All My Relations Podcast
All My Relations Podcast
Matika Wilbur & Adrienne Keene
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Welcome! All My Relations is a podcast hosted by Matika Wilbur (Swinomish and Tulalip) and Adrienne Keene (Cherokee Nation) to explore our relationships— relationships to land, to our creatural relatives, and to one another.  Each episode invites guests to delve into a different topic facing Native American peoples today. We keep it real, play some games, laugh a lot, and even cry sometimes. We invite you to join us!
ThanksTaking or ThanksGiving?
Thanksgiving is a time for people to come together with their families and give thanks for the blessings in their lives. But the American holiday is rooted in historical fallacy and upholds settler colonial belief systems. Instead, let's begin to understand the real story of Thanksgiving and the complex history undergirding this event in relation to Indigenous people. Join us for conversation with auntie scholars Paula Peters and Linda Coombs, for the holistic perspective of the Wampanoag, the first peoples of Turtle Island to have contact with European colonizers.
Nov 20
54 min
Vote (If You Want To & Can)
Today is Indigenous Peoples' Day, and today is a good day to talk about how to protect our communities. One way we can do that, is by voting. That is a complicated suggestion for Native America, and on this episode, we discuss why.
Oct 12
29 min
Indigenous Artist To Artist, Part 3: Who Decides?
Join Matika and Adrienne In conversation with Jami Powell (Osage), Jaclyn Roessel (Diné) and Kristin Dorsey (Chickasaw), for the third and final episode of Indigenous Artist to Artist, Part 3: Who Decides? as we discuss the importance of indigenous...
Aug 21
1 hr 16 min
Indigenous Artist To Artist, Part 2: We Choose Power
We welcome you into this intimate laughy conversation with three awesome full time artists--Photographer Ryan Redorn (Osage), painter Yatika Star Fields (Cherokee, Creek and Osage) and traditional tattoo artist Holly Nordlum (Inupiaq) for this second episode of Indigenous Artist to Artist as we discuss the importance of indigenous people holding space in the art world, the difference between help and inherent power, while we dare to imagine an otherwise— how beautiful might our world be if Native people were at the helm?
Aug 19
1 hr 11 min
Indigenous Artist to Artist (Part 1): Adapting To Pandemic & Daring to Dream
Mid-August every year is usually when Matika and Adrienne head out to New Mexico to get #SantaFancy, visit artist friends, and partake in all of the joy of Santa Fe Indian Market--the largest Native art market in the US. Like everything, Art Market was...
Aug 17
43 min
Healing The Land IS Healing Ourselves
All My Relations discussion with community organizer, citizen scientist, activist, water protector, entrepreneur, writer, gardener, and all around incredible Diné woman, Kim Smith. We discuss Kim's work, aiming to understand that violence on the land is violence on our bodies, and that the inverse can be true—healing the land is healing ourselves.
May 26
1 hr 13 min
Whole Family Wellness
Join us for a discussion with Well For Culture founders Thosh Collins (WhaZhaZi, Haudenosaunee and O’otham) and Chelsea Luger (Anishinaabe & Lakota) as we discuss Whole Family Wellness. We cover an indigenous approach to prenatal, baby, postpartum, fatherhood, and a whole family approach to wellness.
May 7
1 hr 6 min
Growing New Beginnings
Today we launch Season Two of All My Relations: “Growing New Beginnings”! This episode was recorded around the new year when the world was functioning without Covid-19, and we were emerging from our off-season hibernation, reveling in new life, and trying to figure out a healthy and wellness-focused way forward. Then, things changed, and we sat on the episode for a bit. We decided to bring the conversation up to speed with the current moment and discuss how we’re riding out the pandemic in our homes, mourning losses and feeling scared, but also continuing to grow.
Apr 29
1 hr 11 min
Bonus Episode: All Our (Socially Distanced) Relations
This bonus episode explores the impacts of Covid-19 in tribal communities. Even though tribal nations are most at risk, Indigenous voices have been widely left out of mainstream news coverage. Nationally, health experts and tribal leaders are sounding the alarm that Native Americans are particularly vulnerable to the spread of Covid-19. During this time of crisis, it is critically important to hear from national leadership
Apr 7
1 hr 17 min
Ep #11: Love in the Time of Blood Quantum
Matika and Adrienne sit down with their production team for an intimate and emotional conversation about the ways blood quantum affects our love lives.
Nov 8, 2019
55 min
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