Adventures in Angular
Adventures in Angular
Charles Max Wood, Subrat Mishra
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The best source for Angular knowledge
One of the best tech podcasts I've listened to, and I listen to a lot. On this podcast, the masters of angular and programming meet. Not only do I learn a lot about upcoming technologies and approaches to development, I also learn about how to think about programming. And, they're entertaining. I look forward to each episode with excitement and deep anticiptation.
The Best Gabe on the Planet
Stacked Panel - 10/10 Resources of Angular Folks
This podcast is the best! If you’re trying to stay up on the latest in Angular then you’re going to absolutely love AiA. I’ve been listening to them as much as possible for the past year and a half or so, and they continue to put out the best content out there. It’s useful time and time again.
many useful tips and insights from people that are active in angular community. Guests like John Papa and awesome co-hosts. Have only been learning angular for a week and that give me good insight on what the real world is doing and where Angular is headed.
Glad I found this!
I'm very happy I found this. I've been listening to Adventures in Angular to keep me up to date with Angular. It's just nice to listen to and I'm always learning something . The panel make me feel like I'm part of the angular discussion which I don't get anywhere else. Thanks for keeping me in the loop!
Love it
I started listening to it, knowing nothing about Angular, and still learning a lot. As I learn I intend to listen again and really get all the value. Great show. I love all the podcasts, even the ones where I don’t know the language, good format and good conversations.
Best Angular podcast
This is by far the best Angular podcast I found. Full of lots of creating info about developing in the Angular landscape. Listen if you want to hone those Angular skills!
Great panel of experts and guests with long history of podcasting, teaching. Etc. Also check out the Javascript Jabber podcast for tons of awesomeness from Chuck and panel / guests. Thanks!!!