Alchemy Radio
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Great information.
This show is a very candid and straight forward presented dryly and honestly without the kind of ridiculous sensationalism that is so off putting, but with the kind of urgency and pertinence that is so welcome in this age of propaganda.
Love this show! πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
Very important information here; wake up your mind out of the dream the elite have put you to sleep in, in never, never land...
Super Talented Interviewer
Love this podcast so much: John Gibbons is one of the best interviews out there. I listened to every single one and lamented the day I finished them. Keep up the amazing work, John!
Real Seattle
Very much enjoy these podcast.
Have discovered the works of many researchers here that I've been able to research subjects discussed on my own. I am thankful for the work put into these podcast to help spread information and more importantly Truth.
Richard egoroff
Criminally stupid
Pushes dangerously stupid conspiracy theories. There are better shows for people with half a brain. If you think Bigfoot is the product of fluoride chemtrails left by ancient aliens then this crap is perfect for you.
Jah Wombs
Love this show
I look forward to every episode.
I discovered this podcast a couple of months back. I am officially addicted to this show! I only have a few left in the back catalog. I will be going through with drawls when I have to start waiting on the new episodes. By far my favorite alternative views podcast.
He’s Back!
Missed you brother, fight on!!!
Love the David Icke eps
I'm going to download even more shows. Easily my favorite foreign (I'm American) podcast ever/period πŸ‘πŸ˜ also I love the commercial free format and music! 🎼
Love it!
John has great guests, and the podcasts are always interesting. My first choice of podcasts.
Probably the best pseudoscience podcast out there.
Just learned about this podcast and I already can't get enough of it.. Good work..
G. Tramaine
Thought Provoking
John does a great job interviewing and has great guests. It is a delight to listen to. I listen and re-listen to the broadcasts in order to soak it all in.
Chris-Louisville KY
It's good!
It's good to hear this show. Always mind altering and fun. Sweetest!!!!