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Alchemy 095 - Phoenix Aurelius - Spagyrics
1 hour 33 minutes Posted May 21, 2019 at 12:34 pm.
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Show notes
Phoenix Aurelius is a Professional Spagyrist and an Instructor of the Alchemical Arts & Sciences. His personal mission is help integrate Alchemy into the Social Fabric of our Culture to Inspire Transformation and Conscious Evolution of both Ecology and Humanity. Born and raised just outside Ogden, UT, USA, Phoenix was not raised Mormon. Being on the fringe of his social scene from the earliest of ages has shaped how he approaches life. He has been practicing Spagyria since the age of 16, which started with wildharvesting herbs, making tinctures, and then calcining salts.Since 2018, Phoenix has been engaged in very in-depth Spagyric Wellness Research, filming Video Tutorials for Basic Spagyric Education, and offering private classes and instruction in Spagyric Artistry. Currently working from a new laboratory facility, he now offers Live Immersion Study Programs, whilst still focusing heavily on Spagyric Product Formulation and Spagyric Wellness Research.
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