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Air Time Podcast
jody wachniak
A snowboard podcast, hosted by Jody Wachniak. Enjoy !
Mikkel Bang
From Norwegian prodigy to one of the greatest backcountry snowboarders on Earth, Mikkel has been at the forefront of progression since 2001 and is now considered one of the most well-rounded and stylish backcountry boarders. From the park to X Games, to Natural Selection, to Alaska, Mikkel's riding is on another level. Tune in!
Mar 5
3 hr
Truth Smith
Our next guest is a kid I’ve known for years, born and raised in Whistler, he’s straight up on some next level stuff on the board. And maybe… maybe our next intern, olympic gold metaliest  the destroyer - Truth Smith. His crew - Shmobb embodies snowboarding to the T, pure passion. Tune in, episode is hilarious! Thanks for coming on boss. 
Feb 20
2 hr 7 min
Beau Bishop
Beau Bishop is one of the hardest working snowboarders in snowboarding. There was no handouts for this homie, through sheer grit, determination, hard work and some raw savage talent this homie has made himself a name. He’s been through it all. I really enjoyed catching up with one of my close friends about his journey to becoming a professional boarder. Thanks for coming on the show Boss. Enjoy!
Feb 6
2 hr 16 min
Mark Sollors
Meet the nicest guy in snowboarding or one of em, Mark Sollors! Known for his timeless style/ approach since the early 2000s, Mark is undeniably a legend in our "sport". He also has some of the best POP in snowboarding. Thanks for the years of inspiration! Tune in.
Jan 16
2 hr 50 min
Louif Paradis, Ivika Jurgenson, Parker Szumowski, Harrison Gordon - Ashbury Team
The Ashbury Team was visiting town so I sat down with; Louif Paradis, Ivika Jurgenson, Parker Szumowski and Harrison Gordon. We chat on what they've been up to as of late. Thank you Ashbury for getting us together! If you need new goggles/ sunglasses check out - Rider owned. 
Jan 1
2 hr 5 min
Chris Rasman & Darrah Reid
This podcast with professional snowboarders - Chris Rasman and Darrah Reid isn’t just another talk - it’s about inspiring everyone to explore first-aid and backcountry courses. We take you through our journey at the iconic Baldface Lodge, diving into avalanches, risk management, and first aid from the eye-opening Pat Moore - Risk Maturity Course. Our immense gratitude goes out to the guides and first aid trainers for helping educate our community.  Disclaimer: While we openly share our experiences, please seek avalanche and first aid courses from certified professionals. We're not certified guides or experts. Our chat is simply three mountain-loving friends sharing insights. Let’s prioritize safety this winter and encourage education within our community. 
Dec 11, 2023
1 hr 41 min
Kody Yarosloski
Unleashing pure snowboard insanity Kody is melting minds as of late. His new part in Mt. Mtn's newest film is pure gold and pure passion. The undisputed king of gravity-defying stunts. Get ready for a wild roller coaster ride lol ! Thanks for coming on boss.
Nov 27, 2023
1 hr 50 min
Craig McMorris
The multifaceted Canadian pro snowboarder and broadcasting extraordinaire, Craig McMorris is on the show. In this two-part podcast, we kick things off by delving into his latest film's, Fixin & 'Tennis,' featuring insights from his filmer, Seb Judge. Then, in part 2, we unravel Craig's life — how he seamlessly juggles being a pro snowboarder, X-Games and Olympic announcer, and TV personality. Craig's journey is a living testament to the transformative power of embracing strengths and putting in the hard work, propelling him not just to top tear athlete but also solidifying his influential voice in the world of snowboarding. Beyond being the brother of the legendary Mark McMorris, Craig has made his own mark that extends far beyond the slopes. Enjoy!
Nov 13, 2023
3 hr 1 min
Chris Brown
Chris Brown AKA Browner: a Whistler legend! From the '90s to now, he's been shredding, acting, DJing, shoot photos, starting companies and PARTYING with the best of the best. Tune in as he recalls his epic journey from Shortys Snowboards to backcountry freestyle stardom. Chris has graced us with many stand out parts in - Shorty's, Whiskey, Wildcats, the Mackdawg classics, Whiteout, 8 Mile Life and more. Chris's style has stood the test of time. Big fan, thanks for coming on boss. Enjoy!
Oct 30, 2023
2 hr 9 min
Mikey Ciccarelli
Mikey has been skyrocketing to stardom over the past couple of years, and it's well-deserved. He's one of the most talented snowboarders I've seen transition from the contest world into backcountry filming. His bag of tricks runs DEEP, stemming from his early days in progressive contests. Now, he's taking on the Natural Selection Tour and sharing the screen with his heroes. Nicknamed "Psycho Mikey" for a reason. Get ready to be blown away! Tune in!
Oct 16, 2023
2 hr 20 min
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