pursuing work in a creative field (like VO), or just trying to get through your day, you're bound to find some gems of wisdom. "Aces", if you will...
Great talks with cool VO people
It's an entertaining and informative eavesdrop on a semi-private hang between Kiff & some of VO's most talented resources. Candid, fun and always engaging, this is a great listen that balances the informational content with storytelling and more than a few laughs. Highly recommended.
Listen to this to hear the message.
Kiff does an amazing job of asking the important questions about the art of voice over and tailoring it to the artist he's interviewing. There are a lot of great tips here about VO but also great insight about acting and a life in show business. Dude is funny too and some of the tangents he and his guests take are hilarious. I smile a lot listening to this. Highly recommended.
Great Podcast
This is an excellent podcast for anyone who is curious about the industry or who is a Voice Over actor themselves. What a great host!
Always a great listen!
Kiff's passion for his craft and gratitude for his ability to persue it shine through in each episode. It's a fun, informative, and heartfelt look into VO that leaves you immediately wanting the next episode. The guests are always engaging, and Kiff's a solid interviewer who keeps the conversation going without tromping over what the guest has to say. One of my go to podcasts!
No, not that guy. THAT guy
Entertaining and Informative!
This podcast is a blast! Each episode you get Kiff and another passionate voice actor discussing the ins and outs of their craft. It’s jam-packed with great info and it’s always entertaining. Early episode highlights are Rick Wasserman & Fred Tatasciore, but believe me, they’re all good.
Great and Informative Podcast
This is the podcast I've been looking for. The guests are awesome and Kiff is the perfect personality. Thanks for an awesome podcast, and keep em coming!!
Invaluable VO Insight, Loads of Positivity, and a Ton of Fun!
I just finished listening to the 22nd episode of All Over Voiceover with Kiff VH and can't wait to start the 23rd. I first heard about Kiff's podcast when he was a guest on Mike Lenz's podcast called A Journey into Voice Acting. I was incredibley inspired by Kiff's energy and positivity in his interview with Mike and knew I had to check out his podcast. I'm an aspiring voice actor and have been completely encouraged and inspired to continue my journey after listening to almost every episode. As the title implies, Kiff has guests from all over the VO and acting industry (e.g. animation, on camera, commercial, promo, podcasting) and has them share their journey in a very organic way. These "interviews" are incredibley conversational making them a joy to listen to. Listening to them is like being a fly on the wall as industry professionals share their stories over drinks. I highly reccomend this podcast to anyone interested in VO, or acting in general. I love the pro-tips from Bookable VO that have been highlighted in recent episodes. Keep 'em coming Kiff! P.S. Love your work as Comstock in Bioshock Infinite!
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A Must Listen!
Excellent show! Great insights for newbies and pros alike. Plus, it's just fun to listen to. Kiff is a funny dude.
A great show!
Recommended for anyone who is interested in doing voice over work, or hearing from people who already are in that world! Kiff is a top notch host and his guests are always worth your time. Great job!
Ray Stakenas
Fabulous, funny and practical!
All Over Voiceover is thoroughly entertaining and chock-full of helpful insight for anyone in the voiceover industry, as well as those hoping to break in. Kiff is a terrific host, already bringing awesome guests and content. Looking forward to more!
August JoMc
Kiff knows VO
Felt more knowledgable after than before despite coming to hear GK Bowes who was phenomenal as a guest!
Super fun and informative
Great info and lots of fun!
5 stars
This is the perfect format for a show about voiceover. It's funny and informative, and it makes it super clear that voiceover is an art and a craft just like any other form of acting. Kiff nailed it. First guest was great. Excited for more!